Tel Aviv and Moscow share the skies of Syria
Material posted: Publication date: 23-04-2016
On April 22, Israeli media reported that the Russian air defenses deployed in the area of the airbase "Hamim" at least once fired at an Israeli aircraft operating in Syrian airspace near the coast of the Mediterranean sea. According to published information, the Israeli air force were never in any danger, as anti-aircraft missile, allegedly, was released after the planes left the area and went back.

According to the newspaper "Yediot Ahronot", that incident actually served as one of the main topics at the talks of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Russian President Vladimir Putin, held the day before, April 21.

Note that before Netanyahu's trip to Moscow "Second channel" ITV reported another such incident in Syria F-16 Israeli air force nearly collided with su-27 HQs of the Russian Federation, who approached him at a dangerous distance for identification of national identity. As noted by the press, the tragedy was averted thanks to the "hot line" created by the Staffs of Israel and the Russian Federation specifically for this purpose. The media also note that for the same reason about a month ago, the Russian capital was visited by the President of Israel Reuven Rivlin.

But the President's press Secretary Dmitry Peskov denied this information, saying that the "far from reality messages of the Israeli mass media". Answering the question of how exactly the topics was dedicated to the recent meeting between Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu, Peskov said that the main topics were the situation in Syria and the whole middle East, as well as trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.

However, a number of indirect signs suggests that the President's press Secretary at this time, the whole truth, for whatever reason, not told. In any case, Netanyahu himself, anticipating the main part of the negotiation process with Putin, said in the presence of journalists, what "came here with the main goal to strengthen coordination between us security to prevent different kinds of errors, misunderstandings and incidents".

In addition, on the same day in Moscow was held unscheduled talks Russian and Israeli aviation generals. What he was talking about the military is unknown.

And yet, according to "" Minister of aliyah and immigrant absorption, Minister for Jerusalem Affairs (was part of the Israeli delegation and acted as a translator Netanyahu at the meeting) ze'ev Elkin, the main topics were the Golan heights, the status of which is disputed by Israel and Syria, as well as the supply of weapons to Hezbollah, which Jerusalem considers a threat to its security.

In short, to talk with Putin, Netanyahu, apparently, was about. Say, on this topic: the Israeli bombardment of the Lebanese Hezbollah in Syria a long time cause a lot of issues. Including Moscow.

First, there is evidence that under the fire fall and the troops of Bashar al-Assad, and the Iranians. So, in January of 2015 as a result of the attack, the Israeli air force in Syria was killed by General of the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guards Corps Mohammad aliella daadi.

Secondly, one business when the blows were struck before the advent of airplanes aerospace forces of the Russian Federation in the SAR and deployed our air defense systems. Another bombing after the intervention of Russia in the conflict at the end of September 2015. Because with support from our aviation government forces went on the offensive, namely Hizbullah, according to experts, the level of combat training are superior to even the Iranians, who in his time and created this Lebanese movement. Units of Hezbollah throw in the most difficult areas — they are fighting in the North of Aleppo, were the striking force in the storming of Palmyra.

According to reports from open sources, for the first time since the Russian military in Syria, Israel hit Hezbollah and government forces in late October last year. Then on November 11 the Syrian and Lebanese media reported that Israeli air force launched a series of attacks against targets in the area of Damascus airport. Then, presumably, were destroyed Iranian weapons bound for Hezbollah.

On 23 November, the Israelis had suffered an air strike by a mixed garrison of Hezbollah and the regular army of Syria near the village of RAS al-Mara.

On 20 December as a result of air strikes by the Israeli air force on one of the districts of Damascus was killed one of leaders "Hezbollah" Samir Kantar.

And February 9, 2016, the fighters, the Israeli air force made a night RAID on the position that was occupied by the troops of the Shiite movement in the area of the Syrian village of al-Qatif on the highway Damascus-HOMS...

There is also a number of other a number of questions. Whether the incidents reported by the media, has forced the Israeli Prime Minister to put an unscheduled visit in Moscow? After all, he recently (September) came to Russia in the company of his chief of the General staff, the commander of military intelligence and head of the national security Council to discuss coordination in the Syrian sky. And what of a possible agreement between Putin and Netanyahu on Golan heights and bombed Hezbollah?

For comments we turned to the former head of one of the Israeli secret service, known military expert Yakov Kedmi. Here's what he said:

— First, with regard to the two episodes reported in media of Israel. According to my information, in the first case, our (Israeli) the plane was flying along the coast of the Syrian Arab Republic, but outside its airspace. The Russian fighter approached him, circled, and then left in the direction of their base.

In the second case, probably the locators Russian air defense systems s-400 has identified our aircraft as possible targets. And when the irradiation of the aircraft by the air defense radars at the pilot it's exposure is fixed. Another thing that can be such radiation, when it is guided missiles — in this case, the pilot also receives relevant information from the devices. But, I think it was not. Any launch of a rocket and was out of the question.

That s-400 and the analogue of s-300 ship-launched from the cruiser "Varyag" identify Israeli planes as targets, is not surprising. The locators of the s-400 is irradiated at all our aircraft when they only take off from airfields. This happens automatically — so arranged locators. After all, the air attack last minute, so the system is reacting instantaneously.

As Netanyahu admitted that we a few dozen times bombed arms depots of Hezbollah in Syria, weapons that were intended for deployment in Lebanon, it is quite clear that our planes in Syrian airspace often find. But given the speed of aircraft and saturation of air-defense systems, it is natural that the leadership of both countries trying to find ways to prevent any tragic incidents. So there was no attempt to threaten VKS RF to and from our attacks "Hezbollah" accidentally injured Russian soldiers. This is necessary because in every army there are errors.

To this day the media reported that the Israeli air force bombed the positions of "Hezbollah" only from their territory, not enter Syrian airspace. Just with a long distance deal surgical strikes guided missiles.

— It is not. In order to secure the destruction of objects "Hezbollah" our planes fly in Syrian airspace. And, quite calmly. Just do it and Israeli drones.

If Israel and Russia can agree, there is no guarantee that the Israeli air force will not be attacked by the Syrian air defenses, and then the incident will not be blamed on the Russian military? Because Assad, as far as we know, no guarantees tel Aviv did not give and cannot give. At least because of the problem of the Golan heights.

— All of the Syrian system are well known. And with SAM "Buk" we can handle it. But the fact that the Syrians and not trying to compete with our air force, because I know that in this case, immediately will be destroyed against all involved pilots of the air defense battery. In addition, Russia is trying to deter the Syrians, although they have really different concerns. But we are not trying to attack positions of forces of Assad — we are only interested in Hezbollah. And the weapons that she is trying to smuggle into Lebanon through Syria.

The former chief of anti-aircraft missile troops Russian air force, Lieutenant-General reserve Alexander Gorkov believe that if the impact of fire on Israeli aircraft in Syria really was, in either direction of the target movement is towards the defense or the destruction of this plane was either shot down, or would have received damage.

— If the aircraft identified as enemy, and he is in the zone of influence, it can lead to the missile. However start anti-aircraft missiles is not happening anyhow — automatic calculates the trajectory of movement of air targets for its assured destruction. So I can hardly believe that the launch of missiles at an Israeli airplane was really made.

As for the episode dangerous rendezvous between Israeli F-16 and a pair of Russian su-27sm3 fighter jets, I fully admit that this really could be. But this shows that problems in the interaction, because the defense had to be practiced and should not have any doubt about who owns a particular aircraft — or Israeli, for example, the Jordanian air force?

Again, with good coordination difficulties in identification can not be, because the parties inform each other about what the corridor is, at what altitude and in what period of time will be valid whether four planes or a single fighter.

Senior analyst at the Center for the study of the crisis of society and RIAC expert, and Middle East Institute Sergey Balmasov believes that it is unlikely Israeli Prime Minister would constantly go to Russia if they discussed minor incidents in the sky of ATS or even the situation in the Golan. Perhaps there are other topics about which the media prefer not to say, including of an economic nature.

— In fact, it's not Premier level. At the first meeting could be set up accents, but all of these issues can easily be solved and secret security forces. Judge for yourself.

Nothing serious around the Golan heights does not occur. Yes, the Assad regime is actually with Israel at war. Therefore, the Syrians are constantly trying to translate the activity of jihadists on Israel. Hence the repeated statements of the Syrian authorities — Prime Minister and Minister of foreign Affairs — that the Golan we will refund etc But fighters just don't buy it.

With regard to incidents in the air, if indeed the plane load of Russian s-400, it is likely the missile would be caught and target on Israeli territory. And the fact that our air defenses irradiated and was escorted by Israeli planes. It is clear that the Israeli air defense system do the same thing with our machines.

Yes, there is the activity of the Israeli aviation, which strikes on the traffic of weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon. But, in fact, these are regional problems, infighting players that Russia should not touch.

Yes, but the troops of the Lebanese bet when planning different operations on different parts of the Syrian front. And hitting Hizbollah, Israel, in fact, prevents to conduct operations against the opposition.

Yes, Israel is most beneficial to their opponents — the Sunnis and Shia fought each other. Observing this action, so to speak, to enjoy the spectacle, occasionally poglavlja of light to enhance one or the other side. For example, if the Sunnis from "al-Nusra" problems, they can be treated in hospitals on their territory...

Another thing is that with the beginning of the Syrian conflict has increased the number of shipments from Iran, by air transport. And supplied not only weapons for the army of Syria, but missiles "ground-to-ground" short-range Arsenal that Hizbullah compared to 2006 increased in five times. The Iranians throw missiles and larger radius under the guise of aid to the Syrians. And Israel would be foolish just to watch their arch-enemy is arming.

Anton Mardasov



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