"A revolution in LC" framing of Russian diplomacy
Material posted: Publication date: 22-11-2017
What is happening now in Lugansk called "military coup." The trigger for him was the attempt of the head of the Republic Igor Carpentry to the resignation of the interior Minister Igor Cornet. A confrontation develops, quickly gathering the most wild rumors. In any case the fault for all this lies on the head of the LC. He openly framed Moscow.

In the middle of the day in the center of Lugansk there was an unknown well-armed people without insignia with rocket-propelled grenades and even mortars, the company commander, who blocked the interior Ministry building and the government of the LC. A number of data members and government employees were encouraged to go home that no rash was seen as a "coup attempt".

Had heard several explosions and gunfire, but the data about victims did not arrive. No formal political review (personal – enough) from the leadership of the LC have also been reported, which gave rise to a wave of rumors.

On the streets of Lugansk were seen by some members of the security forces from neighbouring Donetsk, which was the basis for the witnesses to say that he was preparing "LC accession to the NPT." This is nonsense, but in such cases, the land always is full of rumours. The more that a government TV channel LC is not half worked.

The population of Lugansk regards indifferent, waiting to see who wins. This LC is not the first time, and previous conflicts Igor Plotnitsky with the security forces on people's lives in the unrecognized Republic is not affected.

It began with the fact that the head of the LC, together with the attorney General and employees of the state arrived in the household at street Young guard, 8. There are already more than three years lived the head of the interior Ministry Colonel Igor cornet. Previously it turned out that the hostess of the farmstead (the rich "biznesowego" cottage with a swimming pool, a winter garden, a huge surrounding area, expensive things and furniture from valuable breeds of a tree) with the outbreak of hostilities in 2014 evacuated to her daughter in Kiev. Some time ago she came back to Lugansk and found that the compound occupied by the Minister of internal Affairs, then went to the Prosecutor of the Republic, the people's Assembly (local Parliament) and a court with a demand to evict the Minister and to compensate her for the alleged missing for three years valuables.

For some time her application went unanswered, but a few days ago it suddenly started to happen. The citizen of Ukraine called Lugansk on local TV where she was interviewed. At the meeting of the national Council Deputy Morozov shamed Minister, but cornet did not answer, silently leaving the meeting room. The Prosecutor General's office has pushed the court that, as the people's Council, adopted a decision on the eviction of the head of the interior Ministry of illegally occupied houses.

In the end, Carpenter personally arrived on the scene to control the process of eviction. "Mistress, prosecutors, the people's Council – all came to the decision that it is time to obey the law, like you said, so free house. We need to check if everything is in place, and the inventory to be", he said. Cornet was not at home, and "deported" in absentia. Soon it was officially announced that the head of the LC sent a Minister to resign "in connection with excitation at him criminal case". The acting Minister was appointed the chief of criminal militia Colonel Vladimir Chertkov.

On the morning of November 21, Chertkov had to go to work. It was expected that its arrival in the Minister's office is "exemplary" – with the participation of other recognizable entities of the Republic of and group support from among the personal security of Carpentry. But cornette refused to accept his resignation and barricaded themselves in the building of the interior Ministry, which was officially declared the plan "Fortress". A significant proportion of staff supported his Minister, and on the website of the Ministry of interior, and then on the website of the city of Lugansk there was an open letter of police in this regard.

"We... are deeply outraged by the actions of a group of people who organized this persecution of our leader – Minister of internal Affairs Cornet Igor Alexandrovich. We can not sit back and stand idly by as openly and without any reason to ride roughshod over business reputation of Luhansk police... We want to protect the honor and dignity of our leader who give all his life and energy working for the benefit of our young Republic since its formation! We come to You (Carpenter – approx. OPINION) are treated not only as officers, but as ordinary citizens and your constituents, voted in the election. According to the Constitution of the LC, we have the right to be heard. Because the source of power in our Republic is its people. In this age of permissiveness it is possible with impunity to defame any person. After all this is done behind the scenes, somewhere, maybe anonymously, but it would wish to exercise in wit and eloquence. The forces that are behind this, no disdain, generating speculation, gossip and rumors. These mealy-mouthed liars presented to You and to the distinguished court of distorted and false information, completely distorting reality. What misled the leadership of the Republic", – reads the statement of the staff of the national police.

After that, around the interior Ministry building and there were armed people without insignia, but in a well-recognizable green uniforms with distinctive hats with white bandages on his right arm. For a while they tried to explain their presence "teachings," but then, as the Republic's leadership, moved into the no comments. Someone drove to the interior Ministry armored personnel carriers.

Then made himself the cornet. For a start, he said that on the territory of the LC infiltrated Ukrainian DRG and its "activity stopped". Then "dispelled rumors" about the resignation and said that the interior Ministry has "irrefutable evidence of the involvement of certain high-ranking representatives of the authorities to criminal activities to the detriment of the Republic and the people of Lugansk region". When he openly accused, in cooperation with the Ukrainian special services the head of administration of the head of LC Irina Tasman and chief of government security Affairs (of the state guard in our opinion) Evgenia Seliverstova, that is closest to Carpenter people. According to Cornet, they were both involved in the "staging in September 2016 coup in LC".

"As a result of the murder of former Prime Minister and my comrade Gennady Tsepkalo and sentenced to long prison terms Deputy commander of the national police LNR Vitaliy Kiselev. These events were conducted with the direct participation of a number of high-ranking employees of the Prosecutor General, who were engaged in the fabrication of data of criminal cases," said cornet.

According to him, in the night from 20 to 21 November, he gave Carpenter the data on Tasman, and Seliverstov, General Director GTRK LC Anastasia Shurchaeva order to bring them to justice. Carpenter allegedly agreed.

Evident by the fact that the Carpenter's cornet does not blame and attacking only his entourage. But – Carpentry and Cornet – the open conflict has evolved since October of this year, according to the same pattern as two years ago between the head of the Republic and the leadership of the MGB, and now has reached the peak. And Carpenter did not find anything more substantial on the Cornet, except for illegal stay in the house of a wealthy refugee in Kiev.

The forces of the parties are not equal. The interior Ministry said that they were ready to force the outcome of the situation – for some reason, Carpenter was needed to attract "neighbors" – representatives of more skilled and apparently in no way concerned the security forces of Donetsk. Army defiantly didn't contribute, sitting in the trenches and barracks.

You need to understand that the Carpenter is signed under the Minsk agreement. And regardless of the personal qualities and other circumstances he will remain as head of the Republic as long as these agreements are officially disavowed or made (which is unlikely). But with all this the head of the LC has never ventured to solve their problems on their own – a conflict with MGB two years ago and with the same MVD in September 2016 was solved only after the intervention of Moscow.

Most likely, now also need the help of older brother. Cornet can be saved only by the presence of his influential patron in Moscow (according to some rumors in Moscow to rush to the Carpenter). And while too many sources indicate that Carpenter can really use force, despite the fact that a significant part of the staff of the national police supported his Minister.

Towards evening the head LNR said that "cornet lies" and "since yesterday removed from office by the Minister." According to the head of the Republic, who passed suddenly earned TV, a cornet with him was not consulted about the information on Tasman, Seliverstova and Shurchaeva. "Currently, the investigation is ongoing, but in the other case with the other defendants. Grounds for arrest of Anastasia Sourcewas, Irina and Evgenia Seliverstova Tazman no, and orders of this kind appointed acting Minister of internal Affairs LNR did not give" – said Carpenter.

A significant concern him as saying that "the situation will soon be resolved". It is known that direct negotiations with the Cornet Carpenter went.

Hand on heart, that all of us and not enough for full happiness. Recently, President Vladimir Putin went on an exceptional step and was officially made public the fact of his direct telephone conversations with the heads of DND and LNR about the acceleration of the process of exchange of prisoners. Earlier, Moscow at this level the presence of direct contacts with the leadership of the republics of Donbass never confirmed, leading them in a "gray area" every "curators", "advisers" and "couriers" without authority. And from Moscow it wasn't "pressure" on Kiev, but rather a show of support LDNR on the background of the categorical unwillingness of the American representative, Kurt Volker, in contact with the authorities of Donetsk and Luhansk in any form.

And then Carpenter picks the next internal conflict with the security forces, with unpredictable consequences.

It's not the essence of the conflict, the story will have to clarify later, but for now both sides only exchanged mutually exclusive statements. The fact that the artificially created external invulnerability Carpenter in itself breeds tension, whatever the specifics of the claims against him personally or to his surroundings.

This is not to mention the damage to the image of LC (and along the way, and DNR – in the West do not distinguish between the two republics and do not wish to delve into the specifics of local life), all it causes. This is the case when provincial thinking can't comprehend something larger than the boundaries of the region. To ignore the common, and sometimes global context, varyas in its own juice, it is possible only to a certain limit.

For example, in South Ossetia it is possible to win two election campaigns, capitalizing on the impossible and destructive for the Russian diplomatic concepts the thesis of the immediate joining of Russia, and then just "forget". To do the former not being that is inaccessible even to God.

And in Lugansk it is possible to solve your personal problems to the detriment of the Titanic efforts of the Russian diplomacy, and nothing for you it will not. But it just yet. Yet have the patience to support the Minsk agreements in a coma, but not a minute more.

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