The struggle of environmentalists for clean air have helped global warming
Material posted: Publication date: 08-08-2017
Further reduction in air pollution can spur the growth temperature on the Earth, scientists warn.

Researchers from the United States using satellite observation data found that the stricter environmental requirements in the country in the second half of the last century led to a sharp increase in summer temperatures in the South-Eastern States. A new job means that the strong environmental efforts of China and other countries, can not only improve air quality but also significantly accelerate global warming. The corresponding article published in Remote Sensing.

The researchers compared data on changes in average temperatures in different U.S. States for the XX and XXI centuries with data on the number of aerosol industrial air pollution. The first were collected from meteorological stations, the second — satellites Terra and CALIPSO since 1999. It turned out that in 2000-2015, the average temperature in the summer months in the Southeast USA has increased by 0.75 degrees Celsius. This is many times faster than the country as a whole. At the same time due to new environmental requirements protection Agency United States environmental content of aerosols in the air over this part of the country fell by 20 percent.

The main source of this decline was the installation of new filtering systems on coal-fired power plants. Coal is the main fuel in the United States. Although shale gas and renewable energy and displace it, this process will take decades. Fine dust (unburned carbon), rising from the chimneys of coal-fired power plants creates long-lived aerosol, a suspension of dark particles, not giving the sun rays get to the earth and heat it. Due to this active work of coal power greatly cools the area in which she plays a prominent role. Along the way, the aerosol particles enter the lungs, causing cancer and lung disease. According to American government bodies, that killed tens of thousands of U.S. residents annually. Requiring power plants to reduce emissions of power in addition to reducing such mortality had an unexpected side effect — a sharp rise of temperature in the South-East of the country.

The researchers note that China consumes more coal (first in the world) than the US (second). He is currently actively reduces its production and massively closes the mine. At the same time it is the most in the world is building solar and wind power. That means soon summer temperatures there can also significantly rise.

Andrei Borisov


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