Pressure on Tehran must also have red lines
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 02-12-2016
Orientalist Igor Pankratenko believes that the Republican elite, there is now a clear understanding that pressure on Iran will not lead to positive results.

On the eve of the U.S. Senate at the meeting adopted a bill extending sanctions against Iran for ten years. Earlier, the house of representatives almost unanimously voted to extend sanctions. This was the development of the decision of President Barack Obama, who for a year has extended the us sanctions against Iran imposed in 1979. However, the congressmen called for more long-term effect of restrictive measures.

Pankratenko said that despite the fact that trump (the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump – ed.) firmly and impartially criticized the previous policy of Obama, the necessity of building relations with Tehran have not disappeared. Trump is thinking about Iran, the Expert noted that trump and his team understand the vital role that Iran plays in the area from the Persian Gulf to Pakistan.

"Accordingly, preparations of any dialogue begins with the execution of certain "ritual dances". On the principle – "We demonstrate its rigidity and inflexibility expecting that the other party will lead, will soften and so forth," he said. Orientalist noticed that in the American elite, and particularly in those circles which today rallied around trump, there is a distinct understanding that the frontal measures, pressure on Iran will not lead to any positive results.

"I am not talking about the statement of the head of the CIA John Brennan that the rupture of the nuclear agreement with Iran would be a catastrophe. I just mean that the Republican elite understand very clearly that pressure on Iran must also have certain red lines" he said.

Therefore, according to the expert, the US withdrawal from the Vienna accords on Iran's nuclear program – it is very unlikely. The second side of the coin But said Pankratenko, there is another side of the coin. He recalled that, and to Vienna and after Vienna warned that Washington will find a topic that can be used for the introduction of sanctions and other restrictions, bypassing nuclear program and the agreement on it. And, in his opinion, two topics are now very actively manifest – missile program of Iran and respect for human rights.

"I note with dismay during the last week of the extraordinary activity of the Western media, discussing the tragic fate of the Christian sect of the Baha'is in Iran," he said.

The source told Sputnik that several major Newspapers spoke about their difficult lives, the violation of rights and perhaps it will be one of the points of the propaganda campaign on the violation of human rights, which will unfold in front of us after the inauguration of the trump.

So, I noticed Pankratenko, that the US will come out of Vienna agreements – unlikely, but the fact that talks about missile program of Iran and human rights violations will be used to further pressure, including for sanctions – it is unique. Iran and the terrorists in addition, the orientalist thinks that there is another point, which is now Washington through its allies, first and foremost through the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf, it starts to play up is the Iranian supply of arms to Yemen, as well as various, as they say, terrorist groups.

According to the interlocutor of Sputnik, it is also a good excuse to impose sanctions. And such an occasion, who will applaud all those who yesterday voted for the agreement with Iran.


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