Strategic aviation United States air force. The combat applications
Material posted: Publication date: 09-07-2016
In the textbook collected and systematized materials on the combat use of strategic aviation, the U.S. air force in local wars and armed conflicts. Considered in detail the performance characteristics of the aircraft, analyzes some peculiarities of their combat use in local wars and armed conflicts.

Addressed to teachers, cadets of the military training center and the faculty of military training and cadets studying in military educational institutions. Will be useful to the officers of the formations, military units and divisions of air force and air defense for use in officer training.

Title: Strategic aircraft of the U.S. air force: combat applications
Author: Timofeev N. P. Samokhvalov Yu., Kupriyanov, Y. F., S. G. Churbanov
Format: PDF
Size: 21 mb
Quality: Excellent
Language: Russian
Year: 2015

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Tags: USA , armed forces , AME , aviation