The four of us against 30 tanks
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Either to live or die, but the prisoner not to give up: Peter Marsh, Grigoriy Samoylov, Ivan Aleynikov, Konstantin Belikov. Unfortunately, to this day known details of the biography only senior of the group of four anti-tank Riflemen, face-to-face 30 met the German tanks in the hot July 1942...

Petr Osipovich Marsh was born June 22, 1909 in the village Baidivka (now Luhansk oblast of Ukraine) in a peasant family. Before the war, together with his brothers, worked as a miner. The red Army fought from 1941, was the first calculation number of anti-tank guns of the 84th guards rifle regiment of the 33rd guards rifle division in the rank of Junior Sergeant of the guard.

23 Jul 1942 the anti-tank Riflemen received from the company commander the senior Lieutenant Lebedev combat mission: to advance in the direction of the village of Kletskaya (now an urban-type settlement in Volgograd region) and there to dig in on favorable turn, reflect a possible tank attack of the enemy. The job was dangerous, so asked for volunteers. The group included guard Junior Sergeant Peter Boloto and soldiers Grigoriy Samoylov, Ivan and Konstantin Aleynikov Belikov. The soldiers were armed with only two anti-tank rifles ptrd.

Night volunteers secretly entered the specified height 198,3 dug trenches full profile, trenches, allows you to keep a perimeter defense. At dawn heard the roar of approaching tanks. Counted 30 armored vehicles, the soldiers divided between a goal and coolly as the exercise began to shoot the advancing tanks. For the first few minutes of the battle managed to destroy four cars.

Order of battle German tank instantly broke. They returned fire from guns and machine guns. Crews already lined tanks tried to attack the anti-tank Riflemen, and the had from time to time to take up guns to repel the attack. On the field of battle reigned chaos — blaring tank guns and machine guns, the shells exploded in the burning tanks, the engines roared, gnashed their metal tracks, poles fluttering dust and smoke... And in the midst of this chaos bravely, shoulder to shoulder fought the four Soviet soldiers.

As recalled after the battle, P. O. Bog "when I first was a tank, I already thought the world would end, by God. And then tank came closer and caught fire, and had already left not to me but to him. And by the way, you know, I am for this fight tsigarok five tied, and smoked to the end. In combat, the gun will push back and smoke when time allows. Smoking in battle you only can not miss. And then miss it and not smoke — that's the thing.

The experience was difficult. But we are not lost, all the while talking to each other, overlapped to PEP. I Belikov shout from the trenches: “Well, are you okay?” — “And you?” — “I do nothing”.

In appearance it was evident that no one pale, complexion is not lost.

So we spent the whole day messing around with tanks. And then we heard that left and right more than our there is no fire. And no, except German. And I thought that, perhaps, there will have to die. We decided — anyway, anyhow, since it's out there, either to live or die, but the prisoner not to give up. And then I saw Belikov of the gun came off, but something on paper is writing. I say to him “What are you writing?” He says: “Writing for all four, I will not surrender alive. Let us a memory, we will come and find...""

Unprecedented battle ended in favour of anti-tank Riflemen. On the field was left to burn 15 tanks (8 of them knocked Peter Marsh), and the rest, unable to withstand the oncoming fire, turned back and more in the day did not dare to attack Soviet positions.

Destiny legendary heroes were different. Unfortunately, Grigoriy Samoilov, slightly wounded during the battle, the next day after committing this deed, died in the medical battalion during an enemy air RAID. Konstantin Belikov and Ivan Aleynikov lived to see the Victory. Aleynikov was seriously wounded near Berlin, from which developed gangrene, he had to amputate his leg.

The eldest of the group, guards Junior Sergeant P. O. Bog, the only one out of the four, November 5, 1942, was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. In the future, the hero-the anti-tank Riflemen fought in the Donbass, Crimea, liberated Vitebsk and Polotsk, participated in the storming of Berlin. Participated in the Victory Parade, where he was entrusted with the honour to throw himself at the foot of the Mausoleum one of the captured German banners.

In 1948, the captain of the guard P. O. Bog left in reserve, lived in the town Gorskoe the region of Voroshilovgrad, had worked as a miner, a foreman, a foreman. Died 9 Oct 1966

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