How can disintegrate Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 06-12-2017
What Russia can become in a quarter century, to imagine is not difficult now. The main thing — carefully follow the trends.

In power will no longer be Putin, Medvedev, Matvienko, the vast majority of others — all those who today represents the Russian state. Will not and Bulk, though he does bet on "shkolota", which after twenty-five years become middle-aged. Because Navalny is only the dirty foam of the shortcomings of the current political authorities and political strategists in it. But like any foam it will wash away very quickly.

And what will remain?

I'd really not wanted in school textbooks about, say, the first steps of Vladimir Putin as President on the creation of Federal districts wrote from the height years of the failed attempt to preserve the Empire. So, as now written about the Union Treaty, which at one time lobbied Mikhail Gorbachev. But some of the current trends suggest that this is possible.

If the trace started with the collapse of the Soviet Union into independent nation state, the beginning was quite seem innocent: the issue of revival of national languages. Later came the formation of the national or of the national liberation front, who demanded secession from the USSR. This trend has come to Russia of the 90s: remember the famous "parade of sovereignties" attempts to form the Ural, the Siberian Republic and others, which talk of being a part of the country was pronounced in Bashkortostan and Tatarstan? These movements at the root and broke Vladimir Putin signed a decree on creation of Federal districts.

So, you do not like the recent reports about the dismissal of the teacher in Tatarstan for the fact that the parents at the parents ' meeting the majority voted against the study of the Tatar language? The fact that even after the scandal the school has not suffered any responsibility for the survival of the teacher? And we have imposed the study of languages and in other national regions?

And how do you this trend on the background of popular current administrators ideas on the reduction of institutions of Plenipotentiaries of the President in districts, and districts themselves? Do: well, they will only interfere with the growth of national consciousness! After all the governors we have very trained people, right?

I talk strongly reminiscent of the beginning of perestroika. Then popular election of the Directors of the plants, remember tenders in "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "If the Director, Minister, etc. were am I?" Well, here are the Directors that did not understand basic management conflicts. But many of them became later owners of the state, public enterprises, with the voucher of the current head of state Corporation "Rosnano" Anatoly Chubais.

And that message only on some of the recent reports of the governors. One head of region to a journalist's question "why?" meets "how". Other pensioners ' questions on the indexation of pensions offers them to walk in the woods on cloudberries and other berries. Third... Oh the third one is already today. The Governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin said in the Federation Council — and I quote: "high school Student tried to convey the simple, fundamental values through the prism of human lives the most terrible war". And Nicholas Desyatnichenko, the Novy Urengoy student, speaking in the Bundestag, an active participant in various Patriotic events, Kobylkin know him personally.

The Governor of Yamal have said something about the history books, the education system, but, of course, and not say a word about the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which has allocated a special grant to Novy Urengoy gymnasium on studies about the second world war. Why?

We know the truth: who pays the girl and dances. What else could we expect from the insights of the great Patriotic war from student of the gymnasium who was paid by the German Foundation for conclusions "correct", from which gasped the whole of Russia?

I just did some digging in the sources, that is this Fund. Here are the most brilliant pages of its activities:

— Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung ordered and paid for a study by the Institute of sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the results of which revealed "bloodthirsty xenophobic country where almost 40% of the population are ready to kill all who is to blame for the current situation. 70% of Russians admitted that dislike people of other nationalities, 40% of Russians would approve of the forcible eviction of members of other nationalities from their village".

Remember who the dancing girl? And this is not a Patriotic student, who drummed thoughts about innocent German soldiers, it is a academic Institute, about the bloodthirsty Russians!

in Novosibirsk, Omsk, and Irkutsk, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation pays for another study, according to which the conclusion of the Siberian national-cultural identity. That is, the population of Siberia is a community in Russia with distinctive features in the perception of its cultural, territorial and political community.

Remember the idea of an independent Siberian Republic in the 90s? This egg is in the basket, no doubt.

— from the same Siberia, Barnaul, and other Russian cities, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation took out activists in Germany and Denmark at the seminar "Minorities and democracy". Imported them in gay bars, and other hot spots and the conversations were clear about what our underdeveloped country to adopt a law banning propaganda among adolescent sexual minorities.

In Belarus the activities of this Fund are prohibited.

In Turkey fifteen years ago, passed the trial, which revealed that the branches of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in this country were at the same time and the offices of the German intelligence service BND.

Hey DOJ, where are you? Where are your powers that you have many different laws on the part of foreign agents , etc.?

Two days ago, commenting on the incident with the Urengoy boy, I wrotethat a large share of responsibility for what happened lies with the Minister of education of Russia, who failed for a year to organize the certification of all teachers of ideological subjects. And today it became known that the Minister Olga Vasilyeva, even against this background, talks about the need for compulsory lessons in chess. Responsible, Yes.

But where most responsibility for what happened at the Ministry of justice. It is obliged to identify such funds and to prohibit their activity on the territory of the country. Unable to cope with large responsibilities, the current Minister if you have a huge Ministry? Hence, we need a new one!

Another thing

- in Tatarstan and other national republics will continue to fire teachers for not provide a vote of parents for the study of the languages of those areas.

- that the institution of presidential envoys in the result to eliminate.

- what new governors will continue to "chocate" and to use language in teenage slang.

- the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and other similar Western organizations will continue the open organization of voluntary disintegration of Russia.

And here we can return to the question posed at the beginning of this column.

You know, I really don't want my grandchildren (or hopefully great — grandchildren) in another, much smaller country, a country with a name like the Muscovy told me, referring to the theses of the school textbook, about a failed attempt by Vladimir Putin's zero began to stop the collapse of Russia through the introduction of Federal districts.

Don't want to. But who can interrupt the processes that are going in the country?

Or otherwise put the question: what do you think, who benefits and why?

PS the links on the topic below you can see what nobody wanted the collapse of the Soviet Union, but there was nothing I could do. And - this is important: the CIA estimated that Russia will fall apart by 2025. Disintegrate...

We really nothing to do can not?

P. P. S. And, you know, before some of the commentators under the article, I tip my hat, as they say. So far I haven't seen.

My dear, I read all what you write. From this new publication. Thank you for your support and criticism: continue to learn constantly, despite years of saying - enough!

Vadim Gorshenin


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