Year technology: seven key trends 2018
Material posted: Publication date: 07-01-2018
While all bite your elbows, do not put your finances in bitcoins two years ago, "Газета.Ru" made a compilation of technological trends 2018. Internet freedom and "fake" news, augmented reality and artificial intelligence — a brief overview of the technologies that will affect everyone.

Cryptocurrencies will continue to grow

"Bitcoin" is one of the most frequently mentioned words over the past year. Analysts predict a further growth of prices and of interest in bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies. For ordinary users, who failed to invest in new technology, critical will be the fact that the vast majority of States will create the laws that regulate the profits derived from the mining, and create regulations on the reverse side of this virtual value.

However, until now there is talk that bitcoin is a bubble that will burst, and the fact that he keeps still and is constantly growing due to a great attention to new technologies.

Artificial intelligence "wiser"

The most promising development in the field of technology will become self-learning algorithms — artificial intelligence (AI). Do not assume that it is all "the highest matter", far from the average user.

Yes, of course, AI is most promising in areas such as computer modeling, medicine, engineering, but also in the everyday and familiar to anyone things like search the Internet. Recent activity in the development of voice assistants from all the leading Internet search engines (Cortana from Microsoft, Google Assistant Google and "Alice" — development of Yandex). Machine learning allows each time to give more accurate answers to the questions posed and also to understand the context of human speech.

Create fake news to kill a social network

In 2017, the theme of false reports on social networks have gained unprecedented publicity. This is due to the emergence of a huge number of posts in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and spread propaganda videos on YouTube. About the unreliability of information posted on the Network repeatedly called Donald trump, and other political figures, and experts in the field of cybersecurity.

Under the long-term forecast of Bloomberg, after a few years the Network will be virtually impossible to distinguish between true and false information, and social networks have completely diskreditiert itself as a source of information. The volume of content uploaded by users is growing every day, and automated algorithms and manual moderation is not always effective.

The Internet will become even faster

According to the forecasts of such large American companies as Intel and Qualcomm, in 2018 is expected a rapid growth in 5G networks around the world. In 2016, 67% of Internet traffic had in the video, and every year the advantage of this type of content is only growing. To meet the needs of users and creates a high-speed network designed to ensure fast downloading and transfer "heavy" files.

In Russia have already created a deployment project of fifth generation networks. According to it, the coating will develop in fragments, starting with larger cities and industrial facilities. It can be expected that major mobile operators will start to provide services on 5G speeds by the end of this year.

"Smart" house ceases to be a gimmick

In 2018 we can expect a large amount of equipment from major manufacturers, which will incorporate the house into a small infrastructure that provides a more comfortable and safe existence. Be controlled by this technique will be through a wireless connection via your home Wi-Fi network through the app on your smartphone.

The convenience of these innovations are easily illustrated by simple and known to everyone examples: you can not worry about switched off the iron on the Ironing Board, now through the app enough to disconnect the socket. This technique has been working in practice.

It is also worth noting that the concept of "smart home" involves not only technology, but also attention and care to the environment, because his system can be flexibly configured and can automatically turn off lights and air conditioning when the apartment is unoccupied.

Augmented reality in your pocket

If virtual reality helmets and have not found popularity among the masses, augmented reality is much more promising in this respect. The fact that the use of technology AR does not require any additional tools, but only a modern smartphone.

Already now it is possible to perform some simple, but very useful in everyday life operations, such as measurement of physical quantities of real objects, a simplified navigation through unfamiliar streets, assistance in furnishing the apartment and repair (choose the color of Wallpaper, see how furniture fits into the interior), etc.

From the point of view of entertainment and educational purposes, augmented reality also has great potential. For example, you can show your child the relic butterfly in 1:1 ratio or to demonstrate how difficult it is going to designer on the example of visual graphics.

All the data in the "cloud"

Analysts have noted a rather sharp increase in the popularity of the online stores. It is connected with the fact that the cost of media (hard drives) gradually increases and the amount of information required to store is growing disproportionately quickly.

A smart idea in this situation is the free use or lease of servers of big companies to store personal information. Although there is a small risk of break-ins, but your information on the cloud even safer and more convenient traditional storage methods.

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