With the Day of airborne! A few words about the celebration of the airborne troops in the Patriot Park
Material posted: Ponomarenko Oleg J.Publication date: 02-08-2017
Today, August 2, Russia celebrates the Day of airborne troops! Congratulate the veterans, officers and soldiers, members of their families, all whose lives have been associated with airborne! And our country – with the fact that she got airborne!

The day before, Saturday in the Park "Patriot" party was organized, dedicated to the 87th anniversary of the founding of the airborne forces, and I would like to briefly share some private impressions of the event, including those who could go, but do not know what the event is. My grandfather, Colonel cousin Vasily Fedorovich, the last Great Patriotic war, in the postwar period gave airborne for more than 25 years, served with the legendary commander Vasily Filippovich Margelov was, and my 5-year-old son was at this feast in the past and this year.

In the Park behind the Fairgrounds deployed a small polygon (not to be confused with the venue of tank biathlon), in front of which are the podium. The celebration began about 11 o'clock concert, and actually the program of demonstration performances of paratroopers began at about 13:30 a short congratulation of the Minister of defence of Russia. My son and I, as regular guests of the Park, arrived early and immediately went to the stands near the new exhibition center – hangar with equipment, which is an open platform, which displays aircraft, helicopters, armored vehicles, engineering equipment, Intercontinental ballistic missiles, radars. Pay attention to those traveling with children in complex, almost no people, it was empty, sometimes it took organized groups of Marines and rare visitors who have shown interest. In the hangars are cool, they are well-made, spacious for children's respite, as a demonstration program in hot weather they will get tired (and this is true for adults). The view is that, plus you can climb in a tank, BMP-shnye, helicopter, aircraft cockpit simulators.

The downside is that by the time the main part of the holiday, the stands were already full, and free for coming up exactly to the beginning of the demonstrations remained mostly places, not closed a canopy from the sun, but many – and we have solved this problem just by the fact that the aisle on the steps. We must consider that from 4 two Central tribunes, as said in the cordon, was given to the troopers of the 45th separate guards order of Kutuzov and Alexander Nevsky brigade of special purpose, stationed in Kubinka, which celebrated its 25th anniversary on 25 July.

Demonstrations were performed much better than last year. Performances on the parade ground located in front of the stands (techniques with weapons, hand-to-hand combat, etc.), performances of parachutists were mostly the same.

But the capture of the object is controlled by conditional terrorists were in this time organized close to the audience – last year it was referred to hundreds of meters, now – immediately after the parade, all at a glance, though wanted to be even closer. Also brought the area of the landing from helicopters and armored vehicles landed even in front of the podium. It looked much more spectacular. Funny was the reaction of the audience when the roof (overhang) directly to the podium for discarded files "fell" "friendly people" - many did not expect, apparently.

The second spectacular innovation – a dynamic display of airborne equipment. Along the stands is a part of the motocross track and in front of the audience demonstrated the buggy, the APC, "None", "octopus", air defense missile systems and other equipment of the airborne forces until field kitchens (see attached Amateur movies).

The show completed link training aircraft aerobatic team "Rus", but many did not wait, left the rostrum. Fair for – with all due respect to pilots, I have to say that our viewers spoiled "knights" and "Swifts", it is difficult to hold such a program.

In a separate area in a couple of minutes walk from the stands was an exhibition of weapons, equipment, tools, equipment and landing. I note that the armored vehicles were delivered to officers, and while the kids were on the armor (funny that the subject children's interest in guns has resulted in what to the T-72B3 was approached by a fighter and shot him, without waiting, apparently, until out of the boys; about the equipment of the "winged infantry" main battle tanks view material TASS), adults were able to ask questions that sometimes did as I noticed. This distinguishes the exhibition from the rows of vehicles in open areas "Patriot" with minimum information on the labels (the experience of visiting the Park not at the feast will say that once I met a foreigner expressed regret that the actual technology at the exhibitions in the Park, there are no signs in English).

On this site, among other things, was presented to the educational anti-tank systems "cornet", MANPADS "Verba" - we must pay tribute to the military, two in full gear on a hot day, carefully helped the little boy to plant his shoulder MANPADS and held it, - vests, could perform Assembly and disassembly machine for children was made a children's Playground, organized sale of Souvenirs. The food was different, can not appreciate, as my son has done at the army austere, yet on the Day of the airborne troops came, not to eat. And Ferial days, we reach a guerrilla village, which is a step further and take the buckwheat with stewed meat.

When my son and going to Patriot day each time is constructed the same regardless of if there today, festive events or not – move out in the morning and leave when the Park closes. Let this be a recommendation for those interested in military equipment and history, as well as for those who might visit once and who is just interested in something new.

With thanks to the command of the armed forces, the airborne troops, officers and soldiers airborne primavesi part in the event, leaders and staff of the Park "Patriot".

Oleg Ponomarenko

P.S. In celebration of the leaders of high ranks and commanders say many good words about our airborne. And we pay attention to how to evaluate the role of this kind of troops (they literally airborne forces) in the armed forces, in the operations of modern armies, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, commander U.S. Army in Europe (Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, U.S. Army Europe commander), who will leave the post soon. In my free translation, answering the questions about whether the United States had airborne troops, he focused on three points:

  1. Story – never say that we do not need these troops, for history teaches that this tool is required in modern operations.
  2. Strategy – never pass up the opportunity to have these troops as one of the elements of military power;
  3. The soldiers of these troops – the elite of the armed forces; every soldier, past the school and sent to other units brings with it the morale and discipline of elite troops.

The General stressed that when people say that m does not need airborne troops, they don't understand the role of the human factor in the military ("...when people say we don't need airborne forces, they absolutely don't understand the human domain of warfare").

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