Overdraft intelligent and ruthless
Material posted: Publication date: 12-09-2017
Millions of Sberbank clients, waking up in the morning, found that their debit cards have suddenly become overdraftlimit.

Without the prior consent and registration of the contract part of the debit cards of Sberbank turned into cards with overdraft. First, as usual, react users of social networks, the news spread like a hurricane "Jose". Most of the customers were perplexed about the fact that without their participation and permission, changed the status of the Bank card. It is not harmless as it may seem, operation. The expert at cost-security Dmitry Rusak, warned all users of plastic cards: "Overdrafted indicates that the account associated with the debit card used by you together with your money now I got money in the Bank. And the Bank somehow begins to believe that all the money on the card belong to the Bank. Therefore, any payment that you can make with the debit card, in fact, will fall under the interest of the Bank."

In most credit organizations hastened to declare, that all true. Appealing to the fact that customers did not read the contract and did not know that they have connected the overdraft. And the noise picked up out of nowhere. Sberbank made an official statement: "We get a lot of questions about the fact that we changed the terms of service debit cards and all the cards are overdraft. This is not true - you can't spend on debit card more money than you have. Probably some users just paid attention to it".

After a while Sberbank has proposed a new version of transfer debit card in overdraft status. The Office of public relations the main reason has already been called not the ignorance of customers, and some "technical features". At the request of the Director of the office of Sberbank Alexander Baziyan, when you specify which card is a technical feature that has always been, which is now just noticed. Card account was displayed technically as overdraft. In fact, there was no change. Debit cards – they are debit.

Technical features of the savings Bank may allow the customer in the credit bondage. After all, people uninformed about what is connected an overdraft can go in the negative, and notice it only after you owe the Bank a large sum of money.
In the opinion of Dmitry Rusak, banks are losing profitability and are looking for any ways any possibility to bind the customers. This, unfortunately, can not escape. And added that the first to suffer the least protected citizens, such as pensioners, as it was on them in the first place and focused programme of Sberbank, because the noise begin to rise, those people who understand what it's about. And pensioners, unfortunately, do not understand. Sberbank is just trying to pull money out of our pockets.

Clients of the savings Bank, upon learning of the fraud, immediately rushed to the offices. One is to change the status of the card, the other to terminate the contracts. In addition, the mass appeals of citizens to the Prosecutor. Trying to put customers on credit needle, Sberbank is now in danger and he can go in the negative.

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