The future of non-lethal weapons
Material posted: -Publication date: 23-11-2004

Recent times in the environment of military experts discusses the idea of an impending second wave of the revolution in military Affairs, which will be the widespread introduction of non-lethal instruments of war.

It is noted that in recent years has been seriously transformed perceptions of the most significant threats to national security in the 21st century. Among them distinguish: terrorism, internal ethnic conflicts, organized crime, etc., i.e., threat, responses to which traditional means of armed struggle will not bring the desired result. When this military action will increasingly move into the city limits, where the enemy is mixed with civilians and don't give the opportunity to use powerful weapons. However, and the Iraqi campaign is confirmed, an increasing importance is global public opinion. Armed conflict is increasingly turning into a theatrical performance broadcast to a global audience in order to gain public opinion. In these circumstances, the importance of reducing the level of civilian casualties will be of paramount importance.

So, if the strategic document "JointVision 2020" noted that the revolution in military Affairs will be made due to "reliance on information", the second wave of the revolution in military Affairs will be based on nelehalnoy means of warfare – in the new situation of firepower loses its primary importance.

However, according to experts, the development of non-lethal instruments of war poses a series of new problems. So, at the moment already obtained significant scientific results, worked out technical issues for the design of different models of non-lethal weapons, but its mass use in the military is complicated by their unwillingness to such radical changes. The existing organizational structure of troops, approaches to the tactics of warfare and decision making on the battlefield today do not allow a wide use of non-lethal weapons.

In addition, according to experts, the widespread use of non-lethal weapons will significantly affect the decision-making process of the Supreme military-political leadership. So, if today, concern for excessive losses among the civilian population and military forces can stop the leadership from making decisions to use the armed forces, implementation of non-lethal combat such a threshold would be seriously downgraded. This, in particular, the experts touted as one of the greatest achievements, as it will allow quickly to carry out operations without fear of invasion of the excessive sacrifices, which in some cases will prevent the emerging crises.

In General, it should be noted that non-lethal means of combat today is one of the first places among the most promising means of arms. However, their fundamentally dierent nature, raises serious transform existing approaches to the conduct of hostilities, which significantly limits the rate of use of such funds to the troops.

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