How much opium for the people?
Material posted: -Publication date: 29-10-2010

With the advent of the Obama administration in the US has intensified its efforts in the formation of new bases of external and internal policy of the country, allowing you to save for her current great power status. In the works of leading analysts, in particular, it is argued that the most real for US is the option in which they will act as the protest leader of the Islamic movement that has gained momentum in recent years and which is clearly anti-American in nature, and can reorient its destructive potential in their own interests.

About the possibility of such abrupt change in the underlying fundamentals of U.S. foreign policy says, in particular, in recent works of Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the most influential American experts and political scientists, a member of a number of private organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and the Council on foreign relations, and now - adviser on foreign policy issues in the team candidate for the US presidency from the democratic party of Barack Obama.

In his book "Second chance", in particular, says that the U.S. needs to immediately form a foreign policy corresponding to the situation after the end of the cold war. And they can do it, provided that the next American President, aware that "...the strength of a great power decreases when it ceases to serve the idea of...", significantly connects the power of America with the aspirations of politically awakened humanity.

Extremely important in recent literature, Brzezinski is a serious criticism of the negative role played in the US Israel lobby that directs American policy in the middle East and, in fact, approved its effect on the Pentagon and the national security Council of the United States.

Brzezinski argues that it is the interests of the Israeli lobby led to serious failures of U.S. foreign policy in recent years, and, most importantly, did not allow US time to see, process, the so-called "global political awakening" of Islam.

According to some experts, the "global political awakening" is historically anti-Imperial, politically anti-Western, and emotionally anti-American. In its development it causes a shift in the global centre of gravity. In turn, this changes on a global scale the location of global centres of power and has a major impact on the U.S. role as the sole superpower in the world of the future.

That is why in his works Brzezinski invites the new President of the United States to lead the process of "world revolution", which is objectively directed against the United States today. According to him, significantly in today's complicated global context, much depends on whether the US to restore confidence in its relations with the Islamic world. And, according to Brzezinski, if the US does this, their position in the world of Islam is China, already normalizing its relations with Pakistan, with Russia and Iran.

Taking into account the main points made in the last works of Z. Brzezinski, makes sense special attention to several events in recent months.

So, in the media of several European countries in recent months strenuously communicated the facts connected with negative phenomena in the environment of the clergy of traditional religions. The main purpose of these reports is to convince the population in General of the degradation of religious infrastructure (and - regardless of the specific religii). At the same time was held the information discharge, whose main task was to evaluate the reaction of society to the possibility of designing a new religion in modern conditions, with modern developments in the field of political technologies.

So, in a number of submissions noted that today the British establishment offers Europe a new way of combating terrorism on the continent. According to the British, instead of tightening anti-terrorism legislation, often leading to human rights violations, need to establish a mechanism for growing the internal version of Islam. It needs to be westernized and to be embedded in a common European social model.

In this regard, it is worth noting that a similar project in early 2000, was developed in Russia - a project under the working title "Russian Islam". The goals and objectives of the project were the same as those announced after at least five years in the British project of the development of European Islam.

Next. In March of 2008 in the USA published the results of research "the Religious landscape of the U.S.", conducted by "the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life". The results of the study showed that every fourth American in the age of reason turned to a new religion more suitable to his lifestyle. Thus, say the authors of a study in America has developed a new type of believers, who choose the Church just as they choose a school or insurance company.

The emergence of such assessments allows experts to talk about that today, partly already prepared the ground for radical changes, including in the sphere of religious feelings of the population of the developed countries of the West, which would facilitate the implementation of the new world religion.

The combined assessment of this kind of work suggests the presence in the world elite of the target program of forming a new religion of modern society so as to implement it in modern political mechanisms of manipulation of the masses, which will serve as the basis for the formation of a new world order.

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