Mosul is not taken
Material posted: Publication date: 27-12-2016
Barack Obama has lost the battle for Mosul. Now all hope for trump.

Some time ago the US and Russia entered into correspondence confrontation on the subject of who will take "your" symbolic city. Syrian troops with the help of Russian troops liberated Aleppo (symbol of the Syrian resistance to Assad and the largest city in the North of the country) and the Americans took Mosul – not just Iraqi capital of pseudohalide banned in Russia and throughout the civilized world grouping "Islamic state" and the city where pseudohalides was proclaimed. And it is obvious that Russia won this debate is – fast and efficient liberation of Aleppo has ended, the city returned to civilians and civilian life. Americans can't liberate Mosul so far and, according to some experts, will dig until spring. At the very least.

And at first glance it seemed that the United States can win the race. And the Iraqis (whose army fled ignominiously from the city a few years ago) and the Americans (who invested in the reequipment of the army hundreds of millions of dollars) attached great symbolism the operation of taking the city. They spent a long time preparing the assault, and in the middle of October began the liberation of Mosul. Said-thousandth grouping of Kurds, Iraqi troops and Shiite militias under the command of the U.S. clean Mosul from a few thousand fighters IG in November (some even said by 8 November – date of the presidential election in the USA). However, it's already the end of December, and by this time the coalition group managed to release only a quarter of the city, and this was done at the cost of very large losses in the elite Iraqi units – up to several hundred fighters a day. Particularly serious losses are given by the so-called "Golden team" - trained by the United States 1st brigade for special operations, which is fighting inside the city (its population up to the beginning of the operation amounted to 10 thousand soldiers, and now was reduced almost half). The militants extremely efficient use of suicide bombers (according to some, from the beginning of the operation, they blew about 600 Shaheed-mobile), and tactics of ambushes – not one armored columns of Iraqi army were broken down in this way. Some units, however, were bombed by American aircraft – the level of coordination among allies leaves much to be desired.

If every beat of the Americans on its allies is becoming a matter of serious trials, but the casualties among civilians already given up. According to some, the military has a limit on the number of "civilian" casualties in the course of one Avidar – no more than 10 – but to sustain this figure does not always work. It is not surprising that after some time after the beginning of the operation command of the coalition was forced to limit the access of journalists to the combat zone. "Everyone says what they want, but no one reports the truth" - was indignant the head of the Iraqi counter-terrorism service, major General Fadil al-Barwari. And if the Western media in General, really try not to spoil the minds of their readers a number of casualties among the inhabitants of Mosul (why, because you can talk about how many innocent Syrians are killed every day Putin's falcons!), the media in the Gulf countries periodically publish the defamatory American coalition information. And not only civilian casualties but also about the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in the city. For example, the water shortages experienced by more than 600 thousand citizens.

Against the backdrop of massive human and image losses of the coalition troops were forced to halt the offensive. Now the American generals have stated that an operational pause in the offensive to re-equip the troops "for further progress and success in the operation to liberate Mosul". In General, the upgrading will last about 2 months. So the city will not be taken to the end of the reign of Barack Obama. And this is extremely bad news for the incumbent head of the White house and his subordinates – recall that Mosul was lost under Obama and, according to some experts, the fault of Obama (who too soon brought the troops from Iraq). The 44th President of the United States had to correct their mistake and clear his reputation, which did not.

Of course, Mosul will be retaken from ISIS – not in three months, so in four or six months. The Islamists are not fighting for victory, but for the longest survival. Most experts agree that ultimately the "Islamic state" will be erased from the face of the earth, perhaps even the collective efforts of us and Russian coalitions, and with the help of the Turks. But now the credit for this will get the 45th President of the United States – hated Donald trump, who promises to fight terrorism together shake hands with Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad.

Gevorg Mirzayan


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