"My flight from Merkel: she has expelled the NPP and has started migrants"
Material posted: Publication date: 17-01-2017
There was a pretty important event that can be the beginning of a movement in the stagnant politics of Germany.
This event is the first news in all major media in Germany.

Member of the CDU occupying for decades in leadership positions in the Presidium of the CDU/CSU Bundestag, the right-wing conservative politician Erika Steinbach left the party after forty years of membership and successful martinoi career.

This decision was not spontaneous, but carefully thought out. In the explanation of which occupies five pages, Steinbach has sharply criticized Merkel's policy which considers a complete failure.

According to her, Merkel in the party and in Germany, caused damage to their personal decisions that it takes to bypass the laws.

"Losses in the economy and in the culture of Germany is unprecedented and the scale is yet to be fully appreciated!", thinks Frau Steinbach.

Since 2005, when the conservative coalition came to power, political action, the CDU, led by Merkel, "dramatically changed," she wrote in her explanation.

Steinbach provides some particularly striking examples. It is the rejection of nuclear energy after the Fukushima disaster in 2005, which was held illegally and not because of any danger that might threaten Germany, similar to Japan.

Or the stability Pact (saving the Euro), which cost billions, but has also been adopted without any legal grounds. This Covenant limits the ability of EU countries to borrow.


But the main charge against Merkel is its immigration policy, which she spends alone, which led to the runaway process, when in Germany a flood of illegal refugees to bypass the Geneva agreement on refugees.

Steinbach directly accuses Merkel, who in the fall of 2015 opened the border, in violation of the law. And the government, recognizing the thousands of fake passports, took no legal action. No public authority will not in circumvention of the law to recognize a fake ID, only by order from above. And this is the case.

Merkel ignores the decisions of the members of the party, imposing their own. Even the decision of the Congress party, which is the Supreme power, Merkel is not taken into account.

The issue of dual citizenship, which was discussed at the Congress, she openly declared that the decision of the party totally irrelevant and she doesn't even think to change their policies to reflect these decisions.

Such a lack of party Chairman to the party basis of Stanbo over forty years of membership in the CDU "can't remember".

"Because I am sure that all political decisions will continue to be undertaken single-handedly Merkel to use Germany and in accordance with applicable German law, I am forced, sadly, to the conclusion that it's no longer my party!" These words ends his explanation of Steinbach.

Steinbach considers also that the "Alternative for Germany" (AfD) has arisen due to Merkel. It's not just her opinion. In fact, in the Charter of the party recorded that the AfD has emerged to counter the campaign "save the Euro" and the influx of illegal immigrants.

Steinbach expressed the hope that the AfD will get a seat in the Bundestag, and will be able to oppose the destructive policy of Merkel, who had imported tens of thousands of terrorists. And with the advent of the AfD in the Bundestag, there finally appears the opposition.

Despite the fact that Steinbach has received an invitation from the tops of the AfD to join the party while it will not do this, though he believes that this party is the right force, which was supposed to be the CDU.

Of course, this event has hit the image of the CDU and Merkel. And this, recall, during the election campaign when Merkel“agreed“ to be re-elected as a Chancellor.

To think that the protest is Erika Steinbach will cause a rapid continuous reaction in the political space of Germany. Importantly, it will affect the balance of forces on the political map and may at the election of the Chancellor.

Yet neither Merkel nor Kauder, head of the CDU in the Bundestag, has not spoken about the incident.

Natalia Yankova

Source: http://www.nalin.ru/moyo-begstvo-ot-merkel-ona-vygnala-aes-i-zapustila-migrantov-4589

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