Russian banks: the game began at the destruction of
Material posted: Publication date: 17-08-2017
It looks like some kind of a special operation to create uncontrollable chaos, experts say.

Another scandal erupted in the financial market. The management company "Alfa Capital", which is part of the consortium "Alfa-Group", through a client newsletter warned about the problems of OTKRITIE Bank, Binbank, IBC and PSB. The company said that the situation of these credit institutions "may be resolved this fall". Practically, this means that the game began at the destruction among the so-called their children the Central Bank.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the consortium "Alfa-Group" Mikhail Fridman habitually holds his cheeks apart. And today, wearing a smile, the millionaire decided to distance itself from high-profile news. Like, my business and client list is an inexperienced Manager is to blame, which inadvertently expressed his private opinion, let's see, take action. Meanwhile, the shock wave from the explosion swept across the financial markets.

"Well, of course, is the struggle for the market. Unfair struggle for the market. What else could it be? Only such a struggle for the market you will be profitable. It strikes primarily on your own. If you have to resort to such measures, the mean raises the question - do you have any problems, once you stoop to such a level of struggle for the client?" - commented the head of the Association of Russian banks Garegin Tosunyan.

About the Finance market and if they say it in whispers and only in the circle of faithful knights of the round table. So that if not today then tomorrow will fall a series of large banks, mentioned the experts of various stripes. As a rule, in the major forums. And here I first came to the public field. People close to the Bank, is to extinguish the tension acrid phrases.

"It's just a topic on the verge of a pornographic film, - noted ex-the Chairman of the Central Bank Konstantin Korischenko. Just a friend, without thinking, wrote, and around this now will develop the story up to the bill."

Friend, who was an ordinary Manager "the alpha-the Capital" Sergey Gavrilov, incidentally, has caused a serious discussion in the Central Bank. However, the Central Bank to wonder whether nervousness in the market? It is the voluntarism MS President, with the infamous name Elvira has led to the fact that the reliability of the entire banking system in doubt.

"Over a year ago, the Central Bank has identified a list of unsinkable 10 banks. In this list there are also "Alfa-Bank", Sberbank and VTB 24. Surprisingly, that list that was sent out "Alfa Capital", a Bank "Opening", which was included in the top ten unsinkable, -commented the head of the Russian Economic Society in the name of S. F. Sharapov Valentin Katasonov. - I do not exclude that the possible response from the Bank "Opening", which can send the same lists, and the first place to put the "Alfa-Bank". You know, it's like some kind of special operation to create chaos, maybe even uncontrollable chaos".

Game destruction began. The consequences of unmanaged chaos in the banking sector of Russia is possible only to guess. Some customers four shaky banks (according to analysts "the alpha-the Capital") has decided away from sin to withdraw their deposits. But where to now carry money is an open question.

As they say, while the nobles fight, at lackeys forelocks crack.

Epathchina Maria


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