Iranian mine type "Claymore" sappers squad Nasr AZ Goiter"
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 29-09-2016

American Claymore directional fragmentation M-18 "Clamor" ("Claymore") after use in the Vietnam war (1964-75 years), was quickly copied by other States.

So for example the Soviet Ministry of education(mine shrapnel directional)-50, Cuban PMFH (Mina Antipersonnel de Fragmentation de Hierro), a Chinese Type 66, No6, Israeli, South African mine Shrapnel No2, Swedish Truppmine 12, P5 Mk1 Pakistan, South Korean K-440, Yugoslav, MRUD.

In Iran also copied this mine, which is demonstrated in the picture of the sapper detachment of the Syrian volunteers "Nasr AZ Goiter" (Syrian national party).


Oleg Valetsky


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