In the open field warrior. Ninth-grader Nikita, lapochenko wants in his Kingdom live
Material posted: Publication date: 07-02-2017
The story of 15-year-old student of Balakhtinsky district of Krasnoyarsk region has thundered all over the country. Tired of living in the structure, which is long overdue for demolition, and listen to the endless excuses of the officials, forced to withdraw from the struggle of parents and neighbors, the teenager decided to act himself. Removed crumbling barracks with holes in the walls and rotting ceilings on the phone, and the pictures posted on his page on the social network and sent to the regional media with an appeal "Please help!".

Unnoticed this literally cry no more - the situation became interested Supervisory authorities, public men, deputies of the regional legislative Assembly, thousands of caring people.

News - one for all

The Siberian standards the open field, 300 kilometres from the regional centre - the village average. There is a school, house of culture, hospital. A thousand small inhabitants if not by name, that face each other know when meeting news exchange. Home now - one for all: about a young countryman, who was not afraid to openly accuse local authorities of negligence and inaction.

- To be honest, not all my activity came to mind, - says Nikita. - No, no reprisals against me or the parents by the administration was not. And in school support, on the shoulder, a clap: "that's Right, I wouldn't shut up!". On the other hand, some of the villagers stopped to greet. Like, where you're going, kid, glory wanted? And to me, fame is not necessary. I have, so we can finally live without fear. Look at this house - he at any moment would collapse and bury everyone under a...

The exact age blackened dvuhetazhki on Kosmonavtov street nobody knows. I only remember that in the 60-ies of the last century, dismantled in the sticks, moved here from a village caught in the flood zone of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. Gathered in a vacant lot, settled. Since then - more than half a century already - Watcha year after year, and is Barack veteran, repair never seen.

The spectacle is, indeed, creepy.

A beam collapsed in the night

Reins "guide" my son takes mom Nikita:

- The floors fail, the roof is full of holes - pigeon droppings on your head fray, the cracks in the walls, the apartment vistive at the time, to not drown in time. Earlier in the house lived eight families, five to go. Others who were at least somewhere to go, moved out, believing that life is more expensive. We have nowhere to run...

Natalia has a disability, the husband, trying to support, he took a job with a local businessman driver for the season. Funds for new housing, they do not collect it, and to exist is impossible. How many times went to the village Council - all in vain. Officials make a helpless gesture. "The money for repairs or resettlement, - claim, - the budget is not provided, so live as you have lived."

From Nikita worries its never been hidden, but his counsel did not ask: what can the child do in such a hopeless situation? And he patiently listened to the parent talk, was silent and thought for something to help father and mother. Yes, and neighbors - all because, as they say, is in the same boat.

Patience collapsed along with the ceiling beam.

- Once in the morning hear a terrible roar, - says the hostess of a nearby apartment Svetlana Kolyvanova, teacher of the local school, a mother of two children. In the entrance popped up in what was, look to the ceiling in the lumps of plaster fell rotten beam, a huge, four meters in length. And right on the ladder. My heart did not stop: in a couple of hours, me on the stairs of the eldest son to kindergarten news!..

Township authorities the emergency, as expected, called for. Have a look around. Said: "Well, well nobody was killed!". And departed for home. After this incident, Nikita and began, figuratively speaking, to sound the alarm.

"Are guilty"

In Chistopol the village Council now took defensive: journalists, often after Nikitinova call for help, communicate flatly refuse. Terse and officials of regional scale. In their opinion, the main problem is that the house of barrack-type type along the street of Cosmonauts, 2 over the past decade for unknown reasons, has not acquired a technical certificate, which means, officially, on the balance of the municipality not listed. That is, "residence"in this house, the tenants, of course, but he does not actually exist.

- So to allocate money for repairs - means to violate the law, they explain their position to the correspondent "RG" in the administration of Balakhtinsky district. - We can't do that. And rural authorities, we believe, nothing to do with it, they act within the law. No, the situation certainly requires some decisions, but what can be done - is unclear. These huts, like this one, in the area some more. To settle them? Appropriate housing is not available. But in fact, by and large, the tenants themselves for their troubles are to blame. We had to carefully monitor the home repair on time...

- How did you do that? - wonder barrack inhabitants. - Holes in the walls to cover? Wallpaper paste? So smeared, pasted, insulate, as far as possible. But how to be with a crumbling roof, rotten stairs?..

The bulb under the moon

The main question - whether the house is included in the list of dilapidated housing or deem it more appropriate for a major overhaul, is still open. However, after Nikita his message announced that the dead still moved. District authorities, for example, under the pressure of public opinion have identified Chistopolye village Council "to repair community property" of 150 thousand rubles. This money exactly for patching small holes. And Barack on Astronauts got a brand new bright bulbs. Their hard boiled and the first and second floors beneath a leaky roof through which the moon's time before it was bright as day.

Special control Chistopol conflict took and provincial parliamentarians.

- Though the problem when the authorities turn a blind eye to the accidents of houses, typical for all regions, the position of balakhtinsky and township officials outrageous - says the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Krai, member of the Committee for construction, housing and communal services Alexander Gliskov. - So many years idle, doing nothing to help people! There are questions to the Prosecutor's office: why the Supervisory authority has not acted in the protection of tenants and are not required to recognise the house emergency? But Nikita, of course, well done. Despite the fact that a teenager and has no right to vote, civil liability he - God forbid everyone!

By the way, Nikita the act special do not consider. And neither a lawyer nor a politician, nor a human rights activist has no plans to become:

- Graduate in any medical school will do, I trained as a pediatrician. Love with kids messing around.


Denis Breev, the Prosecutor of Balakhtinsky district of Krasnoyarsk region:

- Together with employees of regional Construction Inspectorate and the fire inspection we have inspected, surveyed the house down the street Astronauts, 2 in the village open field for anomalies. It turned out, a lot of them. Here are just a few. "Crumble," chimneys, many Windows, no glazing, entrance is not closed - there is no door, faulty wiring, chunks of plaster falling off, roof falling apart. In General, a complete mismanagement. Who is to blame? Undoubtedly, the local authorities that have not adopted any measures for maintenance of the dwelling. The fact that the house is not registered anywhere, it's no excuse - why are the authorities for so many years did not give the appropriate housing status? As far as is known, the local administration has developed a schedule in which the points are listed all the measures which they shall take to remedy the situation. For its part, the Prosecutor's office will ensure that all the promise was fulfilled.


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