The "armata" will support assault tanks
Material posted: Publication date: 09-04-2017
The war in Syria, among other things, for the military and weapons designers still invaluable laboratory, which allows to draw important conclusions for the future. Therefore, the course of the battles in the middle East analyze closely all over the world.

The study of the experience of street fighting in Syria (and before that in Chechnya) has revived in our country was pushed into a dusty corner the idea of creating an assault tank. Engaged in the Corporation "Uralvagonzavod". And, on his own initiative, without the participation of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. In the calculation, of course, that interest the military still will soon arise. And with it the defense order.

The impetus, according to the Deputy Director UVZ for special equipment Vyacheslav Khalitov, was such an important observation: "If you carefully analyze the last armed conflicts in the world, it appears that operations are conducted mainly in the cities, no one in our days in the open countryside is not fighting, because it is, in fact, instant destruction."

What tank need to successfully beat your opponent in a dense urban environment? Enhanced security and increased firepower. That is the road in Nizhny Tagil and went. As a result, there rolled out a T-72 tank is very unusual. With a dozer bucket on the front, which can help to overcome different kinds of debris and barricades in the ruined streets. At the same time to strengthen the protection of combat vehicles in the frontal projection.

The turret anti-aircraft guns covered the side screens bulletproof glass to the tank commander less risk, shooting at Windows, door openings and basements where they could hide an enemy grenade.

And on the assault of the T-72 hung side skirts with dynamic protection, additional booking of anti shaped-charge lattice. And installed a modernized 125-mm gun 2A46M, modified for firing rockets autoloader, more efficient fire control system (FCS) with multichannel gunner's sight Sosna.

It is believed that these innovations will help to significantly increase mechanical survivability of the T-72 in street fighting. And without that, however, is outstanding. Not just the Syrian tankers was demonstrated during the just ended victoriously a longstanding battle for Aleppo and the fighting in the Donbass.

We also note that attempts to create an almost invulnerable tank assault in many countries there have been and are almost a century. Including in our country, which is rightly considered one of the world leaders in this field. History of Soviet tank development is widely known, so it makes no sense.

To cite only one American evaluation of our last date, which came in the army - tank T-90. Last spring Karber, President of the research organization Potomac Foundation, went to Ukraine to study the experience of fighting on its South-East. And came to a disappointing conclusion: the native American armor is hopelessly behind the Russian.

In may of this year, Karber reported to Washington: "the Ukrainians are unable to fix any of the destroyed T-90. Russian, in fact, designed these tanks, therefore, to have an edge in low light, in fog and in winter conditions".

And another: "I spoke with the Ukrainian anti-tank gunners. They say: "I sent the shell of my tank installation directly on the tank, he flew up to him, but there arose this amazing shield. And suddenly my anti-tank missiles changed trajectory and just flew into the sky".

This, of course, about the complex optical-electronic suppression "Blind-1", established at the Russian main battle tank T-90. And now the war in Syria has shown that successful fighting in an urban setting only one "Curtains-1" is not enough. But T-90 is still normal and not an assault tank. Therefore, the "Uralvagonzavod" and started a new job with T-72.

Incidentally, not one of Uralvagonzavod. Several years ago the specialists of the Bauman Moscow state technical University together with designers from Omsk KBTM and OKB-9 from Ekaterinburg has offered a variant for street fighting "combat artillery car" based on the T-72 or T-80. Equip it expected 152-mm rifled gun-howitzer. The effectiveness of fire of such guns, according to three times higher than the standard 125mm gun, standing on the T-72.

Properly, apparently this idea is not even discussed. All the tools were thrown on developmental work "Armata". Came out great the T-14. Promise that the first 2300 such machines the Russian Armed forces will receive by 2025. But, judging by the fact that working on "Armata", "Uralvagonzavod" your project "assault tank" still did not stop, they believe that much more simple and relatively cheap fighting machine for fighting in the city should be an important addition to the long-awaited T-14.


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