Falsification of voting on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija was held with the participation of the OSCE
Material posted: Publication date: 30-04-2016

Undermining the credibility of the organization will have a major impact on the process of peaceful settlement in the Donbass.

The vote on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija took place with numerous violations, set up the Serbian progressive party. Representatives of the coalition of DSS-Door was prohibited to place observers at all polling stations and during the counting of results. The OSCE as an organizer of the vote was substantiated by the fact that non-parliamentary parties it is forbidden to do.

The atmosphere of the voting was full of threats, blackmail, pressure from korotkometrazhnyh guys from the Serbian progressive party.

The Chairman of the district Committee of the Serbian socialist party in Kosovo Mitrovica, Ninoslav Djeric complained to the Chairman of the local Committee of DPS Neman to Jaksic that his observer made threats not to interfere with the same people to vote ten times in a row.

Irish officer of the OSCE at the polling station №6 in Kosovska Mitrovica, was even beaten by these guys that tried to prevent ballot stuffing in the ballot boxes. After the beating he left the polling station.

Employee of the OSCE Srdjan, a Serb from Pristina, who was present at the elections in Kosovska Mitrovica, said Vladimir Rakic, Marko Jaksic and to radenko Nedeljković, that such a hideous voting is not even in Nigeria, with such an obvious fraud. Several times he demanded from the member of the precinct election Commission No. 5 Ivana, Vuletich not throw papers in the ballot box, but without success, and this lady walked Facebook. When a blank portion, the urn was full of ballots. The same staff member of the OSCE indicated that he was going to refuse the observers at the stations №№ 4,5,6 in the daily subsistence allowance, as they did not prevent the fraud.

When counting the results of voting in the city of Raska member of SPP Alexandra Balovich of Leposavic openly offered Mr. Subotic from the Democratic party to divide the votes of the Patriotic coalition DSS-Doors. The fact that the 2014 elections in Kosovska Mitrovica voted 35 000 people, and in 2016 – already 47 000, 35% more, that is absolutely unreal! It is known that the Serbs not return to Kosovo and Metohija, but on the contrary – I'm outta here! Many voters, especially in Kosovska Mitrovica and Leposavic found in the electoral lists the names of their deceased relatives with all the marks of the results of the ballots! ...

The coalition DSS-Door in Kosovo and Metohija requires the national electoral Committee access to copies of voter lists to figure out the issue with dead souls, by participation in the voting by Kosovo Albanians made to these electoral lists, as well as those Serbs who have already left Kosovo and Metohija...

Interesting way of Aleksandar Vučić to the European Union through the theft of votes. It is more suitable for third world countries, not for Europe. ... Says about the same thing and shelling out machines home of the candidate of Slavery of ristić. Remain on the walls of potholes, and the OSCE staff noticed numerous shell casings. In the yard found an explosive device defused by the soldiers of KFOR...

In Kosovska Mitrovica 27.04.2016. year
Chairman of the territorial Committee of the Democratic party of Serbia
Dr. Nenad Kojic
The Serbian movement Dveri
Goran Milenkovic


Review scientific employee of Institute of Slavic studies of Gregory Engelhardt

The protest of Serbian opposition parties against violations during the elections to the Parliament of Serbia on 24 April 2016 on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, raises a number of complex issues. The fact that this vote on Kosovo was organized by the OSCE mission. As follows from this text, in international law to prevent violations could not. There are rumors of submenus of ballot papers during transport under the auspices of the OSCE on the territory under the control of Belgrade. In any case, nominated by the opposition parties allegations are serious – we are talking about the fact that the OSCE mission in the province had failed in its task and casts doubt on the ability of the OSCE to ensure a correct and transparent holding of elections.

The latter can have a broader meaning in the first place, in connection with the settlement process in Donbas. By analogy with Kosovo, the extension of the prerogatives of the OSCE mission on Russia's borders could allow this structure, among other things, and interference in the political life of the Russian Federation.

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