General Ivashov: a Message to Putin - a collection of empty promises...
Material posted: Publication date: 11-03-2018
Interview with General Ivashov Leonid the results of the Message of the RF President to the Federal Assembly, March 1, 2018...

Leonid V. C. G., it is natural that we could not respond to the Message of President RF to the Federal Assembly. Let's start with the question: what did you expect from this Message? And then we'll talk, have lived up to your expectations.

L. And. Thank you, Valentin Vasilyevich, for another invitation to a serious conversation. What I expect from Putin's Message? Probably, like most of our citizens, I was expecting a serious analysis of the state of Russia as a state and society, the serious insights and a clear strategy, a program exit on a trajectory of development. Was waiting for the repentance for the robbery and burglary, which authorities in close Alliance with the oligarchy and their Western partners, who committed the country and people, for the genocide against the indigenous population of Russia. And, of course, waiting for the answer to the question: when will appear the theoretical basis for the development of the country, what moral values and ideological priorities will determine what kind of country we are trying to build when we hear a coherent program of development and not of walking in a circle and degradation. But, alas, I do not wait. The entire Message is just a set of slogans, contradictory findings and wishes. It is not the nation address to the Federal Assembly, election agitation, set unreasonable promises. There were a lot of Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin.

C. Are all so dysfunctional in the country? The President, or presidential candidate, rather positively evaluated the state of our economy, foreign policy, social situation of the population, health, demographics, education, but actually all the most important spheres of state and society.

L. I. You, Valentin Vasilyevich, I think, not casually made a reservation: "the President or a presidential candidate". Because do not understand, reported to Putin for his 18 years of rule by Russia, or even over the last 6 years of his presidential term, or tried to convince voters that he would make a good President, if elected. And in his speech somewhere sounds like a criticism, but it is not his fault and not the government he appointed, not why they continue Yeltsin's murderous course, and something abstract, fallen out of nowhere.

Let's look at the his promise about demographics. It turns out that the blame for the failure of the birth of the Great Patriotic war. Thank God, at least not for the invasion of Batu. But look at the angle of view is served: "the pace of growth of life expectancy we have some of the highest in the world." Life expectancy has increased by as much as 7 years. And it served as a merit of Putin in his address heard the applause. Apparently, this happened after Rosstat is subordinated to the Ministry of economic development.

But here, the Message sounds different: "In 2017, the population in working age has decreased by almost a million. And this trend in the coming years will continue. Labor resources is not there." That is, the elderly living longer and young people die? Indeed, the daily news reports begin with the tragedies: a car accident loss of life, including childhood, regular fires, collapse of dilapidated houses, the rubble in the mines, burning homes, killing in the schools. Doom, doom, the deaths of tens of thousands of people able-bodied and young.

It's a terrible situation, talking about extinction and the destruction of the people. The working population in the country, according to Rosstat, about 70 million people. Plus millions of workers. And here is for the year decrease million. And who will do Putin's ideas about the economic breakthrough in Russia? Of these 70 million 30 million self-employed, i.e. not included in the total economic process, about 10 million drug addicts, alcoholics, AIDS patients. Army, police, intelligence services – at least 3 million a Huge army of officials, office plankton, protection, etc. plus the reduction in fertility during the same 2017 11 percent. Not to say the President and about how many hundreds of thousands of able-bodied men fleeing from led them to the "lucky country". Remember, John. Bush being in St. Petersburg, boasted that every year in the United States go 100 thousand graduates of Russian universities. Standing next to Putin was beaming with pride.

Here, the contribution and the Russian health care. One of my student showed me the hospital where he had taken his grandmother, and took the situation on the cell phone. Asked to assess. I said it was just medical authorities copied the infirmary Nazi concentration camp and implement it in the current Russia. Putin, among other things, talked about social problems, about the survival of the population in passing, for 2-3 minutes on issues of pensions, poverty, old age, environment, etc. These questions are for him not the main, though it is not his country.

Leonid V. C. G., but the message of the President there are serious promises, such as: "the Role of the state in the modern world is determined not only and not so much natural resources, production capacity, ...and above all human conditions for development, self-realization, creativity of each person. So everything is based on saving the people of Russia and the welfare of our citizens. It is here that we need to make a decisive break. I repeat: a solid Foundation has been created for this". Yes, more pathetic, the President told the Federal Assembly that on may 1, 2018, the minimum wage equal to living wage...

L. And. I drew attention to this nonsense. But when he talked about created a solid Foundation of savings and welfare of the citizens, he did not name the country. Perhaps he meant not Russia. And in what direction will be sent to this breakthrough, if the Foundation is fighter a dying character. By the way, I would like to hear from the President candidate, what proportion of our natural resources working for the citizens, for their well-being and development, and what in the same America, Europe, Qatar and so on. I Read that Putin exempt from taxes and duties "Gazprom", which gives us advertising, "national treasure", 27 per cent of the shares owned by the American "Bank of new York." Next come the "right" people from the inner circle keep their profits not in Russia. The same is true for other companies.

Yes, and I would like to know, how many trillions of dollars keeping our "miners" offshore. Experts disagree about whether a half, or three trillion dollars. Whether the income in the average income of the Russian population? The average temperature in the hospital.

As far as pride in combining the cost of living and wages, I would like to recommend to conduct a six-month experiment, placing officials, developing such lows to their own standard. And then to test their physical and mental condition.

But a recent statement by E. Nabiullina, head of the Central Bank: "We are unlikely to maintain viability of all small and medium-sized cities". About the villages, the villages it is not. In the 90s, led the fight for the destruction of small and "closed" cities. Now we are talking about the destruction of the average, numbering not less than half a million. Not about whether these successes says a phrase of the President: "we already Have experience of implementing large-scale programs and social projects"? And not for nothing, apparently, Medvedev has decided to expand the boundaries of Moscow. To relocate their pals and relatives to Moscow and St. Petersburg, plus staff and security, a "cattle," according to Gref, left to die in the devastated areas. By the way, Putin and Medvedev is also large breakthrough during their reign the population of the Yenisei river to Kamchatka has dropped from 12.5 million to 7.5 million that is, there is a "cleansing" of the territory of unnecessary people.

C. Joyless. But that's what the President said in his Message regarding technological progress. "Technological lag, dependence means a decrease of safety and economic opportunities of the country, and the result is a loss of sovereignty. Exactly so and not otherwise is the case. The gap inevitably leads to the weakening, erosion of human potential. Because new jobs, a modern company, attractive life prospects will be created in other, successful countries, which will leave the young, educated, talented people, and with them, society will lose vitality and energy development." (End quote.) What do you think about this recognition, this promise to the society and the state?

L. I. Says Putin is right, it just captures what is happening in Russia. This is what is already happening, we mentioned it above. I should add that according to internationally recognized standards of the economy, we underdeveloped countries. Our share of global high-tech product falls short of 0.3%. And even this fraction of a percent we draw through the sale of weapons and space. The Soviet legacy, which could not be destroyed by privatization. And civil technological products, we lag behind even Denmark. The Yeltsin-Putin's approach to education bled the engineering idea, has dramatically reduced the number of engineering schools, let our institutions are not engineers, and students dropouts, mathematics and physics in school is not the main items. In the government engineers also. Even the head of the military-industrial complex is a journalist and analyst. And this could not affect the technology industries. And everything else we zeroed the machine tools, components, electronics. In the defense retained something from the Soviet era, but not because of the government and Chubais, but in spite of them. And it was forced to admit Dmitry Rogozin, speaking kind words to the veterans, military industrial complex, which in the conditions of lack of money has kept the design of the school and technology. Helped here and the secrecy and the authority of Soviet weapons on the world arms market.

Well, that came true dreams of Putin, you need to start with school teachers and physics. When we took the lead in space, US President John F. Kennedy on the question of what to do to catch up with the Soviets, said: "to Learn physics". But the school, College, or University is only the initial stages of technological development, followed by the organization of fundamental and applied (industrial) research. What is the state of Russian science, I will not tell. Your newspaper has repeatedly covered this area, for the property which is still going battle. Scientific grounding important strategic and crucial for the country decisions as there was no and no. No deep analysis, forecasting, scientific study of the consequences. While financiers, politicians and managers to control the production enterprises and the economy as a whole, about any breakthrough speech can not go.

There is another point worthy of attention is our small and medium business, which Putin has repeatedly said that it should not be a nightmare. Those who want to do their own manufacturing, especially high tech, need to have state support and benefits. We have a lot of talented young guys, I would say, audacious. For big companies not to get, and they don't simply want something to copy, but to create their own. But today, create your technological business is almost impossible – getting fleeced, roll up from pillar to post and eventually ruin. And the great always grows from small. And personnel there grow. With regard to the loss of sovereignty, we are already half lost. If we had its own technological chain, sanctions by the West would be meaningless.

Leonid V. C. G., another question on your topic. Again, I refer to the Message. What do you think these two points from the President's speech. First: "Today's Message is a special, mid-term, as a time in which we live, when the importance of our choices, the importance of each step, action is extremely high, because they determine the fate of our country for decades to come". What Putin said, that we have not yet made their choice, by whom and with whom to be in the modern world, has not chosen its course of development? Or he talks about the personalities in the presidential race? My gray hair did not understand. And the second question, again from the presidential speech: "...changes in the world are civilizational in nature. And the magnitude of this challenge requires us to the same strong response. We are ready to give an answer. We are ready to present breakthrough"... Some breakthroughs. Explain to our readers: where else do we need to break.

L. And. We are with you, Valentin Vasilyevich, not just in the pages of "Soviet Russia", discussing the world situation, argued that the twenty-first century, this century is already not States, and age of civilizations. States are powerless before the might of transnational capital, and have national vital interests, especially the economy, to subordinate the profits of TNCs and banks. And therefore, as a geopolitical response from the state merged into the world-cultural, civilization and inter-civilization education type, SCO, BRICS, ASEAN. Great Russia and the Soviet Union was built as a world civilization on the basis of two cultural-civilizational matrix: Orthodox-Slavic and Eurasian. And the Soviet Union represented this classic model, it was unique. Our story was based also on two geopolitical doctrines – "Moscow – the Third Rome" and "Russia – the geopolitical center of Eurasia". Trio in Bialowieza led primitive drunkard Yeltsin it all Porush. Under Putin, there were attempts to recreate the Eurasian Union, to give the development of the SCO, the BRICS, but now this process has slowed down, has a tendency to fading. Orthodox-Slavic matrix barely alive in relations with Belarus, Ukraine is hostile to our country, the Donbass and Lugansk, in the case of imminent defeat by Kiev armed groups also fall out of our area. The only ally in the Balkans, Serbia, is moving to the EU and NATO.

The Caucasus and Central Asia away from Russia. First, because these people do not want to live like Erefiya with its system of corruption, social injustice, gang violence and other joys. Second, Yeltsin and Putin in the framework of civilizational unity put economic interests, and in the absence of a unified strategy of development of competitive market environment, based on a greedy oligarchy, not unite, but rather divides the so-called elite, and through their lust for power and the people. And because even a passionate Eurasian, as the President of Kazakhstan N.. Nazarbayev moved the Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet. And cultural-civilizational closeness grows on the basis of culture, cooperative education, research and easy communication. It was only in KVN. Putin, finally, I think, is beginning to understand, but I'm afraid it's too late. As a single state, without civilized allies, we will not survive. Therefore, he speaks of Rubizhne moment. Russia is facing hamlet's question: to be or not to be.

C. now I would like to focus on military issues. The President devoted the lion's share of his speech. However, he told in detail and shown the latest weapons systems, which in fact constitute a military secret. What would it mean? Do military threats are real and on such a scale?

L. And. Of course, the real military threats are always present, in some periods they are weakened, in others acute. Now there is a worsening of our relations with the West on all lines the voltage February 7 this year occurred an event which puts our relationship with the United States in a new quality, more dangerous. If the Americans fought against us in the middle East after they control a terrorist organization, this time they attacked their own forces, our units or PMCs, whatever they are called. It in military language a direct armed clash between the two countries. We swallowed, and then lost. The United States will only increase its military actions in Syria, and believe that either they, or someone from NATO troops begin military action against Syrian government forces. Always connect to the section of the Syrian state, Israel will not remain in side, Turkey. At the same time you start fighting the armed forces of Ukraine against the Donbass and Lugansk. Russia is likely to pass this Pro-Russian region in exchange for the billions of the oligarchs. But even in this case Erefiyu will be accused of aggression, find any evidence, or invent them, and introduce NATO forces. Strengthen military preparations in the Crimean direction, in the Baltic, organize provocations, etc.

Well, what appealed to Putin in his Message in the form of new missiles to deter the aggressive ambitions of our former friends can't. It is rather an attempt to protect the billions of oligarchs and bureaucrats and their property in the West, or to create conditions for bargaining. Of course, the shown system is impressive. They are based on Soviet fundamental developments, brought to a natural experiment. But not everything shown is a weapon, it is only the prototypes. And it was purely a propaganda campaign character. The blame for this, in my opinion, Pavel Grudinin. His invasion of a cohort of candidates, among which there is a single manufacturer, and only talkers and consumers, he made the interest and hope of ordinary people to change for the better. And since the current President to brag especially and there is nothing in domestic policy and in foreign, where we lost all I could, even in sport, the battle was thrown nuclear missiles, coupled with the insult Zhirinovsky.

C. what's the impact on the global community to provide the military plot of the speech of President Putin and the effect on the foreign policy position of Russia?

L. I. the world is faced with more global threats to its survival. It is a planetary ecological terrorism perpetrated by the most economically developed countries and TNCs. We are rapidly destroying the natural environment in which they live... the Second global problem caused by the first, is ideological terrorism. Imposed by the US and the global financial oligarchy meaning and purpose of human life is incompatible with the laws of harmony of nature and the cosmos. Here, these human threats and their solutions should focus in the foreign policy part of the Message. And so, we oppose arms race, and themselves begin to brag and frighten. So, fanned the race. Yes, you need to be ready for defense, all you need to do what Putin said, but without such advertising, without having to call. Given more than a tenfold superiority of the US in military expenditures and a five-fold superiority in a NATO military force.

As for the security of the Russian people, no missiles will not protect it from extinction, genocide, corruption, ignorance and poverty. And the country in General from looting and degradation.

V. C. Thank you, dear Leonid Grigorievich.

L. I. Thank you. And we wish Pavel Nikolayevich Grudinina success in the difficult and unfair presidential race. Twenty years did not go to the polls. This time go and vote for him.


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