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In Russia is created the national guard on the basis of Internal troops of the interior Ministry; the military budget of Lithuania for the year increased by 33%, Poland — 22%, Latvia – 14%; the United States will invest to Estonia 120 military tanks and 10; does not want Serbia to join NATO; in the DPRK announced the successful test of a new type of engine for Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs); in Kiev began the construction of four armored boats; in LNR said about the supply of ammunition to Ukraine from Poland; VKS RF will get sixth com-plct of s-400 to the end of the year; the Russian defense Ministry intends to purchase before 2020 and about 700 jet systems of volley fire (RSZO); "Kalashnikov" has put the Russian defense Ministry missiles "Vortex-1" for 13 billion roubles; CVD "Vympel" will build up to 2020 Maritime transport the two weapons (MTV); Russia dropped to fourth place in the world in military spending; Pentagon told about unmanned ship to patrol the ocean; Russia will supply systems for defense aircraft "President" in four countries.

About these and other developments in the media monitoring during the week of 4 to 10. 04. 2016.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced the creation in Russia of the National guard on the basis of Internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs. This is the main news of the week.

"We are creating a new Federal body of Executive power on the basis of Internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs, create a National guard that will fight terrorism, organized crime, in close contact with the Ministry of internal Affairs will continue to perform the functions that were performed by units of Riot police, SWAT and so on", — quotes RIA "Novosti" Putin.

However, the spokesperson of internal troops Vasily Panchenkov said that the national guard of Russia will not enter into the structure of the Ministry of internal Affairs and will report directly to the President of Russia, reports RNS.

"It's about the creation of the Federal service the national guard troops of the Russian Federation. It is a separate entity that would report directly to the President," he explained.

Panchenkov noted that divisions of internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs will join the national guard, and internal forces like structure of the interior Ministry will cease to exist.

Meanwhile, the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov confirmed that "the chief of the national guard will report to the commander-in-chief, the President" Vladimir Putin.


For the past ten years, European countries have reduced their military budgets, however, over the past year the situation has changed, writes Le Monde.

As noted in the report of the Stockholm Institute research problems of the world, in 2015, Europe has increased its defense spending by 1.7%. In the end, they amounted to $328 billion.

The publication indicates a significant difference between indicators of military expenditures in Western and Eastern Europe. Thus, indicators Western Europe decreased by 0.2% compared with 2014, and Eastern Europe, by contrast, shows an increase of 7.5%.

Background: For six years, the number of countries that increased defence spending was higher than the number of States that reduce their. If Britain, France and Germany, for a long time, override the defense budget, military reinvestment plan, many Eastern European States have begun to take action. So, the military budget of Lithuania for the year increased by 33%, Poland — 22%, Latvia – 14%.

Prime Minister of Serbia Alexander Vucic said that Serbia is not going to join NATO and any other military alliances, as Belgrade "zealous" takes a neutral position, RIA "Novosti".

"If Serbia adheres to military neutrality, it is the decision of the Assembly (Parliament). Serbia does not want to be a member of any military Alliance," said Vucic.


Last week, the U.S. Embassy said the information about the deployment of troops in Europe, reports "Interfax" with reference to head of the office of military cooperation at the U.S. Embassy William Mcnicol.

"In accordance with the decision of the Congress of Estonia will receive one tank company. In a tank company usually consists of 100 to 120 soldiers, 10 tanks M1 Abrams, 4 Bradley IFV and armored support," he said.

It is noted that the military will arrive in the country early next year.

"Estonia also can count on additional support from the same brigade — field artillery, pontoon car, reconnaissance drones. This technique is in the order of a nine-month rotation will be in all the Baltic States in accordance with their needs," he said.

The Korean crisis

The DPRK announced the successful test of a new type of engine for Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

According to Reuters, tests were personally led by North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. The test was conducted at the rocket test site not far from the West coast of the country.

Background: In March the North Korean authorities announced the creation of a nuclear warhead for mounting on a ballistic missile and conducted their tests, in their view, thus showing the progress in the ybr.


The North Korean medium-range missiles with nuclear warhead can reach South Korea, Japan, China and Russia. This writes the Daily Mail citing a senior source from South Korea, who asked to remain anonymous.

According to him, the DPRK engineers were able to achieve a significant reduction in nuclear warheads.

"We believe that they have achieved the miniaturization of nuclear warheads to mount them on missiles, medium-range "Nodong" — said the official.

He explained that now this missile can deliver a warhead weighing one tonne to a distance of two thousand kilometers. This means that theoretically "Nodong" can hit South Korea, Japan and large areas of Russia and China.

The crisis in Ukraine

In Kiev at the plant "Lenin's smithy" was held the solemn ceremony of the four small armored artillery boats for the Ukrainian Navy.

According to "112 Ukraine", the construction of warships will be commissioned by the Ministry of defence of the country. Two vessels from the small armored artillery boats are already on trials.

Their laying is carried out under the state defence order for 2016 and continues the construction of a series of boats under the state target defence programme of development of arms and military equipment for the period up to 2020.

Reference: Small armored artillery boat (MBAC) is intended for the protection and defense of the bases (ports) and sea (river) communications within the territorial sea, the isolation of areas of sea (river) coast, protection of navigation on boundary rivers.

In the self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic declared about the deliveries to Ukraine of munitions from Poland.

According to Lugansk information center, along with the ongoing delivery of lethal weapons from EU countries to Ukraine.

"It became known that on 5 April 2016 on the territory of Ukraine were delivered to the mines M73 for mortars calibre 60 mm from the territory of Poland", — stated in the LC.

About the rearmament of the army

The Russian defense Ministry intends to purchase before 2020 and about 700 jet systems of volley fire (MLRS), said Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov, RIA "Novosti".

He noted that Russian MLRS in mass and export opportunities go with the Kalashnikov.

Background: multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) — weapons systems, including multiple rocket launchers and rockets (unguided missiles, rocket-propelled depth charges), as well as auxiliary means, such as transport or transport-loading machines and other equipment. The MRLS apply to the reactive arms, such systems are at the service of the land forces, air forces and navies of many countries.

The Russian defense Ministry received another modernized strategic bomber

Updated turboprop strategic missile carrier Tu-95MS (NATO classification — Bear) after the upgrade has entered the Air-space forces of Russia, stated in the message PJSC "Tupolev".

"Under the state contract for the aircraft made modifications according to bulletins. The specialists of PJSC "Tupolev" constantly works on maintaining combat readiness in the ranks of the Russian space forces of long range aircraft in terms of aircraft system equipment with new, more efficient and advanced aircraft systems", — reports a press-service.

Background: the Tu-95MS is an all-metal monoplane with mid-mounted swept wing and single-fin tail unit. This aerodynamic design provides high aerodynamic quality at high speeds. Improved performance also is achieved by a high-aspect wing, an appropriate selection of the angle of its sweep, and the set of profiles along its span. Power unit Tu-95MS consists of four turboprop engine NK-12MP with coaxial four-blade propellers AB-60 F. The fuel on the aircraft is placed into eight sealed compartments of the wing caisson (caisson-tanks) and in three soft tanks in the wing centre section and rear fuselage. Refueling centralized. A rod Toplivnaya the refueling system in the air.

Largest Russian arms concern "Kalashnikov" has completed the supply of guided missiles "Vortex-1" the Russian defense Ministry, said in a release sent to "Газету.Ru" the message.

Concern "Kalashnikov" became the winner of the competition of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in July 2013 and in October 2015 set the Russian defense Ministry the first batch. The total value of the contract amounted to about 13 billion rubles.

"Since the resumption of a government contract in the spring of 2014 we were able in the shortest possible time not only to establish large-scale production of new missiles "Vortex-1", but also solve the issue of the replacement of imported components with domestic, – said General Director of concern "Kalashnikov" Alexey Krivoruchko. – To date, all set out in the contract conditions for the supply of munitions have been successfully implemented".

Reference: Guided missiles "Vortex-1" is designed to destroy armored vehicles and low-speed air targets. Maximum firing range is up to 10 km, with the launches can be performed from a height of 4 thousand meters

Yaroslavsky shipbuilding plant "Vympel" will be built for the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation up to 2020 Maritime transport the two weapons (MTV), told TASS in the press service of the plant.

"Two units of the project 20360М MTV has serial numbers and 01551 01552. They must be delivered to the customer in 2019 and 2020 respectively. The lead ship will carry the service on the black sea fleet. MTV serial number 01552 - in the Baltic fleet", - said the head of group on public relations of the service management Department of JSC shipyard "Vympel" Tatiana Gerasimova.

As noted at the plant, such large vessels (length 77 m, width 15.8 m) is not yet built.

Background: MTV get of the ice strengthening of the hull (double bottom and double sides), bow thruster. On the ship there will be two cargo hold, Playground for the transport of goods in containers, crane with lifting capacity of 20 tons and a helicopter-landing pad. The purpose of the Maritime transport of weapons - reception with moorings and transfer to the court of special cargo in locations and on open roads.

The defense Ministry in the next 5-10 years plans to purchase about 30 of the complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) "Forpost", said the Deputy head of the military Department Yuri Borisov.

"In the next five to ten years, about 30 complexes we will buy" - quoted Borisov TASS.

The first test drones "Outpost" production of the Ural works of civil aviation was held in January 2012 at the site prospector in Nizhny Tagil.

Background: Complex with unmanned aerial vehicles medium range "Outpost" is intended for air reconnaissance of enemy targets and delivery of data for targeting shock (fire) facilities. The complex consists of three aircraft, respectively, within 5-10 years of the Ministry of defense will get 90 drones "Outpost".

Until the end of 2016 VC Russia will receive on arms sixth set of anti-aircraft missile system s-400 "Triumph". It is reported TASS with reference to the press service of the defense Ministry.

"In the framework of re-equipment on new models of weapons and military equipment in 2016 for the armament of the air defense HQs connections is already one of the regimental kit anti-aircraft missile systems (WRU) long-range s-400 "Triumph" and two sets of divisional air defense missile-gun complex short-range "Pantsir-S". The end of the year in one of the suburban air defense HQs connections is planned to deliver one set of regimental s-400 "Triumph", — stated in the message Department.

Now on arms of the Russian Federation HQs are already four anti-aircraft missile regiment.


Russia withdrew from the three world leaders in military expenditures by the end of 2015, it follows from the report of the Stockholm international Institute of peace studies (SIPRI).

In the first place for the costs of defense spending are the United States with a figure of $596 billion, this figure is 2.4% below last year's result. China recorded growth of 7.4%, to $215 billion In third place is Saudi Arabia with a figure of $87,2 billion and increased 5.7%.

In turn Russia, according to SIPRI, spending on the military by 7.5%, but fell from third to fourth place with $66.4 billion

It is noted that cost reduction in many countries is the result of a fall in oil prices. Thus, according to a report by SIPRI, total military spending in the world compared with 2014 increased by 1% to almost $1.7 trillion.

Science and production

The United States intends to replenish the Pacific fleet with a new robotic vehicle, which will be self-managed, and its main task will be to search for enemy submarines, reports Reuters.

The ship will be in some sense analogous to the unmanned vehicle from Google, his goal is sea watch on the ocean for a period of two to three months. While on the ship, no crew and no one to control it remotely.

Vessel length of 40 m was named "Sea hunter" (Sea Hunter).

"For the first time we have a completely robotic vehicle, capable of sailing on the ocean", — said the first Deputy Minister of defense Robert Wark.

He expressed the hope that the ship will be put into service in the Pacific fleet in five years. Wark said that even if this ship will be further equipped with lethal weapons, any decision on its application will only accept people.

Reference: the Prototype vehicle is not equipped with weapons. Further tests can be carried out as part of the Seventh fleet of the U.S. Navy under the condition that the experiment will be safe. The cost of vehicle is estimated at $20 million.

On military-technical cooperation

Deputy Minister of defense Robert Wark said the Pentagon needs to buy up to 18 rocket engines of the Russian production of RD-180, which are used in military satellites of the USA, within the next six years, reported by the local media.

The U.S. Congress banned the use of rocket engines of the Russian production of RD-180 after 2019, due to the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Committee on armed forces, in turn, said that the attacks must stop, even though the RD-180 is one of the main performers of launches for the U.S. armed forces on the AtlasV rocket.

He also recalled that this is due to the fact that last month two Russians, placed in the sanctions list of the USA because of the events in Ukraine were the leaders of the Russian space Agency, which also relates to the production of RD-180.

Reference: RD-180 liquid rocket engine of closed cycle with afterburning of oxidizer-rich generator gas after the turbine, equipped with two combustion chambers and two nozzles. Designed and manufactured JSC "NPO Energomash named after academician V. P. Glushko". Fuel: fuel — kerosene, oxidizer is liquid oxygen.

Russia and Belarus have completed the formation of a unified air defense system in the Eastern European region of collective security, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the first Deputy commander of aerospace defence forces of Russia of Pavel Kurachenko.

"The implementation of the agreement is complete, in the future, the main focus will be to carry joint combat duty for air defense and conducting practical joint activities of operational and combat training", — he said.

Reference: Agreement between Belarus and Russia on joint protection of external border of Union state in air space and creation of Uniform regional system was signed and ratified in 2009.

To the post of commander of the Unified regional air defense system was appointed commander of the air force and air defense forces of the Armed Forces of Belarus major General Oleg Dvigalet.

Russia will supply new avionics defense aircraft "President" in Egypt, Algeria, India and Belarus, reports RIA "Novosti".

"We deliver "President" not only in Egypt. We have contracts with India, Algeria, Belarus. This is a long-term agreement, some of the complexes will be delivered this year and in 2017 and 2018", — said General Director of developer complexes of the concern radio-Electronic technologies Nikolai Kolesov.

Kolesov also said that Russia and Egypt in April — may, will sign a contract for the supply of an additional batch of complexes of defense aircraft "President".

"We hope to put 28 units this year (under contract, 2015), but now we have prepared a supplemental agreement on 30 units, because the need of the Egyptians in these complexes is very high," he added.

Reference: the System of "President-s" automatically detect a missile launch and activates passive and active interference in infrared and radio wavelengths, resulting in disturbed systems homing missiles and its redirect on the wrong goal. The complex, in particular, is installed on the Ka-52.

The situation in supplies of Russian weapons systems to Iran

The U.S. Deputy Secretary of state Thomas Shannon stated that the United States is ready to veto in the UN Security Council on supplies of Russian weapons systems to Iran. We are talking about such systems as the su-30, T-90 tanks, combat helicopters.

According to Shannon, such transactions must be approved by the UN security Council. And the U.S. in this case, when voting to use their right of veto.

Russia's Reaction

Russia submitted to the UN security Council bid for the supply of su-30 to Iran, said the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation. Moscow believes that the U.S. threat to block in the security Council the supply of Russian su-30 to Iran was speculative.

"The arms embargo against Tehran is no more, — TASS quoted the statement of the Russian foreign Ministry. — Installed a new licensing procedure supply Iran with weapons and spare parts, which deals with the seven categories of the UN register of conventional arms. The categories include, in particular, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, naval vessels, artillery, missiles, etc., Formally of delivery too is not prohibited, but the appropriate application must be approved by the UNSC".

As for antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-300 — it is mentioned in the registry these settings do not appear, drew the attention of the Russian Ministry.


Admiral Vladimir Korolev was appointed commander of the Navy of Russia. This reports the press service of the defense Ministry.

Queens since 2011 he commanded the Northern fleet. Since 2012, the post of commander of the Navy was occupied by Admiral Viktor Chirkov, who left her because of the illness.

Zolotov Victor Vasilievich was appointed Director of the Federal service the national guard troops of the Russian Federation commander of the national guard of the Russian Federation. The corresponding decree was published on the Kremlin website.

2000-2013 Zolotov has held the position of head of the security Service of the President of Russia — the Deputy Director of the Federal guard service (FSO) of Russia.

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