The future of the armed forces of the United States
Material posted: -Publication date: 23-11-2007

Among American military experts growing contradictions associated with the assessment of the results of reforming the armed forces over the past four years since the previous report of the Secretary of defense to the President and Congress of the United States, as well as the correctness of the chosen course to continue the reform of the national security system and, above all, the armed forces.

For example, many believe that a course on countering asymmetric threats and terrorism right in its essence, but wrong in practice. In this regard, the experts distinguish a number of basic theses, which must be, in their opinion, taken into consideration when planning the development of the armed forces.

The General is the thesis that the world situation has changed in recent years so fast and the changes are so fundamental that the only way military development remains the creation of a force focused on their own abilities, not to counter any possibilities of an opponent. This follows from the fact that today, virtually, there is no way to predict what qualities and capabilities will have the enemy in the future. In this vein, recognizes the priority in the development of a network-centric model of the future of the armed forceswhen the armed forces are built so that they have the ability to prompt reconfiguration to combat threats in a wide range.

The second basic thesis is providing air superiority the us air force regardless of the nature of the development of the situation in the world. However, according to experts, today there is a threat that in case of insufficient financing of projects by the middle of this century, the U.S. air force can lose the ability to provide air supremacy. The experts say that the main threat to American air superiority will be a ground-based air defence, not fighter aircraft. This will require efficient measures to counter such systems, primarily from tactical and tactical aviation.

Advances in high-tech sectors of the economy and the information revolution allow you to create an effective air defense system entirely from the ground-based components, without significant cost to the creation of modern expensive types of fighter aircraft.

In addition, promising developments in the field of directed energy, will reduce the gains derived from the introduction of technology "stealth". However, the biggest concern to experts is the situation with the aircraft of the naval forces, in which a large portion of the fleet does not meet modern requirements of high-tech combat.

In this situation it is necessary, in the opinion of American military experts to make all possible efforts with the aim, if not completely stop, or even slow down the development of the threats associated with intensive development of means of defense.

In addition, experts note imperfection of existing systems, reconnaissance and targeting. It is alleged that the U.S. air force today can destroy everything you can find, but to find they are not all.

The following thesis – the fight against maneuvering targets becomes an essential task of the air force, along with the conquest of the air. The complexity of this task according to experts, is the necessity of redistribution of funds in the military budget for the effective decision of tasks of reconnaissance and targeting. In this regard, experts believe that it is necessary to revise the task force with the goal of maximizing their ability to conduct reconnaissance and targeting.

Justifying the necessary changes, experts note that the domination in space is the key to American domination of the world. According to experts, the emphasis on the use of satellites for the solution of some problems is not justified. So, in their opinion, the satellites are good for communication, navigational data, or the weather, but not always good for intelligence. Only satellites can provide intelligence on a country with a modern air defense system and creates an unacceptable mode of human intelligence. But, according to experts, today there are places in the world is almost gone, which gives the opportunity to revise approaches to the construction of a system of intelligence gathering in the direction of increasing the share of aviation, especially unmanned vehicles. This is supported by the fact that, according to experts, technologically reached a certain limit in the field of satellites, optical and electronic intelligence, which is not true about the aviation intelligence systems.

Experts also underlined the need to organize efficient interaction forces with the aircraft. According to experts, today, all the heavy weapons of the army should be adapted to the possibilities of its airlift, in turn, the army needed additional fire support from aviation.

Based on these abstracts, American military experts give the following evaluation of the program of development of armaments of the air force. So, in particular, notes that today there is no alternative to the project of the F/A-22. Despite the bad reviews about the project, according to experts, it is necessary to complete this program as a prerequisite for air superiority. Despite the superiority in electronics new project of the F-35 JSF, only the F-22, according to experts, can compete with missiles "ground-to-air maneuverability and speed.

The following programme, according to experts, should be a program for large-scale renewal of the tanker fleet, air force, and AWACS.

Given the above estimates, we can assume that in the near future Russia will have to face both within the country and, primarily, in the international arena with a sharply increased opposition to the United States for the sale to third countries of Russian air defense systems and improving their own systems and missile defense. Possible attempts of disruption of supply contracts for Russian air defense systems in various countries under the pretext of preventing them from falling into the hands of terrorists.

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