NATO is on its last legs
Material posted: Grinyaev SergeyPublication date: 30-09-2016
"The enemy" in the face of Russia to NATO generals are only a means to justify their own existence and solid funding, the authors of the report "NATO: capabilities and intentions" published this week. The Alliance was formed in 1949 as a guarantor of security of Western European countries and a counterweight to the military power of the Soviet Union and, in good, had to self-destruct after the collapse of the Soviet Union and "Warsaw Pact", they suggest. Instead, the organization more than 20 years, he led an unsuccessful search for a new meaning of his existence, and not finding him, returned to previous guidelines and appointed a Russian successor to the Soviet Union and the main global aggressor.

The attempt of NATO since the end of the twentieth century to position itself as the world's policeman was not too effective. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Alliance failed to implement almost any productive mission, with the exception of humanitarian assistance mission to the victims of the earthquake in Pakistan. During the existence of the Alliance the fifth article of the Statute ("to Ensure its own security bloc") were involved only once, after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 when the sky was patrolling U.S. aircraft organization. Subsequent to the repeated terrorist attacks in Europe military Alliance, which formally consists mainly of European countries, remained indifferent.

Moreover, many of the NATO mission laid the Foundation for the current problems of the Old world, and especially the operation of the Alliance in Iraq. His actions in this country, according to the authors of the report, was the forerunner of the beginning of a colossal geopolitical processes that led to the formation of a whole terrorist state of ISIS (banned in Russia) and also to create the conditions for mass migration destabilized States in the region to Europe. "The Europeans were unable to oppose the will of the US and had to carry all their orders, which in the end turned out to be disastrous for Europe," - the document says.

Current problems with drug trafficking in the EU in Kosovo, the rise of Islamic extremism, the humanitarian disaster of refugees are the result of inadequate and short-sighted planning of the NATO leadership, confident of its authors. We can assume that it is the policy of NATO have led to Brexit and today the actual collapse of the EU as a political and economic center of power, they suggest. However, the weakening of Europe is exactly what you achieve today, the leaders of the Alliance in the interests of the US and global corporations, opined one of the authors of the report of General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.


"In fact, NATO today is developing according to the laws of the market. On the one hand, bureaucratic organization, which requires very serious money, and on the other it is a showcase for product promotion in the form of the brand itself and NATO in the form of arms and training services that are imposed on other countries," he explained. And NATO generals take on the role of marketers, which direct the main trends on the market in the right direction. And Europe is interested in the leadership of the Alliance as a promising market, not a strong ally, the expert believes. Therefore, European countries are trying to get in that condition that they were comfortable with partners who are in a subordinate position in relation to the US and its main NATO allies.

Another author of the report of the General Director of the Center for strategic estimates and projections Sergey Grinyaev - said that today's NATO is not even a brand, but a fetish. "All have long forgotten what it is, but all worship this symbol," he explains. Analysts believe that NATO in its present state is living its last days. The former task is to defend Europe from potential aggression powerful neighbor, despite all attempts to revive her, looks quite illusory and even ridiculous on the background of the clear negative impact of the actions of the Alliance on the EU regulation. But seriously to fight international terrorism is the main threat to the world, the Alliance is not capable of that proved disastrous mission. But he was not created for such purposes, as well as for waging a "hybrid war".

Since 2014 it is the transformation of NATO into a global Institute that protects the interests of the US and the leading States of the block on a planetary scale. Perhaps a new entity will retain the old name, but basically it will be a very different organization.



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