The CIA has declassified the data about the coup in Iran
Material posted: Publication date: 10-08-2017
Every secret ever becomes clear. Was recently declassified documents of the joint operation of US and UK under the name "Ajax". With the support of the local Shah, they conducted a coup. Please note, the CIA admitted its involvement in this project.

Despite the fact that the events took place in 1953, the documents proving this were published at different times, which allowed to reduce the reaction to published material. For example, in 2000, the press learned about the internal CIA document consisting of a 200-page report by Donald Wilber

The plan of operation "Ajax" was developed by the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt — Kermit Roosevelt. At that time he was head of the CIA unit on Africa and the Middle East. He later published his memoirs.

In the 50s Iran nationalized the oil industry, which is very much not like the British.

The rapprochement of Iran with the Communists pushed US to action. They feared that oil-rich country could be on the other side of the iron curtain.

After the report of Wilber about the future consequences together with the CIA and the Secret intelligence service of great Britain, a plan was developed "Ajax".

Through the Iranian press, the security services undermined the authority of Mohammed Mossadegh's (democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 to 1953)

CIA agents threatened local religious leaders on behalf of the Communists — allegedly supporters of the Prime Minister.

The official statement, the United States demonstrated that Mosaddik lost the support of its supporters in the West.

All this has led to the fact that the Prime Minister was chosen as one of the leaders of the opposition — General Fazlollah Zahedi.

Although General lacked leadership qualities, and his plans required improvement. The CIA considered him a worthy candidate, and helped to unite the opposition.

The CIA's actions were carried out with the support of the Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. He helped to publish a decree on the resignation of the government.

After that began the riots. It is noteworthy that the first attempted coup failed due to the fact that it is learned by someone from the entourage of the Prime Minister. Some of the conspirators were detained, but the General Zahedi disappeared, and Shah Pahlavi fled in Iraq.

But the matter did not end there. One of the demonstrations in support of the Shah fled the conspirators decided to seize the Mossadegh's house.

The first attack by "demonstrators" were repulsed, but later the house was stormed and looted. Colonel Anatollo of Momtaz, who was the main support for Mossadegh's was killed during the assault.

After that, the army was ready to act against the Communist party of Iran.

In a telegram to the CIA from recentury of Tehran in August 1953 it was reported:

"Urgently need five million dollars to support the new government, to enable it to meet its obligations. Later we will discuss how to deliver the money."

So insidiously and foresight of U.S. intelligence services and the CIA conducted a coup in Iran in 1953. This historical fact leads to an interesting thought. If they can repeat such operation in the us? Can intelligence also to raise the people to a revolution with the help of the media and various public figures?

Is it possible to bribe the official? How easy is it to bribe You personally?


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