The battle between the Danes and the Serbs in Bosnia in 1994
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 28-09-2016
Quite interesting though little known cases of armed clashes between Serbs and Danes took place at Tuzla in 1994,where the Serbs tried to organize an ambush with the use of ATGM(ATGM) against the Danish tank unit which had armed with tanks Leopard 1-A5. About it there is article of the bachelor of political Sciences and history at the State University of Copenhagen, OLE Hansen.

According to Hansen,according to the headquarters of the UN peacekeeping force on the 29th of April 1994, a convoy of Danish peacekeepers, consisting of seven tanks Leopard 1-A/5 and one BMP,starting the movement to being under fire post Swedish peacekeepers "tango-2"near Tuzla,she came under fire from Serbs in the village of Sarachi under the Šekovići.

The Serbs had prepared ambushes against the Danes opened fire with ATGM,but the damage to the Danes is not caused.

Because the request for air support left from the NATO command is not satisfied, then the Deputy commander Nordbat Danish Colonel Lars müller in "operation Bøllebank" gave the order to the commander of the tank squadron, major Carsten Rasmussen to open by the Serbs returned fire, during which it was destroyed three Serbian T-55 tank and killed nine Serb soldiers.

After that, the Danes made it to the post "tango-2" and leaving two tanks to protect it left the base. You can Supplement this information with additional data. Further according to this mirotvorcheskiy headquarters of UN troops in the area of Gradisca Serbs 26th October 1994 once again opened fire on the Danish contingent of UNPROFOR from the tank T-55 and recoilless rifles, damaging one of the Danish Leopard tanks-1. In response, the Danish officer Christensen, gave the order to return fire, hit a Serbian tank T-55 and destroy the recoilless gun.

The source material: "Operation "Hooligan-bashing" – Danish Tanks at War".

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