Surkov spoke about the "crisis of hypocrisy" and the emergence of the King of the West
Material posted: Publication date: 07-11-2017
In the result of the obsolescence of earlier methods of cheating companies, the West is now experiencing a crisis that may end in a revolution, a major war or the advent of the "strong hand", says assistant to the President in an article for RT.

Change in the political landscape in the countries of the West, "a strange choice", which often do the voters, and the growing popularity of political freaks talking about the West experiencing "a crisis of hypocrisy", the causes of which lie in the obsolescence of previously providing the stability of society, of the techniques, I am sure the Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov.

"From the frequent repetition of the masking phrase depreciate, discrepancies and inconsistencies begin to bulge. To preserve the status quo consumes more and more (and with less impact) reservations, excuses, explanations, and places was long and tedious pauses. The system reaches the limit of complexity, the complexity turns into a frightening confusion... the Social contract, written on a decaying political language, gradually begins to lose strength," Surkov wrote in his column for the portal of the TV channel RT.

According to the assistant to the President of Russia, hypocrisy is a natural human behavior, a clever deceivers are traditionally the main heroes of the epics and the hypocrisy in politics, though "disgusting," but also "effectively inevitable". However, constant use of the same techniques and forced the complication is built on the basis of their schemes in the end gives the society either to collapse, or reformatting.

"A very difficult democratic-oligarchic body of the ancient Roman Republic at some point it became too complicated and began to play instead of the order in the chaos. After the Gracchi and Sulpice, after the rebellions and civil wars came to sulla, then Caesar, and finally Octavian, in fact, gradually abolished the Republic. In its place came the Empire. The emperors did not call themselves kings, not wanting to insult the memory of the Republic, but they were kings. And it updated the hypocrisy for another few centuries has extended the life of the Roman world", — said Surkov.

The modern West, he said, is experiencing "interesting and dangerous time," frustration is normal, with the result that the main provisions in force to date of the social contract have become "boring and hateful".

"And that shamefully it was written in small, almost unreadable font, which by common consent was removed to the footnotes and the application suddenly gets all interested, and some penetrating, the first exclaims: "We were deceived!", — Surkov writes.

The release of huge amounts of social energy, which, according to him, accompanied by the disintegration of semantic structures may lead to "heated" society "to the temperature of the revolution and the great war".

However, it is possible that reformatting has become overly complex political system of Western society, just as it was in Ancient Rome, will end with the introduction of a simple Imperial vertically.

"Perhaps tomorrow "all this chaos and all the lies" the confused crowd will be withdrawn with a strong hand. The king of the West, founder of digital dictatorship, a leader with semi-intelligence is foretold prophetic comics. Why this comic is not true? Also an option," warns Surkov.

"I'm waiting for someone here who will clean it all" — singing 5FDP. Sings America," ends his column Surkov words from the song "one of the best" modern American metal bands.

Eugene Kalyuk


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