Russia will establish an additional weapon system on the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Leader"
Material posted: Publication date: 12-12-2017
Broadcast "the military Bulletin Evening" (a popular television show with a military theme in China — approx. transl.) 25 Nov it is the leading Zhu Sidi announced that Russia would complete work on a nuclear icebreaker of project 10510 "Leader" until the end of this year. Today it is considered the largest in the world and the hereafter can be adapted for military purposes. What will be the scope of "Leader"? And what are the strategic interests Russia is providing military equipment icebreaker civil Navy? We talked about it with military expert Du Vanelona.

The General concept

A "Leader", the world's largest nuclear-powered icebreaker, provide two nuclear reactors with a capacity of 315 MW each. Review Do Vanelona: "Placing on it the weapon system, Russia will thus be able not only to strengthen its position in the Arctic, but also to control the interests of NATO in this region."

Do venilon: "currently, the nuclear-powered icebreaker is the largest icebreaker in the Russian Navy. Its full displacement is 55,000 tons, and if you look at the performance of conventional carriers, he reached the top among the carriers of the middle class (multipurpose aircraft carriers — approx. TRANS.). Therefore, if we consider the space of the icebreaker, its displacement, endurance, power, it really is an advanced civilian and military ships. In addition, it has a high permeability even in the most adverse weather conditions possible in the Northern waters. Looking at the platform, you notice her features, revealing the huge potential of the vessel. If such a ship to have missiles, it will be "military", and civilian ship will turn in the military. If we look at ship design, we find that to install the various radars and missiles will not make difficulties."

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Atomic icebreaker "Arktika" at the head of the caravan of ships in the East Siberian sea

As for the method of work and scope of activities in the Arctic zone there is hardly any forbidden water. If you place a variety of missiles (including cruise missiles), "throw" anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles, to place anti-missile equipment, the icebreaker will be the equivalent of an aircraft carrier from the point of view of basic military tasks.

In the case that such a large number of missiles will be placed on a vehicle platform in Arctic waters, these measures will have a major role in deterring the United States, and also prevents the presence in the North, NATO troops and possible action there. You can see that now Russia has two ways to strengthen its military presence in the North pole. The first way involves creating your own bases, the contraction of the arms and equipment to the North, to demonstrate the power and greatness of Russian weapons. The second way is the "militarization" of the civil courts, i.e., their "conversions" in the military in order to strengthen his own combat capability in the Arctic.

Reported that, on the icebreaker "Leader" Russia plans to install anti-submarine launchers, long-range missiles, artillery, and special containers for radio equipment and dive gear. Military observers Do venilon notes that this modular equipment will allow Russia to cause lightning strikes on essential civilian facilities.

Do venilon: "This modular weapons is a multi-functional ballistic missile, with a possibility of virtually any platform. For example, it can be installed on a civilian truck: soaking installation in a container, get mobile the launcher. It is worth saying that this setup has nothing to do with those installed on military vehicles. Also, such equipment can be placed on ships, be it a destroyer or frigate. These weapons can also be mounted on a modern civil courts. Of course, the tonnage and capacity of military and civilian vessels will vary, but they all meet the minimum requirements for loading equipment. In the past, many heavy civil court, equipped with rocket launchers, were free to participate in hostilities".

Thus, this guided missile in the future may become a new Russian base on the platform to load the base module. Now consider cargo space, including all sorts of modes of transportation on land, air and sea. Also it can be used on various civil platforms, and thus it is possible to hide even the most powerful machines among civil and other minor pieces of equipment. This kind of strikes will soon be business as usual. The US and other States, faced with Russia, will soon discover that the missile launcher not only at sea but on land unable to strike, as all platforms are equipped with military and defensive installations.

Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker "Leader"

According to the Navy, the icebreaker "Leader" built on the standard of civil courts, and the possibility of installation of the combat system is the only option. Do venilon military commentator, described the measures such as civil-military integration "in Russian style".

Do venilon: "For Russia, this plan mainly envisages the capacity of the military to strengthen public facilities and equipment. On the basis of these figures for marine combat units, including the number of carriers and the number of launch platforms, it is possible to conclude that Russia in comparison with the United States is in a losing position."

Regardless of tonnage, quantity and safety of various aircraft carriers, including large surface ships, the Russian fleet is concentrated in the nearest seas. Confrontation during the cold war has become history. Thus, and confrontation the United States in the depths of the oceans in those years, now gone.


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The Icebreaker "Krasin"

Do venilon: "In terms of local defensive war, at this point the confrontation "one on one" with the United States will become an impossible task. And in a situation if the combat potential of the civil engineering will be strengthened by the weapons, in particular, if the weapons and equipment to demonstrate to other formats, then the Russian Navy could, without increasing the number of ships, tonnage, and military spending, to maintain a naval capacity at a high level. But if this condition is not met, it will be impossible to discover the danger and in a timely manner to protect the country. And if in the future the danger of fire strike from the sea will gradually increase, I think the time will come for such civil-military integration. Military-civil integration is not limited to the construction of aircraft, research in the field of high-tech weapons, common development, possibly, civil-military integration of military capabilities and methods of warfare, will become the military and national strategy of Russia".

Do venilon (Du Wenlong, 杜文龙)


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