Colin Crouch `Postdemocracy`
Material posted: Publication date: 26-10-2010

In his acclaimed in Western intellectual and scientific environment, the book Professor of sociology the University of Warwick (UK) Colin Crouch argues that the decline of social classes, which made possible mass politics, and the spread of global capitalism led to the emergence of a closed political class, more interested in creating relationships with influential business groups than for political programmes that benefit the ordinary citizens. He shows that in several respects the policy of the early twenty-first century brings us back to the politics of the nineteenth century, which was determined by a game played between elites.

However, according to Crouch, the experience of the XX century is still important and retains the possibility for revival of the policy.

The book is intended for political scientists, historians, philosophers and sociologists.

Publisher: Publishing house of State University - Higher school of Economics, 2010
Hardcover, 192 p.
ISBN 978-5-7598-0740-7, 978-8-8420-7106-8
Circulation: 1000 copies.
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Tags: USA , security , threat