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Russia has made progress in the creation of an electromagnetic gun; potential anti-submarine forces of the Navy will be upgraded through the modernization of naval helicopters Ka-27; the United States has created a hypersonic drone is invulnerable; the patrol ship of project 22160, which will be laid at the Zelenodolsk shipyard, received the name of "Nikolay Sipyagin"; weapons training center CVO in the Urals received new BTR-82A; more than 100 units of new weapons and equipment will get the call in 2018; the Baltic fleet put the upgraded Ka-27M, a new division of s-400 intrudes on combat duty in the Crimea; CB "South" has resumed the development of "almost nuclear" missiles; "Helicopters of Russia" will hold testing the Mi-171A2 in conditions of extremely low temperatures and icing; Russia in 2017 sold weapons to more than $14 billion On these and other developments in the media monitoring for the week of 08 to 14. 01. 2018.

New state program of armaments (GPV) Russia provides an effective response to each potential hazard stated RIA Novosti the head of the defense Committee of the Federation Council Viktor Bondarev.

The volume of new state armaments program will be 19 trillion rubles, it will allow implementing the most ambitious technological plans. The volume of the current GPV - 20 trillion rubles.

In all areas of development

"The new LG managed to harmonize the objectives of development of the various branches of the Armed forces. If in the previous program there is a certain bias in favor of videoconferencing in principle this is understandable, since modern wars are fought in the air and in space - and the Navy, all the families of the troops will receive approximately equal amounts," - said the head of Committee of the Federation Council.

He added that much more substantial funding than in the previous programme, heading for the combat needs of the army and air force.

"Shopwiki get a new generation of armored vehicles: tanks T-90 and T-14 "Armata" armored personnel carriers "boomerang", BMP "kurganets-25", - said the legislator.

According to him, the development of strategic nuclear forces identified in the new SAP priority. Bondarev noted that it is planned to update the strategic missile systems: decommissioned "Topol", replacing them with more modern and sophisticated "YARS". In addition, the strategic Missile forces (RVSN) will receive a new Intercontinental ballistic missile "Boundary" and "Sarmat," he added.

New technologies

As said Bondarev, will be taken into service of the new hypersonic missiles. He noted that hypersonic weapons in the future would shift the forces of strategic deterrence from nuclear to non-nuclear sphere.

That is explained to the Senator, the damage the enemy will be no less powerful, it does not hurt a third party not a party to the conflict, while the nuclear warhead and destroys everything in its path, without considering who and how to blame.

Aviation and air defense

All types of aviation in a new state program given sufficient attention: the front and army, and strategic and long-range aircraft, and drones.

According to Bondarev, will continue the procurement of su-30 and su-35. In addition, during the implementation of the program fleet fighter will be added to samples of the fifth generation su-57 (PAK FA). Planned procurement for lightweight multifunctional MiG-35, said the Senator.

He noted that the strategic bombers Tu-160 is planned to upgrade to the new version of the Tu-160M2 after the test to supply the troops.

According to the Senator, the current version of the "white Swan" is an ultramodern, supersonic, very powerful submarine can carry on Board an increased tonnage of weapons both nuclear and non-nuclear missiles, but due to the large mass to call it highly maneuverable impossible.

"Of course, this fearsome winged car today - based air units of our nuclear "triad." In addition, work is underway on the project PAK DA, which in future will replace the Tu-22M3 and Tu-95. In sufficient quantity they will buy the Ka-52 and Mi-28N, which is perfectly manifested itself in Syria. Thanks to them, managed to drive away the armored forces of the terrorists in 10 kilometers from the front line", - said Bondarev.

He also noted that the air defense (PVO) in the program is given considerable attention. According to him, anti-aircraft missile system s-400 "Triumph" is planned to purchase and supply the armed forces adequate to ensure the safety of the country number.


The situation in Syria

January 11. Several Islamist groups launched an offensive on the positions of Syrian government forces in Idlib province. This was announced by Telegram-channel 4 Directorateresponsible for monitoring activities of terrorists.

According to the channel, while the main forces of the Syrian army engaged in the attack on Abu Duhur airbase, the militants managed to win more than a dozen settlements in the South of Idlib.

4 as noted by the Directorate, with the support of Turkey operating in the region, the militants are well-armed: in their possession are not only machine guns and assault rifles, armored vehicles of Turkish production, as well as several BMP-1 and T-72 tank.

January 12. The Russian military has destroyed sabotage group of militants fired on the base Hamim in Syria with mortars on December 31. This was reported in the defense Ministry.

According to the Agency, carried out a special operation in its search and destroy. A group of Russian special operations Forces had established the location of the group near the Western border of Idlib.

"Upon the arrival of terrorists at the facility where they are ready to transplant into the van, all the subversive group was destroyed by precision munitions "Krasnopol", - the Ministry said.

It was said that the operation was involved all the forces and means of a multilevel system of Russian military intelligence in Syria. For the base of the militants was organized continuous monitoring unmanned and designated high-precision weapons.


January 9. The DPRK and the Republic of Korea agreed to hold military consultations between the two countries to reduce tension in inter-Korean border. This is stated in the adopted on the results of negotiations the delegations of the two countries joint statement.

In addition, the parties agreed to increase exchanges in various fields.

January 10. The presidents of the United States and South Korea Donald trump and moon Jae-In said that inter-Korean dialogue as a result may lead to talks on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula between Washington and Pyongyang. This was reported to the Agency Yonhap, citing a South Korean leader of the administration on the results of telephone conversation of two presidents.


Russian physicists have managed six times to increase the power of the plasma railgun (rail gun), told "Izvestia" head of the laboratory of Shatura branch, joint Institute for high temperatures of RAS Vladimir Polishchuk.

Power of the improved railgun is enough to disperse the weight of one hundred grams to velocities above three kilometers per second. "For two years, the power capacity installation in the Town has increased six-fold — from 0.8 to 4.8 megajoules" — said Polishchuk.

The Institute has trained experiments with railgun, which is powered by pulse inductive energy. "This power allows you to get a higher rate of energy input into the plasma, which should increase the temperature of the plasma piston and, accordingly, to increase the speed," — said Polishchuk.

According to him, the speed of seven kilometers per second "will open the possibility of studying properties of substances at extreme settings, the production of new materials". The research of physicists in the future allow for military applications.

Background: it is Assumed that the railguns will be the basis for electromagnetic artillery of the future. Estimated to be installed on ships can fire at objects at distances of 300-400 kilometers and engage targets in earth orbit. Work on the creation of electromagnetic guns except Russia and the US are China, India and Turkey.

NPO "Alloy" creates the prototype of the heavy flamethrower system of new generation on a wheeled chassis "Lisochka", said the General Director of group "tehmash" Vladimir Lepin, reports TASS.

He also noted that last year within the framework of the investment programme in the NGO "Alloy" was launched the "Breakthrough" project aimed at capacity expansion. The project was acquired by a new shop. The commissioning is scheduled for 2019.

On this site will be deployed mass production of shells for the newest jet systems of volley fire "Tornado-C".


Naval aviation anti-submarine forces of the Navy will have more features at the expense of modernization of already proven best side of the ship anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27, the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

In 2017 naval aviation received a 10 modernized Ka-27M. Work on modernization carried out by JSC "Kumertau aviation production enterprise" (KumAPP). Ka-27M entered service of all fleets of the Russian Navy.

It is planned that in accordance with the state armaments program naval aviation Navy will receive in its composition with 10 units of the modernized Ka-27M annually to complete the full modernization of the entire fleet of these aircraft. In accordance with the technical requirements of the General command of the Navy on helicopters updated avionics (avionics), installed a new search engine that allows to use new search tools and attack submarines, as well as radioacoustic equipment, to significantly improve the execution of helicopters this type of tasks.

As a result of modernization, the helicopters introduced modern methods of information transfer on land and naval command centers, modernized communication with other helicopters. The crews of the modernized Ka-27M receive training at the Center for combat use and retraining of pilots of naval aviation Navy in the city of Yeysk.

Reference: Helicopters Ka-27, Ka-27M is able to perform tasks when flying from land aerodromes and from the deck of ships at sea to 5 points. Today, the helicopters of this class based helicopter component of the naval aviation of the Navy. They, with high efficiency, provide anti-submarine defense of the Navy groups in distant and near sea zones. Ka-27M have high capabilities, search, detection, tracking and destruction of submarines and nadvornikova, capable to conduct search and rescue in distress at sea of the crews of aircraft, ships, and perform transport tasks to ensure action ship groups.

The company "Information satellite systems" named after academician M. F. Reshetnev" ("ISS") has started the modernization of the multifunctional space system relaying "Ray", according to "ISS".

According to the program of modernization MXR "Beam" is supposed to create and run a new relay satellites "Luch-5M", which should replace the current today the orbital grouping of spacecraft "Luch-5A", "Luch-5B" and "Luch-5V".

"The new satellites will perform all the tasks of active transponders, to have a number of additional functions and have a 15-year warranty period", - noted in the company.

Reference: System "Beam" on the basis of spacecraft design and manufacturing "ISS" provides real-time feedback low-orbit objects in space technology with ground control points and analysis of information, monitoring of launch vehicles during launches. In addition, through relay satellites to transmit to consumers the correction signals of the GLONASS system, as well as reception and transmission on terrestrial reception points of information from an emergency buoy of COSPAS-SARSAT system and information from automated data collection platforms of Roshydromet.


According to Chinese media reports, sea trials of its first aircraft carrier, built in China on a national project to commence in February. About the Beijing military expert Li Jie (Jie Li) announced the publication of "global times".

As reported TSAMTO, in 2012, the PLA Navy has accepted into service the first aircraft carrier "Liaoning" (this is purchased in Ukraine and refitted former Soviet heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Varyag"). It was used as a prototype when designing a national carrier, as well as for training and gaining experience of the operation of ships of this type.

Specialists of the shipyard of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry, a division of the Corporation China Shipbuilding Industry Corp (CSIC), took over eight years to repair and upgrade the "Liaoning". Head of the CSIC Wanming Hu (Hu Wenming) in November 2017, said the state TV channel CCTV, which at the moment China has the necessary experience to build aircraft carriers of any type. According to him, with the goal of creating a fleet of carriers was formed by a division of 5,000 people.

In December 2015, the Chinese defense Ministry has confirmed that the company Dalian Shipyard built second aircraft carrier, which is commonly referred to as "Type-001A" ("Shandong"). Descent ship on the water occurred in April, 2017. About the beginning of mooring trials of the aircraft carrier was announced in December 2017. Initially it was assumed that the ship will be transferred to the PLA Navy in 2020, but recently there were reports that the transfer could take place in late 2018. Aircraft carrier with a displacement of around 50,000 MT equipped conventional power plant. The length of the ship is about 315 m, the maximum width is 75 m. the Ship is constructed in a configuration STOBAR ("short takeoff from the springboard, landing on the arresting gear"). On Board, presumably, will be hosted combat aircraft J-15 and other aircraft necessary to perform the tasks.

Last year China also began construction of the third aircraft carrier in the shipyard of Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard Group, Shanghai. Currently under construction, which is estimated to take around 2 years. The new carrier will be more modern and sophisticated compared with the first ships. It is assumed that the displacement of the third ship will be about 80,000 t has been suggested that the third aircraft carrier will be the ship type CATOBAR (Catapult Assisted Take Off But Arrested Recovery), equipped with the new electromagnetic catapults that will reduce the wear deck fighters and reduce the interval between runs of aircraft. The ship will be different smaller add-on-island to ensure the placement and operation of fighter J-15, which is great. It is not excluded that the Chinese developers will go for "British" way and equip the ship has two small add-ons that will increase the space for the runway and host the aircraft.

The period of launching of the third aircraft carrier is still unknown.

Reference: Experts say that by 2030, China plans to have four aircraft carrier battle groups.

Vice President division of Lockheed Martin Jack O Bannion, speaking on 8 January at AIAA SciTech conference in 2018 in the city of Kissimmee (Florida, USA), talked about the completion of a hypersonic drone SR-72. It on Twitter drew the attention of the journalist FlightGlobal Stephen Trimble, reports "".

On science and technology forum, organized by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, O Bannion showed a slide with the SR-72 and stated that "without a digital transformation of the plane that you see could not be done." From this it follows that Lockheed Martin has completed the development of a hypersonic drone. Recording of live broadcast available in the network statement of the Vice-President division Advanced Development Programs can be heard on the 59th minute of recording.

In September of 2017 Vice President, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Orlando Carvalho, speaking at the International aerotehnichesky Congress and exhibition, held in Fort worth (Texas), said that the United States "are on the threshold of hypersonic revolution." Aviation Week tied the words of the Manager with the testing of the prototype SR-72, undergone at the end of July 2017 at the site in Palmdale (California), where is the headquarters of the team's Advanced Development Programs (aka Skunk Works).

According to the plans of Lockheed Martin, advanced hypersonic drone is capable of flying at speeds from zero to six Mach numbers (up to 6.9 thousand kilometers per hour). In size the full-scale SR-72 should be comparable to the SR-71. It is believed that a promising drone can be used for reconnaissance, high speed device will not allow the enemy to intercept him.

A full-scale working version of the SR-72 is planned to create till the end of 2020.

Background: To date, the record speed of 3.2 Mach number in a direct flight belongs to the American reconnaissance aircraft SR-71 Blackbird, captured with weapons in 1998. Develop hypersonic UAVs are also underway in China and Russia.

CB "South" has resumed the development of "near-nuclear" missiles, said the former head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Anatoly Gritsenko on air of TV channel "112 Ukraine".

We are talking about the project multifunctional missile complex "Sapsan", which will replace the corresponding equipment of Soviet production.

The former Minister also noted that the use of such weapons does not cause negative consequences in the form of radioactive contamination or ionizing radiation.

Background: In 2006, the security Council of Ukraine signed a contract with CB "South" to develop multifunctional missile operational-tactical of the project "Sapsan". The complex was supposed to arrive on arms of the Ukrainian army until 2012, but due to lack of funding to finish development in scheduled time was not possible. In 2013, the Ministry of defense of Ukraine refused from the project due to the inefficient use of budget funds.


The latest patrol ship of project 22160, which was solemnly laid for the Russian Navy on 13 January at the Zelenodolsk shipyard named after M. Gorky (Tatarstan), has received the name "Nikolay Sipyagin" -- in honor of the hero of the Soviet Union, the commander of a battalion of patrol boats of the black sea fleet during the great Patriotic war captain 3 rank Nikolay Sipyagin. About it reports Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

The order about it was signed by the chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolev.

Patrol ship "Nikolay Sipyagin" will be the sixth in a row and the fifth in the series of patrol ships of project 22160, under construction in Zelenodolsk for the Russian Navy.

Patrol ships of project 22160 designed by JSC "Northern design Bureau" (St. Petersburg) is designed to protect and preserve the marine economic zone, and in the event of hostilities they are intended to ensure the stability of the forces and objects of the fleet during the defense of locations.

The patrol ships are also capable of solving tasks of escort and anti-piracy activities, perform search and rescue functions.

The endurance of the ships of this project is 60 days. They are able to reach speeds of 30 knots, has a displacement of not more than 1700 tons, crew of around 80 people. The cruising range of 6,000 nautical miles ship.

For the effective fulfilment of the tasks these ships on regular weapons have a 57-mm artillery, anti-aircraft missiles, machine guns. It is also possible basing on them of the helicopter Ka-27PS.

Ships equipped with the most modern electronic and sonar weapons.

Depending on the nature of the tasks on the ships can accommodate various weapons systems and technical means in the container (modular) performance, including:

  • universal rocket complexes;
  • anti-ship missile complexes;
  • promising anti-aircraft missile complexes;
  • electronic warfare;
  • mine weapons of various types and assignment (including mine and torpedo systems)
  • remotely operated underwater mine detection systems;
  • various airborne equipment and weapons of the marine corps.

Reference: Sipyagin Nikolai — a Soviet naval officer, hero of the Soviet Union (18.09.1943). The participant of the great Patriotic war from 1941, he commanded the Black sea with the trawler "Kakhovka", then the commander of the 4th division of gunboats for the Protection of water area of the Novorossiysk naval base of black sea fleet. Participated in the defense of Odessa and Sevastopol, landed airborne troops, raiding enemy bases and ports. In the period of Novorossiysk landing operation on the night of September 10, 1943, under heavy enemy fire first broke through the line of the side gate of the port of Novorossiysk and landed ashore 304 soldier with military equipment and ammunition. Later died during the landing on the Kerch Peninsula. He was buried at the Heroes square in Novorossiysk.


About 20 new BTR-82A entered service in the training center of the Central military district (CVO), located in the village Elansky kamyshlovskogo district of Sverdlovsk region, the press service of the military district.

Armored vehicles will be used for training gunners operators as well as for training contractors on new equipment entering the army CVO state contracts.

Reference: BTR-82A is distinguished by 30-mm cannon and a combat unit, equipped with electric drive and stabilizer arms, which allows to conduct aimed fire in motion. The firepower of the BTR-82A is more than double the capabilities of its predecessors.

In 2018 in connections and military units of the Western military district (ZVO), is scheduled to supply more than 100 units of modern weapons and military equipment (AME).

Thus a press-the service of the military district says that in the new year the artillery part of the expected arrival of more than 40 units of howitzers "Msta-SM", which is intended for destruction of tactical nuclear means, artillery and mortar batteries, command posts, fortifications, and obstruction of the maneuvers of enemy reserves in the depth his defense.

Also scheduled arrival of the twelve self-propelled howitzers "Msta-With" more than a dozen anti-tank missile systems Shturm missile with a supersonic Cocoon and twelve 120-mm mortar complex "Sani". In addition, part of the mechanized infantry will do more than forty units of upgraded armored personnel carriers BMP-2.

Background: as a result of the planned delivery of arms to 2017, the share of modern and new VVT in the Western military district was over 50%. But the tank army ZVO provided new tanks to 100%.

Regiment of the army aviation of the Eastern military district, stationed in the Primorye territory, were armed with 5 new transport and attack helicopters Mi-8AMTSH and one Ми8АМТШ-V. Crews he flew with "Ulan-Ude aviation plant" to the place of permanent deployment. In total, the helicopters made the flight length of over 2000 km.

In the short term, the helicopter crews will begin planned combat training, the press service of the military district.

The Mi-8AMTSH helicopter designed to transport personnel and various loads inside the cabin and on external sling. They can be used, including, for rescue operations and also to carry various weapons. The helicopter received heavy body armor (lightweight metal armor), and new avionics.

Reference: the New avionics Suite of the helicopter among other things includes the weather radar, night-vision goggles of the pilot, the equipment of satellite navigation and infrared equipment. The defense system of the Mi-8AMTSH helicopter includes a system of shooting traps ASO-2V and screen-exhaust device.

Air base in the Central military district (CVO), which provides search and rescue of astronauts landing in the first quarter will have to adopt four new Mi-8MTV-5.

Equipment will arrive in a squadron based on the airfield Uprun in the Chelyabinsk region, the Kazan enterprise of the holding "Helicopters of Russia" in accordance with the plan of implementation of the state defense order, said the press service of the military district.

Previously, the crews were trained in the Center deployment and retraining of pilots of army aviation in Moscow.

Military transport helicopter Mi-8MTV-5 is designed to transport troops and cargo weighing up to 4 tons, as well as fire support of Ground forces in day and night time.

Reference: Pilots, army and transport aviation CVO annually participate in search and rescue provision of landings of manned spacecraft in Kazakhstan. Over the last 10 years of military aviators participated in 60 operations, evacuating more than 200 astronauts, including more than 100 foreign.

On the air base of naval aviation of the Baltic fleet in the Kaliningrad region arrived the first modernized helicopter Ka-27M.

In the near future naval aviators expected arrival of the second helicopter of this type, after which the crews will begin the development of new technology, the press service of the military district.

Flight and technical personnel of the squadron have already passed retraining in the training Center for pilots of naval aviation in Yeysk (Krasnodar Krai). Soon after the necessary preparatory activities sea, the pilots will start trial runs on the modernized techniques and landings on the decks of warships.

Helicopters modernized specialists Kumertau aviation production enterprise (Bashkiria), entering into holding "Helicopters of Russia". The purpose of modernization is the improvement of combat capabilities of machines, in particular, through the transmission of information in real time on land or ship command posts and other helicopters.

Reference: Ka-27 – ship multipurpose helicopter. In the Baltic fleet used its anti-submarine and search-and-rescue modification. Helicopters are proven in different operating conditions.

The Russian military is reinforcing air defense (PVO) of the Crimea new, second battalion anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 is expected on Saturday, the complex will be put on combat duty in Sevastopol, the correspondent of "Interfax".

The first division of s-400 to intercede on combat duty in the Crimea, a year ago in the area of Feodosia.

In the Kremlin the placement of the s-400 at Peninsula is associated with the need to ensure security in the region.

Reference: ZRS long range s-400 "Triumph" the development and production of JSC "EKO Concern "Almaz-Antey" designed to engage aircraft tactical and strategic aircraft, ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets and other means of air attack in conditions of electronic and other types of resistance. The system is capable at ranges up to 400 km to hit aerodynamic targets and at ranges up to 60 km ballistic targets flying at speeds up to 4.8 km/s at altitudes from a few meters to several tens of kilometers.

Artillery battalion mountain infantry connections located in the Republic of Tuva, re 120-mm self-propelled guns "Nona-SVK", reports the press service of the military district.

Reference: Guns "Nona-SVK", is most effective in mountainous terrain, designed to destroy targets at a distance of 12.5 km. They are able to fire guided rockets with the probability of 0.8–0.9 from the closed position and direct fire. Possible to fire all types of 120-mm mortar, including foreign production.

In the new year regiment of radiation, chemical and biological (rkhb) protection of the Western military district (ZVO), stationed in Leningrad region will receive a large shipment of modern special equipment, including water dispensing stations ARS-14KM universal special treatment station of USSO USSO and-D, and also systems of remote control system aerosol counter CDAD. About it reports a press-service of the military district.

ARS-14KM is a water dispensing station of the new generation, the most modern tactical and technical characteristics, it is designed for degassing, decontamination and disinfection of weapons and military equipment, separate areas and roads.

USSO versatile facility allows for a one day process up to 40 sets of individual protection of servicemen, to carry out sanitary treatment of up to 30 military personnel and up to 3 units of weapons and special equipment, including dimensional.

KDUD catapultati uses a unique module capable to shoot hundreds of smoke grenades. This creates the aerosol field, not centrally, and at several points, which significantly reduces the time required to conceal fighting positions or important object.

For reference: Total in 2018 in the NBC protection troops of the WMD received about 40 units of modern special equipment, including chemical reconnaissance RHM-6, RHM-8, automobile lab KLP-10, the upgraded control and distribution agile in order to manage the conduct of special processing (PPRC-2), etc.

The armed Forces of the Russian Federation for a week



Holding "Helicopters of Russia" (included in rostec state Corporation) plans to confirm the possibility of exploiting the latest multi-purpose helicopter Mi-171A2 in difficult climatic conditions with ambient temperatures to -50 degrees Celsius. Two cars, as well as the specialists of the Moscow helicopter plant im. Mil arrived to Yakutia, where in the course of the month will be testing the helicopters. This reports the press service of the holding.

The test program provided about 20 flights at ambient temperatures from -45 to -50 degrees Celsius and weather conditions that cause icing. This will test the anti-icing system of the helicopter, heating system and other auxiliary systems that are responsible for the smooth operation at extremely low temperatures.

Reference: In the design of the Mi-171A2 made more than 80 changes relative to the base model. The helicopter is equipped with engines VK-2500ПС-03 (a civilian version of the engines fitted to military Mi-28) with a digital control system. One of the major differences between the Mi-171A2 helicopters family Mi-8/Mi-17 is a new carrying system. The helicopter is equipped with more efficient X-shaped tail rotor and a new rotor with an all-composite blades advanced aerodynamic layout. Thus, only due to the aerodynamic thrust of the rotor of the Mi-171A2 has increased by more than 700 kg, with a positive impact on the entire sector of performance.


Russia in 2017 has exported weapons worth more than $14 billion, reported "Interfax" on Saturday, a Russian source in the sphere of military-technical cooperation (MTC).

"Exports last year delivered weapons and military equipment worth more than $14 billion," - said the Agency interlocutor.

At the end of December the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation's military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin said that despite Western sanctions, in 2017 Russia will have a new partner "countries that previously never appealed to Russia for weapons."

In late August, the head of the FSMTC of Russia Dmitry Shugaev reported that the portfolio of export orders for Russian arms and military equipment is about $47-50 billion.

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