Bitcoins in the neighbourhood: Russia proposes to ban set mining farm in the apartments
Material posted: Publication date: 05-09-2017
Russia has proposed to introduce a ban on the installation of mining-farms in residential areas. The fact that the work in the apartment of special devices for "mining" cryptocurrency is several times increases the power consumption and also leads to a marked increase in temperature, which can be unsafe for other tenants. The relevant question can be raised at the next meeting of the working group under the President of Russia on development of the Internet, to be held in mid-September. About that RT told the group member, President of the information democracy Foundation Ilya massukh.

"The farm" in the apartment

The computational process for "mining" bitcoin — mining — greatly increases the load on the network, and also heats the air in the apartment. This drew the attention of a member of the working group under the President of Russia on development of the Internet Ilya massukh. "Bottom" bitcoins with the help of "farm" — a complex of devices, which including the video card.

"Electrical network is unlikely to survive, and certainly homemade extractor is unable to remove the heat that there will generates, — he explains. — Accordingly, there can be fires. The use of the housing stock to create some data centers it is necessary to consider the ban."

Mining cryptocurrency in the country should not be encouraged in principle, said Massukh. "Virtually all computer power are not Russian, the bitcoin banned in the country. Accordingly, it is somewhere on some external exchange. All that remains domestically is a waste of electricity. Rather questionable efficiency for the Russian economy", — the expert believes.

Consultant in mining, Muscovite Anton says that "the farm" in the apartment will increase electricity consumption by approximately 6-8 times.

"And you will need to pay for the corridor, a balcony or a separate room. Consume "farm" is from 0.8 to 2 kWh If you take the average price of electricity in Moscow (5 RUB.), somewhere up to 8 thousand will go to pay for the electricity. Although on average apartment consumes on 1 thousand roubles a month," he says.

In addition, equipment for mining cryptocurrency will heat the air in the apartment, warns Anton: "As if you have the room heater. Plus 5-10 degrees could "farm" add — all depends on the configuration".

To start earning by mining "average salary," you need to invest in the installation of "farm" from 180-200 thousand rubles. "Income, respectively, 25-30 thousand rubles per month", — says the consultant.

According to him, the exact number of miners in Russia is unknown. "No one has such statistics, says Anton. — Probably, soon it will be tens of thousands of people in the country."

One of the developers of the draft law on bitcoin, state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi believes that "before something, allow or deny", you must enter the entire system in the legal field.

"We need this law to prescribe the terminology: what is cryptocurrency, what is bitcoin mining what is mining farms", — said the MP.

The final document can be submitted to the Duma in 2018, said meadow.

"A Mecca for the Russian mining"

Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev believes that the miners are most profitable to start a business away from the capital.

"Is any region where there is an excess of energy and moderately cool or cold climate. Connect these two factors and you get a "Mecca for mining", which will be competitive. This Sakhalin, Karelia, Irkutsk oblast. Quite a lot of Russia's regions. Russia is a beautiful country to maintain computing power, which work for the whole world," said Marinichev.

Note that the informal center of the Russian mining today people refer to the Irkutsk oblast (the price of electricity — 1,01 RUB/kWh).

Marinichev believes that the interest of Russians mining should be encouraged.

"Network 100% survive: the power of one Irkutsk region consumes for heating of buildings, constructions, apartments, houses multiples higher than even the whole mining in the world, he says. — Utilization of the same heat that mining activities result in his highlights, and transfer it into heat that can be used to heat your home, does not change the load on the network, but will increase the income of residents of the Irkutsk region. Therefore, it is absolutely a good initiative".

In the Irkutsk region, RT said that the influx of miners are not afraid.

"Seasonal growth of the electrical load associated with the increase in electricity consumption by the population is a characteristic feature of the Irkutsk region without regard to the new phenomenon of "concentration of mining farms", — said the Deputy Minister of housing policy, energy and transport of the Irkutsk region Sergey Malinkin.

The cost of a kilowatt-hour for the urban population in the Irkutsk region — the lowest in Russia, added the official: "In rural areas, electricity for citizens, costs even less, there is a kilowatt-hour costs less than the city rate by 30%".

According to him, due to the low prices the inhabitants of the region massively use electric heating, "which loads the electrical network is much more than the average computer".

"Seriously concerned about the problem eightfold growth in electrical load in connection with the "mining disaster" reason is currently not available", — concluded the Deputy Minister.

On request RT in the governments of Karelia and Sakhalin region rapid response could not be obtained.

Natalia Korchmarek


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