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Material posted: Publication date: 04-11-2016
Redi existing terrorist groups ISIS stands out not only for its military and economic power, but also very able conduct propaganda through the media and Internet resourceB. it is quite remarkable that, although the formation and seeks to build an Islamic state based on medieval rules, to achieve its goals it uses the latest vysokotehnologichnyeEskie the tools of information communications and advanced marketing strategy. The global information space is actively used by Islamic state for attraction of the increasing quantity of followers in different countries of the world and to promote their own "activities" than the leaders of ISIS, we hope to increase not only your credibility, but also to spread the influence of this new form in the minds of ordinary people.

Internet regularly come professionally prepared video content to a very wide focus: presentation (demonstrating the power and military success of ISIS), interviews with fighters and commanders, "the ritual" executions of hostages and appeal to the world powers scene, "peaceful life" in the "Caliphate", an interview with residents. To promote its propaganda of ISIS uses all kinds of media, with special emphasis on social networks. The peculiarity of these means of communication allows us to create very extensive network, with no single center and allows you to quickly distribute the necessary information among the target audience. So, according to the estimates of some experts, today on Twitter, there are about 90 thousands of accounts, whose owners share the views of ISIS, or show an interest in the activities of this terrorist organization. However, only about 2 million of them maintains a close relationship among themselves and belong directly to the members of ISIS or its active supporters. Each of these accounts has from 2 to 50 thousand subscribers, thereby creating a target audience of radicals and performing the function of a further spread of information and ideas LIH.

The main media platform for fighters is a video hosting Youtube. Besides the "text" of social networks Twitter and Facebook, the radicals have mastered one of the most popular services today – Instagram. Popular service Ask serves as an online recruiterand the ranks of the "Islamic state" and potential jihadists from anywhere in the world completely anonymously, you may ask yourself where he can go if he wants to join ISIS, who to contact.

In General created ISIS media infrastructure is highly developed. General management awareness-raising activities, ISIS is fighting Syrian citizen Abu AMR al Shami (Abu Amr al Shami) – member of the Shura Council, a former leader of the Islamists in Aleppo. He directs the activities of many cooperating writers, journalists, filmmakers involved in the creation of promotional content, the activities of bloggers and editors of electronic editions and resources, monitoring of media space and social networks. The official representative of theorganization performs Abu Mohammad al-Adnani (Abu Mohammad alAdnani), also known as Minister of communication of the "Islamic state".

For the implementation of information policy in 2006 "al-Qaeda" and "Islamic state of Iraq" was established media Agency "al-Furqan" (al-Furqan Institute for MediaProduction), which became the main centre for the production of a wide range of media products: films, brochures, informational materials for distribution on the Internet. This Agency was created and distributed to the Internet have received strong public response to the videos of ISIS executions of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and British citizen David Haynes in August-September 2014.

In 2013, ISIS has created a media Fund "Inad" (Ajnad Media Foundation), which specializiruetsya on the manufacture and distribution of jihadist sermons and hymns (Nelidov), as well as media Agency "Itisam" (I tisaam Media Foundation), which produces and distributes content in Arabic, which is considered in many Western media as the main media of ISIS. Available online (in particular, on the website "") the materials of the Agency "I tisaam" are basically propaganda photos, videos and audio recordings in Arabic, on some of which there are English subtitles.

In 2014, ISIS established a new media centre "al-Hayat" (AlHayat Media Center), focused on the Western audience and produces material in English, German, Russian and French. Its media products are aimed primarily at attracting new members to the terrorist group from Western countries, calls upon the inhabitants of the countries of the West to carry out attacks in their countries of residence and publish the necessary instructions for their preparation and implementation. "Al-Hayat" also produces printed materials. In particular, the fact sheets on pages 8-10 of the "Islamic State Report" and the "Islamic State News", telling about the most important political, military and social events of ISIS and the journal "Dabiq", which are published in several languages, including English, and they are available for download on the Internet.

Additionally, each ISIS-controlled provinces, there is a media resource, in the right way covering local events.

Members of ISIS use and advanced tools to promote information on the Internet. So, in the interests of ISIS has developed a special Android app called the Dawn of Glad Tidings ("the Dawn of glad tidings") for the mass generation and distribution of messages in Twitter. As soon as the supporters of ISIS were recorded at the application, it started to send on their behalf the same message, inserted between each symbol of the space, bypassing the algorithms anti-spam on Twitter.

Another method of operating ISIS Twitter is to promote specific hashtags. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of activists at a specific time of day repeatedly post tweets with the desired hashtag. In particular, this method allowed the activists of ISIS to distort the results @ActiveHashtags (popular Twitter account in Arabic, which are published daily most popular tags) and to secure a more audience. Another opportunity for ISIS was the messenger FireChat, which allows to chat without Internet connection: if your smartphone is installed the application, then even with no Internet connection, the message can be sent via other smartphones with this application that are within range of and connected to the Internet.

In addition, internetpornas active cyberterrorists from the organization "Islamic state". In particular, according to Group-IB company, investigating crimes in the computer field, hacker attacks by ISIL is a special unit Cyber the Caliphate, which in January 2015 was carried out wzlom accounts of the U.S. Central command YouTube and Twitter. It was possible to identify the involvement in criminal activities of the "Islamic state" and other hacker groups — FallaGa Team, Team System Dz and Global Islamic Caliphate.

A number of States are taking measures to counter the use of social networks and mediaprojectand in the interests of ISIS do not bring significant results because of the high degree of decentralization of the network negates the effect of closing certain accounts, and the automatic system spam filtering is of little use to prevent the spread of links to a remote file, or video. Under these conditions, and in the face of ever growing dangers of terrorism and in particular ISIS, you need a constant, Sovershenstvovaniee organizational prasowych, scientific and technical measures to prevent such extremist activities in the Internet, and partnership in different countries, the online segmentAh which are extremist websites.

Vladimir Platov


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