Military-spiritual heritage of A. Snesarev in the context of contemporary problems of Russian and world geopolitics
Material posted: Publication date: 15-12-2017

14 December 2017 at the Military University of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation held a interuniversity scientific-practical conference on the theme: "Military-spiritual heritage of A. Snesarev in the context of contemporary problems of Russian and world geopolitics". Opening the conference, Deputy chief of the Military University of the defense Ministry, major-General E. G Knyazeva emphasized that the treasure of the military ideas of outstanding Russian and Soviet military scientists became the basis of the talented youth studying at Russian universities.

Andrey E. Snesarev (1865-1937) – a Russian patriot, a talented military leader, scout, outstanding scientist-orientalist, distinguished military geographer and geopolitician, Lieutenant-General of the General staff of the Russian army, the first commander of the North Caucasus military district, Soviet Russia, the founder of the Academy of the General staff of the red army and the Moscow Institute of Oriental studies, corps commander of the red army, Professor at several military academies (including Military-political), George knight and Hero of Labor, an outstanding representative of the national science and military culture, classical military thought. Service directly in the army, active participation in fights and battles of the First world war, during which he was to command a regiment, brigade, division, corps, army, troops of the district, the knowledge of fourteen foreign languages, became the basis of scientific works of the famous scientist, geopolitics, and geography. His book "Physical India", "Sat India", "Afghanistan", "the Philosophy of war", "Fire tactics" (in the form of diaries and letters in wartime), "Military geography", "Introduction to military geography", "Life and works of Clausewitz," and many others studied and taught in walls of domestic and foreign military institutions.

At the initiative of leading scientists of the military Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, Military University MO RF, Moscow state linguistic University, doctor of historical Sciences, major-General I. S. Danilenko, doctor of technical Sciences Grinaev S. N., doctor of political Sciences Belozerova, V. K., candidate of military Sciences savinkina, A. E., candidate of political Sciences, T. A. Ganieva, in 2012, established the award named Snesarev A. E., for the best scientific work of students and young scientists. At the conference presentations on various topics were made by well-known scientists of research centers and national universities: Danilenko, I. S., Zhigun, E. L., Karpov A. N., Belozerov, V. K., Prudnikov A. L., Baimukanov A. K., A. E. Savinkin, Vashchenko N. V. reports was closely linked to problems of the analysis of the current military-political situation in the middle East, Central Asia, new trends of development of military science and is aimed at education of patriotism, love for their chosen military profession.

During the conference, summed up the results of competition of scientific works in 2017. They are: cadets of the Military University of Moscow region of the Russian Federation I. V. Belokopytov, Aymuratov S. K., postgraduate student, Saint Petersburg state University Skvortsova E. M., student 4-year student of Chelyabinsk state University Khaibullin T. R. the Winners were awarded diplomas and cash prizes.

At various times winners of the competition named snesareva were soldiers of Military University MO RF Posticus Y. V., Fedorova V. I., Popov L. E., Pariahs L. A., Kolesova E. D.

The opportunity was awarded diplomas to the winners of the international competition of military-scientific works among the students (students) of higher military educational institutions of States-participants of the CIS: the Representative of the Russian Federation Vasilyeva Ekaterina; representative of the Republic of Tajikistan, student of the 5th course of the faculty special Zeevo to slap Shamsudinovich; representative of the Republic of Turkmenistan, the student of the 5th course of the faculty special Ovezgeldyev Orazmyrat Myratberdiev.

For the scientific supervision of the cadets of the Military University of Moscow region of the Russian Federation in the preparation of the competitive research paper award in the name snesareva A. E, as well as during the international competition of scientific works among soldiers of the States participants of the CIS, awarded a diploma and gratitude from the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation Professor of the Department of military studies WU, candidate of political Sciences, associate Professor Ganiev Tahir Aliyev.

In his speech at the conference, granddaughter Snesarev A. E. Maria G. Snesarev said that an important focus of Military University MO RF is a Patriotic and educational work of students on the example of outstanding military scientists and political figures, such as was her grandfather A. E. Snesarev

In his closing remarks, the Deputy chief WU of the defense Ministry, major-General E. G. Knyazeva noted that the conference showed an increased qualitative level of participants, both domestic and foreign military schools. He stressed that the Military University MO RF has become a recognized centre of scientific research in the field of military-political studies of foreign countries, defense and security of the state, the organization of interdepartmental and interuniversity scientific discussions on important issues of military science, organization of educational process in higher educational institutions MO of the Russian Federation.

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