Where's the attack?
Material posted: Publication date: 09-04-2017
In Khan Sheyhun not carried out any chemical attack, just as it was not in Huta. One who in any way refutes that statement, one way or another involved in supporting terrorists from LIH and "al Qaeda".

The chemical attack was not, and all our tears, anger, everything that we write — it's a crime that we do to disrupt the settlement process of the conflict in Syria, where Bashar al-Assad will remain in power, being able to haunt all those who sought freedom for Syrian citizens.

Had not received any evidence, only processed with Photoshop photos. Naked children, men and women lying on the ground, not because inhaled sarin, the daughter of American intelligence, "white helmets" who have not received the "Oscar", and a group of outraged critics of the Syrian regime, calling for international security.

This is not an attack, and fabricated war, the goal of which is to mobilize the international community. "The ruler of the world" tired of calls demanding to hear the voices of the Syrians... Ears have not hear, he was alarmed by calls to look at the largest cemetery in the world which operates 24 hours non-stop, and he turns a blind eye to it all. After a long hesitation, he decides to intervene, act on certain parts of the front line, without resorting to the deterrence of the regime and the creation of security without affecting vulnerable Syrians, but referring to innocent victims of terrorist operations in the world. He has lost three of the five senses, and now he does not hear the smell of sarin and loses the fourth sense... the Last — taste, and no one asks him, neither of conscience nor of manners. He has no taste.

Where is the massacre? Who died under torture in the prisons of Bashar, died on the parapets, who died in rocket attacks, were killed during a chemical attack. Despicable the world is silent before the one who reigns with ammunition and quenches the thirst of blood and genocide. Who later said that considerations of Bashar selfish and seeks to consolidate his power and to put an end to the resistance to the regime? If so, then, apparently, the killing of men and women was not enough, because the murder of children has also been considered by Hafez al-Assad as an opportunity to strengthen the power of his son, and thus has spawned a lot of problems for future generations.

O, children, come to the Lord because there is peace and justice. Leave us your purity, innocence and beauty, so we can deal with our weaknesses. The real "slaughter" — in the silence of those who didn't speak about her, in the joy of those who rejoice in her, in the formal condemnation of those who are standing off to the side, and trying to justify it or blame it to others.

Source: http://inosmi.ru/politic/20170408/239080404.html

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