"Robbery" of Timiryazevka has uncovered a systemic problem of power
Material posted: Publication date: 27-04-2016
Mini-uprising in a particular high school ends, it seems, the victory of justice. But why bring this up?

Recently, students and faculty of one of Moscow's most famous Universities have to try yourself in the role of frondeurs. In Russian state agrarian University MTAA named after Timiryazev)came a Deputy Minister of agriculture of Russia Dzhambulat Hatuov. And the official arrived not to share with the younger generation of farmers experiences or to ask the young enthusiasts of agriculture about their problems. The task of the visiting VIPs was much more important - to convince the staff of the University in good time to pay for a residential development of University land currently used for practical classes.

A month before the government Commission after the "performance evaluation" decided to take away from MTAA named after Timiryazev 101,58 hectares of land, located near the metro station "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya" to the North of Moscow, and send them to the RHD Foundation, in order to roll up the asphalt and build up. The University instead allegedly offered new land in the suburbs and 7 billion rubles in "compensation", part of which was to be issued in the form of apartments for teachers. But students with teachers in sweet promises are not believed, noting that the University need to learn, transfer base for practical training at a huge distance from the University will inevitably hit the quality of education.

Oh, by the way, how competent was the high government Commission, shows a fun fact. According to media reports, the "experts" pointed to misuse of the land - as though it was operated as a Golf course. Government minds are unable to understand what is before them - the center of sports gazenvagen that appears best lawn grass for stadiums and sports grounds.

So much for "competence" ...

To resolve the situation was eventually called the authority "a Deputy Minister", which, apparently, did not expect that he will dare to say "no". But after he was asked what is the difference between sugar and fodder beets, for some reason he was embarrassed and left the meeting, saying that his "no respect".

And students with teachers went to prepare the meeting, which they held successfully on 11 April, addressing the authorities with a request to keep a unique institution intact.

However, officials did not think to step back until one of the students failed to ask a question about the future of University land on a "Straight line" with Vladimir Putin. The Russian President promised that the Moscow agricultural Academy named after Timiryazev will be left alone. The University now celebrates the victory.

But still if you look at the situation from the outside, many things simply can not understand. Why to protect common sense in a rather mundane question had to appeal personally to the President? It turns out that the rest of the vertical of power acted against the interests of the country? And that same file now for this?

I'm happy for MTAA named after Timiryazev, but as for me, the incident is a symptom of serious systemic problems that exist in Russia. Let's distanciruemsa from individuals and state that one person should not solve all problems in the country. Must exist for this system.

And the system is working, gives ugly failures. And it is at least disturbing...

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