Serbian expert: Europe and the United States today is protecting NATO, and Russia
Material posted: Trifkovič DraganaPublication date: 07-11-2016
NATO plans to transfer military in a regime of enhanced combat readiness amid rising tensions with Russia, write media. The Serbian expert Dragan Trifkovic on radio Sputnik expressed the opinion that the Alliance is unable to cope with their tasks.

NATO plans to transfer "hundreds of thousands" in a regime of enhanced combat readiness amid rising tensions with Russia, reports the Times, citing NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

As the newspaper notes, NATO intends to prepare a sufficient number of ground troops, who could resist "Russian aggression".
Stoltenberg said that the Alliance for many years watched as Russia builds up military power, and actively uses propaganda among his allies. It is for this reason NATO is "forced to respond" to Moscow the most significant increase in collective security since the cold war's end, he added.

Press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the words of Stoltenberg, noted that such statements say about the NATO aggression. The representative of the Kremlin recalled that the Alliance was created "not for peacemaking, but for aggressive action."

The expert of the Center for strategic market Dragan Trifkovic (Serbia) said that don't trust the statements that sound from NATO.

"NATO one day they say one thing and another day another. The Alliance is, unfortunately, impossible to believe. We can say that NATO in July at the summit in Warsaw adopted a decision on strengthening in Eastern Europe, as they said, because of "threats" from Russia. But, I think, it is connected primarily with the conflict between the U.S. and Russia through NATO, where the Americans have a big impact. And do not believe when the Alliance say that NATO is trying to improve relations with Russia. Because the Alliance to Russia's aggressive," said Dragan Trifkovic on radio Sputnik.

According to Serbian experts, in Europe today there is a serious anti-Russian campaign.

"I live in Serbia and I can say that here there is an information war via the Western media is that Russia is some kind of threat to Europe. Constantly anti-Russian propaganda, saying that Russia is aggressive country. But in fact it is not. It is enough to see that in Europe there is NATO bases and American bases, there are Russian bases there. In fact, they have surrounded Russia from all sides," said Dragan Trifkovic.

However, Russia, according to experts, today makes to world security more than the United States or NATO.

"When the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist, the question arose – what is the role of NATO after that? They do not solve the problem of terrorism, they have a duty to protect the countries-members of NATO, but we know that were the terrorist attacks in France, in Germany. That is, NATO does not protect the countries in the Alliance. Thus we see, for example, the Middle East, that when the US fought there with the terrorists, no results were. And Russia now has a real success and solve the issues, in fact, aimed at protecting the US and NATO", – concluded Dragan Trifkovic.


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