Russia's accession to the European Union and the creation of the only true superpower, capable to compete with the United States
Material posted: Publication date: 28-08-2017
As noted earlier, the shock therapy does not always have negative consequences, but it caused too much trauma. So after the crisis of the 90s, when even in the country there was a default in 1998, Russia could not be considered as an ideal candidate for European integration, in particular due to the fact that the doctrine of shock therapy has been associated with the West.

And yet from the idea of accession of Russia to the rest of Europe, that is, the integration in the European Union, never fully refused, like do not refuse, even now, when relations are at their lowest level and several European countries are actively preparing for a possible military clash with Russia.

Not so long ago, at the 2010 conference in Germany Vladimir Putin, who was then Prime Minister, expressed his confidence that someday Russia will join the European Union.

"Yes, we know that now (there are) problems in Portugal, Greece, Ireland, the Euro staggers a little, but overall it is a reliable, stable international currency. Of course, it must occupy its proper position as the global reserve currency," said Putin, commenting on the current crisis of the European currency. Reporters asked him whether he sees Russia's future in the Eurozone, Putin said: "Can we assume that someday Russia will be unified with the rest of Europe currency area? Yes, of course."

This was said when many predicted that the Euro may not make it to the end of the year. So I guess Putin was right when he said that the Euro will be able to get out of the crisis. But what about his second statement on the fact that someday Russia will become part of the Eurozone?

At the same conference in Berlin in 2010, the head of the German Central Bank Josef Ackermann confirmed that he agrees with Putin and what is also expects Russia's entry into the Eurozone.

Putin has already understood that if Russia and will join the single currency area or perhaps even in the EU, then it will require concessions, especially in the energy sector. Europe has increased the pressure and demanded more transparency, when it was about the activities of Gazprom, the Russian energy giant. In Berlin, Putin responded to this pressure: "We hear from our partners from North America and Europe are almost the same in different variants: you want to be members of the civilised family, behave in a civilized manner. What's that? What is forgotten our colleagues some basic fundamental principles?"

In fact, these few sentences uttered seven years ago, fully disclose the relationship between Russia and Europe. Russia is not against the prospect of joining the European Union and even the Eurozone, but it wants to preserve its national interests, especially those that are of key importance for the Russian economy. And first of all it concerns energy.

Today everything that's happened, such a scenario seems less likely than in 2010, but it is worth emphasizing that Putin is to blame. Moreover, in the first godap of Putin's rule — that is, in the beginning of the XXI century — it is a positive attitude to the possible accession of Russia not only in the European Union, and NATO, that is, to participate in the so-called Euro-Atlantic integration.

Of course, at that time, membership in EU and NATO almost all the countries of Europe seemed an ideal best combination.

Yes, we are discussing a hypothetical situation. But the relationship, as we have seen, are constantly changing. For example, two years ago Russia and Turkey were on the brink of war, and today again they are building big plans together.

If Europe and Russia refused from the idea to extract from the potential convergence of only the immediate benefits (and it wants the European Union, and Russia), from a strategic point of view, the EU and Russia, together, would create a superpower. Perhaps she would be the only force in the world that can really compete with the US. And this is why the US is so hard to achieve discord between Europe and Russia, trying at all costs to prevent their Union.

Assuming that we are talking about one of the most serious threats to American global dominance, we can say that blowing the Ukrainian crisis, the Americans have brilliantly managed to make the Europe for many, many years to abandon plans to merge with Russia.

Remember what Putin said in 2010 in Berlin at a time when the Eurozone crisis was raging, and imagine how would develop relationships in Europe and Russia since that time if it hadn't been Libya, Ukraine, Syria... the US is clearly premeditated provoke crises and know their ultimate goal.

Prior to the Ukrainian crisis the economic relations between Russia and the EU were the best in history. The Union would bring great benefits for both sides. Let me remind you that the European Union was created, in particular, and to the war in Europe become simply meaningless, because they would be too expensive. For example, before Germany and France almost continuously at war, and now that there is EU and both countries are members, the idea of war seems absurd and meaningless.

But the war with Russia, especially when the United States to her "push" to imagine is not so difficult. In other words, the continent would have lived in the world, if Russia participated in the existing integration processes.

But now it's not happening. Or not? Actually, there is one circumstance which may soon again bring together the EU and Russia, and even to raise again the question of its accession to the Union. We are talking about Breccia.

The EU has lost Britain that it is, of course, weakened. Russia's accession would give the EU new powers. And if Germany will continue to play a leading role, this scenario may be very real. Why? Remember what principled position Germany took in the question of quotas, how hard it is looking for a solution. The whole of Berlin, led by Chancellor Merkel is how to talk about human rights and compassion, but anyone who is familiar with the real situation knows that Germany has let in over a million migrants from the Middle East (and not only) is not out of compassion for the miserable. The gates of Germany were opened to them due to the fact that due to the migrants authorities want to offset the deficit that is felt in the labor market because of the huge demographic problems in the country.

Following the same logic, Germany could soon come to the conclusion that the European Union, if it wants to compete with the United States needed Russia. Now the relationship is still not the worst. Tooth sharpening on Russia above all its neighbours, who see it as hegemony, Empire, which seeks to absorb. However, Germany is reluctant to cooperate with Russia, and if the US is not twisted German hands, this cooperation would be even stronger (Washington tries to prevent the construction of "Nord stream-2").

American President Donald trump maybe he was not aware of, to help this rapprochement between Europe and Russia. Its policy of "America above all" he already has pushed many EU leaders, who now only watching retreat if the American establishment or not. If trump will survive the attempted coup that is being prepared against him, the EU begins to think seriously about reconciliation with Russia. In the end, as strange for someone today it may sound, ideologically closer to European leaders Vladimir Putin, whom they still remember a Pro-European politician as he was 15 years ago. Putin is closer to them than the "cowboy" Donald trump, who may still be able to transform America in his the "great America", for which competition will no longer be the main idea and the need.

2017 is gradually taking place, but wait, for example, 2020 or even 2025. Then all these hypotheses, which now seem distant and far-fetched, can come close to reality.

Many argue that soon China will rival the United States. If the situation will develop in the same direction as now, so be it, but again, only if nothing changes. Also many see the Union of Russia and China a great force that will dominate the world, but they forget that, as if smug it may sound, China is still a "plan B", and "plan a" — the rapprochement with the European Union. And it is clear to anyone who has been following the political career of Vladimir Putin. The day when the EU will stop trying to isolate and subdue Russia, is the day change the global scenario: China will be power, but real world superpower can be a bunch of "Europa plus Russia".

D. Marjanovic


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