Russia has restored the radar field of missile defense
Material posted: Publication date: 09-02-2017
Troops aerospace defense made up at the end of last year the deployment of the first phase of the unified radar field system of the early warning system (EWS). The system includes not only specialised PRN radar type "Voronezh", "DTV", "Dnepr", "Volga", but the modernized station "don" (in that area). Previously, it was used solely for guidance of missiles. Field of the radar early warning system provides control of rocket launches around Russia within 6 thousand km.

In the aerospace defence forces of Russia "Izvestia" said that the work on creation of the unified field of missile attack warning made last year. But while the system is not implemented all abilities. It'll happen when it will be put into operation objects of missile attack warning in the Arctic.

— A single radar field over Russia is fully restored, — has told "news" the commander of the 1st army air and missile defense HQs, major-General Andrew Cheburin.

The Russian system of missile warning consists of three elements. Satellites detect the launch of ballistic missiles. Ground stations for early warning of missile attack, "DTV", "Dnepr" and "Voronezh" calculate the trajectory and direction of impact. Located in the suburban Sofrino radar "don-2N" receives the data and directs missiles.


Photo: NEWS/Mikhail Tereshchenko

Now in the early warning system of Russia consists of three of the station "Dnepr" (in Olenegorsk, Irkutsk, and lake Balkhash), Daryal in Pechora and Volga in the Belarusian Baranovichi. All stations similar to the Egyptian pyramids. This heavy concrete structures that consume megawatts of electricity and cooling water. Also deployed or put into operation nine stations "Voronezh". Their main feature is modularity. In contrast to the "Dnepr", "Daryalami" and "VOLG", "Voronezh" - it is a light delicate dish and a few shipping containers with equipment. The construction of the station is just a year and a half. The new radar system unlike the older "sisters" consume low energy, and thus "see" everything that is happening in the airspace and outer space at a distance of 6 thousand km.

As has told "news" the Professor of Academy of military Sciences Vadim Kozyulin, restoration of a single radar space defense began in 2008. Then near St. Petersburg was put into operation the first station of early warning of launches of the type "Voronezh".

— As a result of the military immediately had the opportunity to see everything that is happening in the air space off the coast of Morocco to Spitsbergen, and of the range — to the East coast — said Vadim Kozyulin. The second station was commissioned near Armavir in 2009. It monitors what happens on the stretch from North Africa to India.


Photo: NEWS/Mikhail Tereshchenko

According to experts, at present, similar facilities are on combat duty in Irkutsk region ("breaks through" the space from China to the U.S. West coast), Kaliningrad region and Krasnodar Krai. Completed state tests of a new radar station in Krasnoyarsk Krai and Orenburg region initiated state tests of the radar station in the Altai region, as well as construction of new stations in the Arctic near Murmansk.

— The commissioning of all these objects restores the radar field system of the missile attack warning, explained Professor Vadim Kozyulin. — This gives us a perimeter defense against missile attacks. For example, in 2013 the radar station in Armavir tracked the us-Israeli test launch of target missiles Sparrow, which are used for testing.


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