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Material posted: Publication date: 18-09-2016
Seven Russian companies were ranked in the Top 100 global defense industry DefenseNews; new BTR-82B will come into service of Regardie in 2017; tekhmash launched new spetspokrytiy for submarines; the Navy of Iran has adopted a new high-speed vessel, the fighter T-50 will be equipped with new electronic warfare station and exchange system that works without GLONASS; Turkey plans to produce a heavy attack drones; the Russian helicopters received the "all-seeing thermal imaging of the eye"; for the Navy will create a universal platform amphibious; Lithuania acquired from Greece communication equipment for self-propelled howitzers; the company "Aeronautics" in October, plans to begin flight tests UAV "Orbiter-4"; fire engine test of a new ballistic missile "Sarmat" completed - source; commercial launches of the carrier rocket "Queijo-11" will start in 2017.
About these and other developments in the monitoring of the media during the week from 12 to 18. 09. 2016.

Famous American defense edition "DefenseNews has published its traditional rating of the 100 largest military industrial companies in the world (Top 100) for the year 2016 based on revenue from sales of military products manufacturers in the world in 2015. This year it included seven Russian companies. At the same time, since the sales ranking is calculated in US dollars, in connection with the fall of the ruble exchange rate, the total income of these seven Russian defense companies ranking declined from 24 billion dollars in 2014 to 18.8 billion in 2015 - despite them all shown growth in ruble revenues, explains

Publication "DefenseNews" is this rating in 2000. A hundred of the leading defence companies in the world in 2016 from the Russian includes:

  • JSC "EKO Concern "Almaz-Antey" - income from sales of military products in 2015 6965,77 million dollars - the 11th place in the rankings in 2015
  • JSC "United aircraft Corporation" - 4643,76 million dollars - 16-e a place (in 2015 was 14th place)
  • JSC "Helicopters of Russia" - 3193,99 million dollars - 25-e a place (in 2015 - 23rd)
  • JSC "Corporation "Tactical missiles" -2387,78 million dollars - 37-e a place (in 2015 - 31st)
  • JSC "Concern "radio-Electronic technology" - 1678,41 million dollars - 48-e a place (in 2015 was not in Top 100)
  • JSC "Scientific and production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" - 1014,39 million (60th place in 2015 - 52-e)
  • JSC "RTI" - 660,13 million dollars - 83-e a place (in 2015 - 69th).

The three largest defense companies in the world, as usual, was Lockheed Martin (40,596 billion), Boeing (30,388 billion) and BAE Systems (25,278 billion). Overall, the top ten Top 100 has remained virtually unchanged since 2005, including, in addition to the Threesome mentioned, with certain permutations in places, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Airbus, Finmeccanica/Leonardo, L-3 Communications and Thales. In 2016, out of dozens had the United Technologies Corporation in connection with the sale, she owned the company Sikorsky Aircraft the Lockheed Martin group.

At the same time, the absence in the ranking of Chinese companies (in connection with neosartorya their record on defence sales) makes the Top 100 obviously incomplete.

About the rearmament of the army

In connection 49th combined arms army of the southern military district (YUVO) in the framework of the state defense order received more than 40 new tanks T-72B3, the press service of the district.

The tank mounted 125 mm smoothbore gun with improved ballistics and resource shots, as well as radio station ultrashortwave range "Aqueduct", which provides the crew with open and secret radio. The tracks with parallel hinge has improved performance and increase the resource of the progress of the armored vehicles.

Also, the tank is equipped with a weather sensor and a modern ballistic computer, whereby the accuracy of fire is greatly increased in comparison with the base model.

Reference: T-72B3 is a deep modernization of tanks T-72 and T-72B and surpasses its predecessor on all counts. New vehicles have the engine power to 900 HP, modern digital stabilization system surveillance and targeting, including multi-channel sight "Pine-U", which includes automatic tracking and thermal imaging channel. Target detection range is up to 5 km regardless of the time of day.

Unique saw-mill VLMC-1 approved for delivery of the Engineering troops, to the end of the year the defense Ministry will put five of these complexes, reported RIA "news" managing Director of the Corporation "Proekt-Tekhnika" Leon Podobed.

He added that the complex is unique because earlier in the supply Engineering troops nothing of the kind was done.

"On the car "KAMAZ" terrain set our body-container. This complex arrives in a remote forest, the container is lowered to the ground, he self-powered and your saw unit. In addition, the container is equipped with a manipulator to download the forest and the lumber," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Reference: Mobile sawmill complex VMLC-1 is designed to provide the Engineering troops of the lumber required in the field for the construction of bridges, fortifications and other structures.

Last week it became known that the new BTR-82B will come into service of Regardie in 2017. Also will replace about 15% of outdated models of military and special equipment, being on balance of Department. This was announced by the head of the 2nd Department of the Armored Directorate Colonel Alim Appaev.


The group "tehmash" the rostec state Corporation, has launched a new rubber production in Cheboksary within the framework of the Federal target program "Development oboronno-an industrial complex of the Russian Federation 2011-2020", the press service of the concern.

New rubber manufacturing to ensure the production of spetspokrytiy with improved acoustic performance to the modern submarines of the IV generation.

"Now requires new types of coatings with reduced weight and improved performance. Rubber plates, which we began to issue on the basis of "chpo them.In.And.Chapaeva differ from Western models the ability to absorb acoustic signals of a wide range and high performance" - said General Director of Group "tehmash" Sergey Rusakov. - What's more, high-tech manufacturing will allow us to reduce the complexity, which will ultimately affect the price of the final product"

Reference: the New production consisting of two modern lines for the preparation of rubber mixtures based on the volume of the mixing chamber 50 and 180 dm3) and the complex vulcanizing presses, allows to increase the plant capacity to the level of 2500 tons of technical plates of the required quality, including on the basis of new formulations of rubber compounds that meets the needs of the shipbuilding industry of Russia.

The naval forces of Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran adopted a new high-speed vessel, able to accommodate on Board the helicopter, according to the Agency Tasnim.

As stated by the representative of the Navy of the IRGC Ali Fadavi (Ali Fadavi), the ship became the largest in Iran, with aluminium body - its length is 55 meters, cruising range of 10 miles. According to Fadavi, on Board the ship can take a helicopter and 100 passengers, and also has the ability to swim in turbulent waters.

Fadavi underlined that the vessel was made by local experts. According to him, it will help Iran to strengthen its presence in sea and ocean waters, reports RIA "Novosti".

Science and production

Concern "radio-Electronic technology" (KRET, part of rostec) developed for the fighter of the 5th generation T-50 station electronic warfare (EW) "the Himalayas", said the RNS in the group.

According to the adviser of the first Deputy General Director of KRET Vladimir Mikheev, the group also equips the T-50 avionics and multi-function electronic system with an active phased antenna lattices (AFAR).

The fighter also is equipped with a modernized strapdown inertial system, the sins-SP2M. "It is able to process directional information without the use of satellite navigation systems in the case of electronic countermeasures of the enemy or the unavailability of satellite signals," said Mikheyev.

Reference: KRET is participating in the modernization of more than 20 types of aircraft. Among the developments of the AVIONICS installed on the su-34 and su-30SM station electronic warfare "Khibiny", the complex "Vitebsk" protects from shots of man-portable air defence systems and helicopters operating close at low altitudes the su-25. KRET also delivers advanced solutions for the modernization of aircraft su-27 and MiG-29, as well as new models created on their basis. So developed for the MiG-35 radar with active phased array "Zhuk-AE" allows to detect and track targets of all types at ranges up to 200 km For aircraft generation "4++" su-35S procured by the defense Ministry, KRET has developed and delivers radar "IRBIS", target detection range is 400 km.

Turkey intends to produce 3.5-4-ton attack drones, equip them with high-quality weapons and equipment, said the Minister of science, industry and technology Faruq will Oslo in an interview with Anadolu Agency.

He also spoke about the transfer plans in the near future to operate from the Turkish satellite TURKSAT of Turkey's drones Apka weight of about 560-600 kg with light weapons.

Background: the Project company Anka Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) is the first fully national project of Turkish UAVs carried out since 2004 under the auspices of the General staff of the Turkish armed forces. In 2013, the company entered into a contract with the government of Turkey to supply ten drones Anka.

Concern "Schwabe" and holding "Helicopters of Russia" (included in "rostec") presented the first Mi-17V-5, equipped with the latest opto-electronic system goes-321МК, thanks to which the crew in total darkness and in the absence of even minimal lighting will detect and hit targets, but also land on unprepared ground. As have explained "news" the first Deputy Director General of concern "Schwabe" Sergei Popov, the helicopter pilots can see on a special display in the cockpit a clear picture of the terrain, similar to a photographic negative.

Reference: goes-321МК is based on the use of television cameras Full HD high resolution and highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor medium region of the infrared spectrum. The imager responds to the thermal radiation close to tanks or other equipment, the thermal radiation of the human body. In turn, highly sensitive low-level camera provides additional monitoring capabilities in low-light conditions. Prior to his appearance in Russia weren't such multifunctional systems that allow pilots to freely navigate in difficult conditions.

The specialists of the Moscow automobile and road Institute (MADI) started the creation of a universal platform amphibious machines for small, extra small and heavy classes for the airborne troops. This was reported TASS the press service of the airborne troops.

"Military experts, leading specialists of MADI began joint work on the creation of amphibious undercarriage for machines weighing up to 2 tons and 800 kg of Equipment with the wheel formula 4x4 and dual-mode hybrid powertrain has the capability of ATV, snowmobile and watercraft. This will allow the Marines to perform tasks in extreme conditions," - said the representative office.

According to him, machines will be capable of carrying up to four equipped paratroopers. The removable complex will consist of two machine guns of 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm.

Background: Along with the floating machine small (up to 2 tons) and extra small (up to 800 kg) classes, for the Navy it is planned to develop high-speed amphibious heavy class - up to 35 tons.

Africa Aerospace and Defence 2016

From 14 to 18 September in Pretoria (South Africa) hosted the international conference and exhibition of arms and military machinery at Africa Aerospace and Defence 2016. Russia has presented more than 400 exhibits.

As reported by the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC) of the Russian exposition their design showed 14 domestic organizations, 12 of which are military products. Among them, six subjects of military-technical cooperation, state Corporation "rostec", the NGO "Alloy", NPK "Uralvagonzavod", "NPO " Basalt", "NPO " Pribor".

Exhibition in South Africa has been conducted since 1992 and is the largest on the African continent multi-view exhibition, which demonstrates achievements in the field of military and civil aviation, military shipbuilding, conventional arms, equipment and technologies for the aerospace industry. This year the exposition will be placed at the airbase "Waterkloof centurion" in seven halls with a total area of about 22 thousand square metres and seven open-air sites. About his participation in the exhibition stated 326 foreign companies.


The portfolio of orders for Russian military products accounted for by African countries, today more than 21 billion U.S. dollars, said the head of the delegation of JSC "Rosoboronexport" at the international exhibition of arms and military machinery at Africa Aerospace and Defence 2016 Yuri Demchenko.

On military-technical cooperation

Lithuania acquired from Greece internal communication equipment that will be mounted in self-propelled howitzers, reports RIA "Novosti".

"The Greek company Intracom IDE purchased equipment Wispr, which will be equipped with self-propelled howitzers of the Lithuanian army, but the control centres and other vehicles of the artillery battalion. Purchased equipment worth 1.3 million euros will be delivered to Lithuania in 2017", - the Agency BNS with reference to the defense Ministry of Lithuania.

Background: Lithuania has previously acquired from German self-propelled artillery PzH 2000 as part of the modernization of the armed forces. For a project on increasing capacity of artillery until 2019 allocated to 58.3 million euros. Of this amount, EUR 16.2 million will be paid to Germany. The remaining funds (42,1 million euros) will be obtained to modernize army equipment - it will be equipped with a battle management system, communications and command, the military infrastructure will be adapted to the new howitzers will also include personnel training.

The Swedish company "Cybaero" (CybAero) announced the shipment from the plant in linköping three unmanned aircraft systems, ordered by a Chinese custom for use aboard the new ships.

As reported TSAMTO, in February 2014 the Swedish Inspectorate for the control of exports of strategic purpose ISP (Inspektionen fцr Strategiska Produkter) approved the results of the company Cybaero" export license to supply the Chinese customer BLAH APID-60 a cost of 5.5 million euros (7.5 million dollars). A contract for the sale of UAVS was concluded in January 2014 the results of an international tender. Three systems will be used aboard vessels China customs to support a variety of operations, including customs clearance, assessment of vessel traffic in the port area, prevent smuggling, etc.

Reference: the Main component of the system – UAV helicopter-type APID-60. In addition, the kit includes the control station and the landing system that supports the possibility of automatic takeoff and landing on the deck. China customs became the world's first customer for this system.



Military exercises

Joint exercise "Sea cooperation-2016" groups of ships of the Navy of Russia and naval forces of the people's Liberation army of China was held from 12 to 19 September in the airspace, coastal and marine waters of the South China sea.

Such exercises are conducted between the navies of Russia and China on a regular basis for the fifth time and aims to strengthen practical cooperation between the navies of the two countries and confrontation of different threats in the sea.

To participate in teaching in China, came the detachment of combat ships of the Pacific fleet in the large anti-submarine ships "Admiral Tributs", "Admiral Vinogradov" large landing ships "Relight", sea tug Alatau and tanker "Pechenga". Commander – the commander of the Seaside flotilla of the Pacific fleet, rear Admiral Vadim to Kulit.

All the exercise has involved both sides 18 ships and support vessels, 21 units of aircraft, more than 250 soldiers of the marine corps and 15 pieces of equipment.


Last week started exercise "Peace mission 2016" at the site Edelweiss, located in a mountainous area of the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan. It is attended by about 2,000 troops of the member States of the SCO, involved up to 300 units of military equipment, including 40 combat aircraft which will provide cover for the ground forces operations during the play of the main stage of the maneuvers.

The exercise "Peace mission-2016" will last until September 21.

About the tests

Israeli company Aeronautics" (Aeronautics) plans in late October to begin flight tests of a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Orbiter 4, and to Commission in early 2017. This is reported citing a company statement.

As said TSAMTO, at the moment of different structures, more than 50 countries used by Aeronautics" BLAH, including loitering munition "Orbiter-1K" mini-UAV "Orbiter-2" tactical UAV "Orbiter-3".

One of the advantages of existing UAV family of "Orbiter" is the low acoustic signature through the use of electric motors. "Orbiter-4" is equipped with a piston engine to increase flight duration, which will lead to growth of noise. However, this disadvantage is offset by its use at high altitudes.

Reference: UAV can stay aloft for more than 24 hours and simultaneously carry two types of payloads. The wingspan of the Orbiter-4 will be 5 m, which is much larger than that of the prototype, the maximum takeoff weight of 50 kg, the maximum flight altitude is 18,000 ft. The device can perform tasks at a distance of 250 km in the zone of direct visibility.

Test firing of the first stage engine of a ballistic missile "Sarmat" was successful, throwing a missile test could take place at the end of the year. This was reported by TASS source in the military-industrial complex.

According to the source, now comes the preparation of technical documentation, which is planned to finish in November.

Even in this case, according to the source, flight-design tests of new Intercontinental ballistic missiles could begin before the end of the first quarter of 2017. Now, said the interlocutor of the Agency, behind schedule on the development of the "Sarmatian" is at least seven months.

Official confirmation of this information TASS does not have.

Reference: "goldfish" is intended to replace the R-36M2 "Voivod". The payload of the new missile is expected to reach ten tons (about 8,75 tons from the predecessor). Make "infiniti" into service is planned in late 2018.

China in 2017 will begin to carry out commercial launches of the new rocket", Quijo-11" (Kuaizhou-11), intended for Chinese and international clients, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the newspaper "Renmin Zhibao".

As the representative of CASIC Zhang Di, the first start of Queijo-11 will take place in 2017. All CASIC plans to develop more than 10 different rockets, intended mainly for the output of small satellites into low orbit.

Earlier it was reported that a subsidiary of CASIC plans to end the monopoly of China Great Wall Industry Corp, which currently only has a license for commercial launches. As reported by the chief designer of Department of development of solid propellant missiles of the fourth aerospace Institute of CASIC Hu Chenyun, commercial launches represent a great opportunity for doing business. Booster can withdraw up to a height of 700 kilometres loads of up to one ton.

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