The world is going crazy: the hunger war vs biofuels
Material posted: -Publication date: 06-06-2008

3 June in Rome opened an extraordinary summit of the Food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO). Almost immediately the world's media carried excerpts from the reports of speakers. Especially fearsome was the report of the Secretary-General of the UN, and read: " 2017, some countries will wage war for food...". No more, no less! And this is after almost a year of processing of public opinion through the media about the urgent need for the development of biofuel production technologies!

Not so long ago U.S. President urged to fully develop the use of biofuels in order to withstand the onslaught of rapidly increasing energy prices. However, it took not much time, and the USA talked about the fact that the energy market "cheated" by speculators, and to develop biofuel need not so much technology but to fight hunger, caused by, among other things, and the depletion of soil and water resources.

Of course, the situation on the food market has not escaped the influence of both objective and subjective factors. The problem here is not so much in the quantity of the food and its price. Over the past year, it rose by an average of 50-55%, reaching a historical high, and in the next decade, experts predict, will only go up. Called a number of objective reasons explaining the current difficulties, for example, the lean years, climate change, growth of population on the planet, etc.

It is interesting that, according to media reports, the event in the capital of Italy, which was originally planned as an international conference at the expert level, resulted in a summit meeting with the participation of several dozen world leaders (mainly the heads of the most affected African and Asian countries). It is characteristic that a number of leaders expressed the need to study the situation on the food market and also in the framework of the upcoming summit of "big eight" in Japan.

What happened in the world? Why so quickly changed the mood? This morning we produce biofuels and are struggling with high oil prices, and by the evening we begin to fight hunger and biofuels already and don't remember? How can you not remember one of the sayings of the former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger, even Dating back to the seventieth years of the last century: "...if you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population".

Not claiming complete objectivity, let's try to summarize a number of articles published in different media and one way or another connected with the issues of hunger, food and etc. What do we see? And we see quite an interesting picture, and with a very unexpected characters.

Even in 2006. there is information about that charity Foundation bill and Melinda gates Foundation together with the Rockefeller Foundation intends to allocate $150 million to fight hunger in Africa1. The majority of funds should go to support agriculture and the development of small farm business. The anxiety of gates caused then the fact that in recent years in Africa has seriously reduced the grain yield. Also the money was invested in scientific and social projects, such as the creation of genetically modified varieties of crops, which might be easier tolerated drought and disease.

In the beginning of this year, bill gates, last time speaking at the world economic forum of Davos as chair of the Corporation Microsoft, has stated that he is going to give $306 million to countries in Africa and South Asia. Charitable Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, created by bill gates and his wife formed the programme for the development of farming2. A grant of $165 million will receive "the Alliance green revolution in Africa" (pay attention to it, then this Alliance will be more). Another $48 million from the gates Foundation will be awarded to the American company of Heifer International, which helps farmers in East Africa and Bangladesh to improve the quality of milk and to open up access to international markets.

In April of this year, bill gates has pledged another $26.8 million to conduct over the next three years of research on preventing the spread of dangerous fungal strain Ug99 in India, writes a site "Grain on-Line"3. Strain Ug99 is a type of fungus Puccinia graminiscausing stem rust of wheat and subsequent death of plants4. Ug99 is able to destroy most of the wheat varieties, including more than 70% of the Indian varieties. For the first time the infection of plants by a strain of Ug99 has occurred in Uganda in 1999. In 2001. it was registered in Kenya, and then repeated in Ethiopia in 2003. Yemen and Sudan in 2007. The next country in which the disease was registered, was Iran. It happened in 2008 that much earlier than the projected date.

Food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO) is then expressed concern that the disease may appear in Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The fungus spreads very quickly and can cause serious damage to the wheat crop in these countries, if farmers will switch to new varieties, resistant to rust. The poor wheat harvest in India may lead to mass starvation.

Next. Since the end of 2007. in a number of electronic and print media disseminated information about the new mysterious project of bill gates. This time it was about the creation of a special granary in one of the remote areas of the planet, the Svalbard (Spitsbergen near the rock in the Barents sea).

According to media reports, gates participates in the project together with the Rockefeller Foundation, the Corporation MonsantoFund , Syngenta and the government of Norway. The official name of the project is Swavarski global Bank seed funds, informal is a "doomsday seed bank" ("the doomsday vault").5

It is reported that it will hold up to 3 million different seeds from around the world that, according to participants of the project, can guarantee the preservation of diversity of crops for future generations.

Among the major sponsors of the project along with the gates Foundation called the company DuPont;Pioneer Hi-Bred , one of the world's largest owners of patented genetically modified seeds; Syngenta is a Swiss company, manufacturer of genetically modified seeds; the Rockefeller Foundation is a private group, the organizer of the so-called green revolution and CGIAR – the global network created by the Rockefeller Foundation to promote the feasibility of the distribution of genetically modified products.

Interestingly, according to media reports, the "Green revolution" back in the mid 70-ies of XX century claimed to have solved the problem of hunger in the world, particularly in Mexico and India and several other countries where Rockefeller worked. This agronomist for the Rockefeller Foundation Norman Borlaug was even awarded the Nobel prize.

In reality, as it turned out, the "Green revolution" was just a brilliant scheme by the Rockefellers, allowing to globalize agribusiness to their advantage, just as previously they were able to do with the oil industry.

Now the Rockefeller Foundation in collaboration with the gates Foundation is implementing a number of projects in Africa under the auspices of the "Alliance for a Green revolution in Africa" (AGRA). Characteristically, the President of AGRA is former United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan.

Evaluating the activity of AGRA, some experts noted that Africa is the next target in the campaign of the U.S. government for the spread of genetically modified foods. And AGRA is one of the tools in achieving this goal. In the framework of the project, in particular, implemented the sponsorship of the US government for training scientists from Africa genetic engineering in the USA, payment of projects from USAID and the International Bank, new research in the field of genetic modification of native African crops.

Among these studies, experts point out the development of the technology "Terminator" or Genetic Use Restriction Technology (GURT), a patent for that since the beginning of 2007. has the company Monsanto (in collaboration with the U.S. government) Is a technology in which a patented commercial seeds are only capable of one crop, and when you try to reuse them just die.

Really handy when you're on one side, put under the control of the virus "rust" of cereals, and have the technology "Terminator", and in the vaults you have a saved "clean" culture, available only to the elite.

Dealing with issues of development genetics, Soviet scientist Nikolai Vavilov in his time has developed and substantiated the method6by which the analysis of genetic sequences has been possible to determine the centers of origin of crops. According to the conducted research revealed that the vast majority of known cultural plants has its origins in just eight a very limited area of the main foci7. Moreover, these centers of culture were different from those that were previously considered sources of origin of modern civilization. This suggests that a detailed analysis of the genotype of plants allows to confirm or to disprove the modern idea about the history of our civilization. And this is not like those who write history as it thinks best for itself. Changing the gene pool, leaving only genetically-modified varieties of plants and removing them from the "wild" form, it will be possible to completely erase the historical roots of modern civilization, not to allow future researchers to reconstruct the true course.

Interestingly, during one of his trips to Africa, bill gates faced serious problems when entering: the Nigerian authorities refused him a visa. The world's media beat this situation with a comedic twist, the alleged government of this country regarded gates as a possible immigrant. Although from the point of view of the evaluation of his experiments with genetically modified products in Africa the approach of the authorities in Nigeria are very pragmatic.

Thus, summarizing some of the above, it can be stated that the world situation today remains extremely tense. The world has not time to recover from the crisis in the financial system, and imposed a new food, even more terrible and covers almost the entire population of earth. Again manipulative and component remains dominant. Almost no one really can say, is there declared to be the crisis real, or is it again just "speculation". Some groups of the global elite urgent call to develop biofuels, others rely on the hunger of war, but only one is seen quite clearly in all the world's elite showdown for supremacy in the new environment transformed the world suffers and will suffer the population at large, which still remains behind the border of the "Golden billion".



4 note: a "rust" of cereals often occurs in the list of the most effective means of biological warfare.

5 "Secretbunkerbillgates - StorejudgmentDay" (the original Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don't by F. William Engdahl Global Research, December 4, 2007)


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