Rotten essence of the United States: expert why not get a quick liberation of Mosul from ISIS
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 07-11-2016
It became known about the transfer under Mosul American commandos.

The operation to liberate the Iraqi city of Mosul from Islamic state terrorists (is Russia faction), which began on October 17, is not as active as we would like Washington, experts say. Therefore, it involved troops of the U.S. special forces, which should give impetus to the offensive. The ideal is to achieve positive results for the presidential election of November 8, and thus to add points protege of the incumbent President Obama - Hillary Clinton.

Inside Syria Media Center reports that American commandos are at the forefront of the Iraqi and Kurdish military forces. We are talking about approximately 500 soldiers.

"Most likely, it is the military special Forces of the U.S. army, also known as "Green berets", explained the Federal Agency of political news military expert at the Center for strategic market Oleg Valetsky. They're a few years in Iraq to train the commanders of the Iraqi army."

From open sources it is known that in Iraq there are two special forces. In their tasks in addition to training military personnel is to organize guerrilla warfare and special operations.

The Valetsky noted that on the eve of presidential elections in the United States a direct participation of military personnel in combat is extremely risky, because a high probability of loss of personnel. Certainly, information about the direct participation of us military operations did not extend US, otherwise it would have caused a wide resonance.

"Obama and Clinton need some luck to justify the losses — said the reserve officer of the GRU, orientalist, Arabist Alex Novolisino. But the young American special forces can do little to oppose trained people who have experience of warfare since the days of Saddam Hussein, and Afghanistan. I can say that the Americans are in a heap in the middle East, showed his philosophy of hypocrisy and rot".

According to Novolikeevo, now there is not so much the dislodging of the terrorists from Mosul, how many solved the Kurdish question. "At stake — the establishment of an independent Kurdistan, to date, the Kurds waged a successful offensive in the suburbs of Mosul. Now the Americans are trying to prevent the weapons of the Kurdish forces, as well as trying to buy them for money, not to give them the opportunity to declare their independence. But it is only a matter of time", — the expert believes.

French writer and journalist Bernard-Henri levy recently returned from the location of the Kurds at Mosul, where he met with President of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani. They talked in a fortified camp in the mountains, guarded by U.S. special forces. The journalist said that the mood Barzani has changed since their September meeting. The leader of the Kurds said that he had a plan for the next day, and "he was sorry that his partners in the quest to deal with before the elections in the United States have not given this plan due consideration." As it turned out later, when the Kurdish were surrounded the militants at village Fazli, Barzani has been in touch with the American Ambassador in Iraq and demanded air support that never came. "His bad mood is due to feeling that he no longer needed allies that he has fulfilled his part of the contract, and now the war was over for him. Representatives of the command and leadership who sit around him in which became the headquarters hangar, euphoria, apparently, is not experience", — the journalist describes his meeting with the President of Kurdistan.

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