A quarter of the violations of the banks account for cashing of the state defense order
Material posted: Publication date: 11-05-2017
Such data of the Central Bank led the audit 27 counterparty banks, the Ministry of defense.

The Bank of Russia in 2016 checked 27 banks to find out how they perform the law on the state defence order, the annual report of the regulator. The Central Bank has identified operations, "which have no apparent economic sense, the circuit operations aimed at withdrawing funds" accounts through which the money of the state defense order, to the document. The number of banks-infringers and the amount of operations to cash funds of the state defense order, the Central Bank did not elaborate, noting only that in 2016 a quarter of all violations of the banks were laundering the proceeds. In 2015, the share was lower at 21.1%. In reports for previous years, the regulator of such audits not mentioned.

The list of authorized banks, the regulator publishes monthly on April 1 with the state defense order could work only eight banks: Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, Russian agricultural Bank, Russian regional development Bank, Novikombank, Bank "St.-Petersburg" and the Bank "Russia".

For the first time on Bank monitoring of implementation of government contracts thought in 2014 – about his need to address to the Federal Assembly President Vladimir Putin. In June 2015, with the participation of the Central Bank in the law "On state defense order" was amended, part of which stipulated banking support of the state defense order and control over its execution. The law clarified the concept of an authorized Bank, i.e. one that can work with the money of the state defense order. Capital of such Bank must be at least RUB 100 billion, the Bank has to be registered in Russia and have a license to work with state secret.

According to the Manager of one of the enterprises of the defense industry, in fact 95% of the work with enterprises of the defense industry is divided between Sberbank, VTB and Gazprombank in part. This number of banks (27 instead of eight) may be due to the fact that mainly tested the smaller banks that work with businesses in the regions have on the operations of the "second" level, when the advances received part of the cash for salaries, petty contracts, payments to contractors. Cash is at least 50% and even 70% of all amounts of defense contracts, says a source close to the Central Bank and Rosfinmonitoring.

In Gazprombank, the Central Bank studied the account opening, the Bank's compliance with the conditions of their use and the order of transmission of information about payments in a single informational state defense order of the Ministry of defense, says the Bank representative: "the results of the audit led to recommendations". Any violations in Novikombank's work with the funds of the state defense order has not been revealed, said his spokesman. VTB audit of the Central Bank is not yet completed, the Bank representative: "Until its completion, we do not comment on the issue." Other authorized banks, like the Bank, did not respond to requests of "Vedomosti".

According to a top Manager of one of the banks working with the defence industry, by itself, the system of special accounts does not guarantee protection from cashing in, because the Bank still does not understand exactly how much should it cost to work or that the counterparty of its customer from the defense industry. Therefore, schemes to bypass this system has long been found and they are applied including in the larger authorised banks, but the rigidity of the system of special accounts only increases the cost of the withdrawal, he says. At the same time, said the banker, you should understand that in most cases we are not talking about some kind of deliberate fraud for the purpose of plunder of means of the state defense order – no cash required a business transaction is simply impossible to provide within a reasonable time.

"Control over the cash funds of the state defense order envisages separate from all the other tracking system reporting form," – says the co-Chairman of ARB Committee on AML/CFT and compliance risks Alexey Timoshkin. A significant number of banks under the check could be due to the fact that checked and also those banks that took money from the commissioners, he said. According to Timoshkina, separate schemes for the withdrawal, probably not using the default schema: - invoicing of orders, withdrawal of sums through one-day firms, etc.

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