The Syrian army will curb the appetites of the "Shield of the Euphrates"
Material posted: Publication date: 09-03-2017

Under the mediation of Moscow, the Kurds and Damascus agreed to establish a buffer zone on the way to the Turkish offensive.

Russia is doing everything possible to stop the fighting in Northern Syria and create a buffer zone between the Kurdish militia and Turkish troops. The escalation of the conflict happened when after the defeat of the jihadists in al Bab the Turks and their allies in operation "shield of the Euphrates" began the offensive on controlled groups, "Syrian democratic forces" (SDS) Manbij.

— The Russian military acted as intermediaries between the Syrian government and the Kurds helped them to agree on the placement of units of the regular army in the buffer zone, — explained the "Izvestia" military-diplomatic source. — At the same time Russia did everything possible to reassure the Turkish side.

The Turkish leadership has big plans in respect of Northern Syria. Earlier, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised that after the capture of El-Woman army and her allied Syrian opposition will be free from Kurdish groups Manbij. Kurdish sources reported that Turkish military also create permanent bases in the area of El Baba and Azaz.

The Chairman of the Council Federal national-cultural autonomy of Kurds Farhat Patiev told "Izvestia" that after the capture of El-Baba has a question about their future offensive in Raqqa, as it is declared ultimate goal of the operation "shield of the Euphrates".

Is South direction with the help of Russian troops blocked the Syrian government forces, said Kurdish politician. — Then the Turkish leadership's plan to move toward Raqqa through the territory controlled by the Kurdish people's protection units. And the first target is Manbij.

The advance of the Turks and their allies of the "Free Syrian army" (FSA) in Manbij began March 1. SAS troops with the support of Turkish armored vehicles, aircraft and artillery attacked a number of villages about 27 km to the East of the city. The Kurds have put up stubborn resistance. As a result, both sides suffered losses.

Thursday, March 2, the military Council Manuja announced that transfers areas West of the city under the control of Syrian government troops. The result is a buffer with a length of about 30 km from North to South and a width of from 10 to 20 km.

Director General of the Institute of regional problems Dmitry Zhuravlev said in an interview with "Izvestiya" that the Kurds are doing a brilliant thing by agreeing to cooperate with Damascus.

— If they give the territory to the West of Manuja government troops, thus will create a buffer that Turkish army can not go, — said the expert. Ankara is the guarantor of the talks in Astana and the truce in Syria, and because it is for political reasons can not fight with the Syrians.

According to Zhuravlev, Damascus, this option is also advantageous, because such arrangement can be regarded as part of reconciliation with the Kurds that the Syrian government is an important activity.

However, naked is a site to the North of Manuja, but there the Turks there was not yet sufficient for offensive forces, and their transfer from El Baba will take some time. Meanwhile, local observers have noted increased activity of American advisers from among fighters of special operations Forces, which apparently help the Kurds to organize a defense.

However, before the collision of the Turks with Americans because Manuja case, most likely, will not come. According to the data from social networks, in the future, a buffer zone may be extended to the East up to the Euphrates to completely separate the Pro-Turkish forces from the Kurds.

The creation of a buffer zone does not give an absolute guarantee of complete cessation of hostilities, because even during the battle for El-Bab to the South of the city there were skirmishes between groups of PAS and departments of the government troops.

Nikolay Surkov, Andrew Antykov


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