The Russians rebelled against circuses
Material posted: Publication date: 18-01-2017
The people need only the quality of the show, but this intangible little of our power to give him.

"More impudence!" The axiom of public administration, formulated an effective Manager of all times and peoples Anatoly Chubais, inspires many. Thus, the Deputy Ministry of communications Alexei Volin said that the Ministry has no complaints about the quality of Christmas TV Central TV channels of Russia. Accordingly, the adoption of any measures not planned: "In Russia, the world's best TV, and those who do not like his new year's contents, it can not look."

Clear as day, that the advice "don't see", "Throw the TV" etc. look as absurd as the statement "if you are robbed — do not contact the police; if you break your leg — do not go to the fracture clinic". The speech goes not about private shops, and on public television, which is all we are funding out of pocket, taking money from pensioners, rural schools, sick children, etc.

Maybe the officer purposely whet the people, provoking a further escalation of the revolutionary situation? Outrage with a festive air United the whole country: neither exculpatory loud voice in defense of the "mummies of the mausoleum of show business" has not sounded. (Except, of course, of the participants in Teledata.) A petition against the "disgusting spectacle" was signed by more than 150 thousand people, and the comments angered viewers can be quoted endlessly. "Remove all plywood lack of taste — Pugachev and other rude incompetent and voiceless garbage surfaced in the country after 1991, — all of the esters in the country" (Sergey Malikov). "If not in Russia's best workers, honored people, at least showed the thieves and organisers of privatization and shared the secrets of how deceived the people became oligarchs" (Yuri Ivanov).

Feedback of this kind has exceeded tens of thousands. Social networks boil. In righteous anger joined the liberals and the "populists", fans of rock and classical art, the apolitical ordinary people and "leaders of opinions".

It is known that the trigger to the February revolution of 1917 served as the bread riots. Due to the shortage of core product first, broke local disturbances-political character, and then they rapidly grew into rallies and demonstrations. The wave of popular indignation flooded the streets.

One hundred years later, the people demand not bread, but only quality shows, but, alas, this intangible little of our power to give him. Meanwhile, the "lower classes" obviously don't want to eat the rot, and the energy of spiritual hunger spills over into the public space of social networks. In essence, cursing new year's concert, people Express thereby their attitude to the current situation in the country and in the government. Festive "exhibition of achievements of plastic surgery" once popular artists wittingly or unwittingly discharge valve for public discontent. After we head beyond criticism — exactly as long as the official is not put under house arrest. For the census in the social network of sharp political views of some citizens fall under the court, and calls for the implementation of the Constitution at all may be regarded as a violation of public order.

We can not? Sharply to criticize the government, foreign and domestic policy, the ruling party, and especially first person — the country, region, city, district, settlement, school, hospital, University, office, no matter what — ie, any boss. Not interested in declarations of officials, their modest dachas and shabby shubohranilischami, their foreign villas, yachts and offshore accounts of their "former" wives with transcendental States and "brilliant" children of entrepreneurs. You cannot engage in politics. It is impossible to question the elections and especially their results.

It is impossible to try to find out who is to blame for our lousy relations with Ukraine. Don't have to ask why Maria Zakharova — our all?! Is Alla Pugacheva worse commenting on our foreign policy?!

It is impossible to do public interest journalism (just PR, dosage information, writing about cats, dogs and plants). It is impossible to do science (the search for truth, and he can Yes-and-Aleko to have!). It is impossible to engage in agriculture — there are agricultural holdings of the oligarchs, aided by the state. The industry is a long, dreary, and implies a tangible result, so isn't it best to get off oil and gas pipe?! Literature, movies, music — especially since there are already all assigned and divided not to rock the boat.

And what about you? It is still possible to criticize artists! Their vulgar songs strained, unnatural smile, silicone body, braces and Botox, "relationship" imposed on the public, God knows from whom born children, etc. But people are talking about "the mausoleum of show business," and implies a very different "songs" — the ones we hear for many years with other stands. And, hand on heart, ESPN is no better than our public-political broadcasting. Entourage another, of course, but the essence and the concept is the same: tenure, injustice, monopoly, banality, propaganda, poverty of content, shouting, noise, simulation of the senses, control beliefs, games with the audience, and the substitution of the bases.

Huge masses of people who do not, unwittingly, you might say, forcibly ejected into the street politics. (Petition against vulgarity Christmas concert — one of its forms.) People deprived of opportunities to realize themselves professionally due to the fact that all the places in the social elevators are busy "thieves" cadres, sycophants or acquaintances of the chiefs long for the present case. And the country beyond natural resources and territory, nothing! No dreams, no development, no peace between the rich and the poor, no money — and, most importantly, there is almost no hope for changing the situation for the better.

And this spiritual poverty we have in common with the ruling class. He, in fact, completely "naked and barefoot", completely devoid of identity, reliance on native land, the history of statehood in the past. That's why we appear rentals budget movie "the Viking" the main ideological message of "from rags — to-riches", with huge funding and with few extras, designed to simulate tens of thousands of soldiers. And so we have everything: came to the polls one hundred people — others appear in the records using "special effects computer graphics"; done for a penny, and report and PR about it for tens of millions...

The spiritual poverty of the ruling class, the lack of original domestic content lead to the fact that all phenomena in the field of culture and ideology, which touches the hand of a generous public funding, wonderfully martout. Patriotism becomes breech, journalism degenerates into propaganda, the movie turns into a Laundry for the washing of the budget, the Church is one of the "public organizations" clubs of the intellectuals — the little tailor, sewing clothes for the naked king, former crowd pleasers — in a narcissistic peacocks, who have lost touch with reality.

Alas, this endless track country-wide scale instead of a natural voice, photo fix and makeover is a private person, a collection of other people's thoughts and opinions, intended to replace the lack of any beliefs, except for the right to self-domination, — all is over "incident of the Christmas concert" sooner or later. You can fool yourself you can fool the people. But nobody has been able to deceive the word. About it, even the Bible says "Not by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord."

Our nation seeks beauty and truth of the word. And in song, in life and in politics. Someone is looking for the ideal unconscious, someone with a deep understanding of current processes in the world. And if a man has not broken the spirit of dignity and freedom, his choice is always unambiguous:

"Better to stand in front of the firing squad,

Better in a mass grave to be forgotten,

But to bow to the feet of Satan

Just a slave, only a slave would agree!"

Lydia Sycheva


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