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Created a prototype of the latest SAM "Derivation-defense"; Russia has increased military strength in Syria; Ukraine has recognized the sale of missile technology CE Northern Korea; in Russia have learned to make soldiers invisible; Turkey held the first tests of their own ballistic missiles; by 2030, the power-nye land army will be five countries – the expert; the United States tested a microwave weapon; the regiment was armed with the NBC protection ZVO modernized heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A "Sun"; the first in the Urals used machine remote mine "Foliage"; the air defense forces of the Eastern military district received new s-400; military will have the latest version of T-90M this year; the Russian Navy until the end of the year will adopt the latest safety equipment submariner "SSP-M"; at the cosmodrome Plesetsk tests of ICBM heavy class "Sarmat". About these and other developments in the media monitoring during the week 26.03. 01. 04. 2018.

The first prototype of the newest self-propelled anti-aircraft missile complex "Derivation-defense" was established and began preliminary testing. This was stated by Director General Central research Institute "Petrel" (the developer, part of "Uralvagonzavod") George Zakamennykh, reports RIA Novosti.

According to developers, complex ZAC-57 "Derivation-defense" caliber 57 mm will have no equal in the world. He can hit aerial targets, covering troops from the air, and take part in ground operations as a weapon support.

Experts note that the effectiveness of ZAK-57 differs little from the anti-aircraft missile complex, with its production and operation are deemed to be significantly cheaper. Experts also believe that the new Russian complex will probably be established on the basis of a universal platform "Armata".

The nuclear weapons complex "Rosatom" production Association "Start" named after Protsenko has already mastered the production of shells for these complexes.


Operation in Syria

March 30. Hamim on airbase in Syria arrived three Russian aircraft. It is reported by Al-Masdar News.

According to the publication, came from Russia airliner Tu-154M and two fighter-bomber su-34. Thus, the number of the latter on the basis of the increased to eight. As noted, even two aircraft of this type is a marked increase in the impact force.

At the same time, it is likely that the fighters stopped at the base temporarily. They can just escort the Tu-154M or made an intermediate stop, the newspaper writes.

Eastern Ghouta

The army of Syria with the support of allies terrorists freed from all the cities and towns of Eastern ghouta, said in a statement the command (from 1 April).

It is noted that in Eastern ghouta was destroyed a terrorist headquarters and firing positions, and the victory was the result of carefully planned battles and fighting.

In addition, during the fighting the military for the first time since the war began in 2011 managed to unlock the main highway of the country which links the capital Damascus with the main provinces. For seven years the city had to get on the bypass road.

Background: since the beginning of the action "humanitarian pauses" from the Syrian Eastern ghouta, with the assistance of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties has left more than 143 thousand people, the press service of the defense Ministry.


Ukraine has recognized that the engines on a North Korean Intercontinental ballistic missiles can include elements produced by the Dneprovsky plant "Pivdenmash". It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the expert group of the UN sanctions against North Korea by Dmitry Kiku.

The specialist said that in 2017 appeared in the media information about the fact that the engines for the North Korean missiles have elements of the Soviet RD-250, produced by Ukrainian "Yuzhmash".

Reference: the Group of experts of the sanctions Committee on the DPRK monitors the implementation of resolutions adopted against North Korea. The mandate of the working professionals extended by the UN security Council to 24 April 2019. According to the organization of the document, the experts must present to the sanctions Committee a final report with findings and recommendations not later than February 1, 2019.


The Alliance has reduced the mission of Russia to the organization from 30 to 20 because of the case of the poisoning of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the English of Salisbury, in which London blames Moscow. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference in Brussels, dedicated specifically to the incident in Salisbury.

Reference: This is the second in three years, the reduction of personnel of permanent mission of Russia to NATO. In April 2015, NATO has reduced the number of Russian employees with more than 50 up to 30 people within the framework of measures in response to the reunification of the Crimea with Russia.

All German planes Tornado ("Tornado") is no longer able to perform the tasks assigned in the framework of NATO, due to obsolete equipment. This was reported by the weekly "der Spiegel", citing a confidential report of the Ministry of defense of Germany.

According to the publication, all of the 93 aircraft are in urgent need of modernization, which will cause "additional costs in a big size." Electronics, mounted on the Tornado in 1980-e years, is hopelessly outdated. Winged cars are not protected from eavesdropping, do not have encrypted data transfer system and radar identification system "friend or foe".


At the disposal of the Russian military, a camouflage to hide the fighter in the infrared range, said to "Interfax" the chief designer of the life support system of military combat equipment TSNIITOCHMASH Oleg Faustov.

"It's already there. Currently widely used and we have, and abroad with relevant materials, called materials with infrared remission. To be clear: this is a different intensity of the reflection of light waves of a certain length, from different elements or spots of camouflage," said the developer.

According to Faustova, "this silhouette of a man when viewed through night vision devices as it breaks into separate pieces and becomes less visible", which is already used in "the Warrior".

Reference: Combat gear "Warrior" adopted. Every year, the Russian military should get 50 thousand of such kits. By 2022 it is expected the emergence of a new generation of combat equipment.


Turkey conducted tests of ballistic missiles of their own making, which were previously presented at the exhibition in Istanbul, Anadolu Agency reports.

The tests, which took place at a military training ground in Sinop in the North of the country, were found to be successful. "Experts have evaluated the possibilities of the rocket engine after you turn off system restore", — stated in the message Agency.

For reference: the tests were running two types of missiles: the missile of small-and medium-range missile GÖKDOĞAN and BOZDOĞAN, capable of hitting targets at a greater distance. The development of both missiles is scheduled for completion in 2020

Us arms manufacturer Raytheon on the ground in the Oklahoma has experienced microwave HPM (High powered microwave) and laser HEL (High energy laser) cannon. The company demonstrated the operation of systems that combine remotely defused 45 drones and 6 landmines, according to Popular Mechanics.

Reference: the System HPM, in contrast to HEL, for a time incapacitate 2-3 drone. In the future, military engineers plan to improve data systems that would allow remote blasting incoming enemy shells directly into the air.

By 2030, five countries will have the most powerful land armies. Among them — Russia and the United States, says the American Professor, an expert on defence and national security Robert Farley, reports the National Interest.

12 years later, suggests the expert, the us army will continue for other countries, the "gold standard". For the period after the cold war, the United States have gained much experience in combat operations, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Their military budget is huge, and the Park of drones, able to produce intelligence and to carry out surgical strikes — the most impressive in the world.

As for the Russian army — she went through a difficult period after the collapse of the Soviet Union, says Farley. However, thanks to decent financing was revived and today is intimidating the "size and skills".

However, the expert predicts Russian Armed forces are in serious trouble. These include lack of access to modern technology.

In Europe, a strong army will be only in France. India is militarily far behind the leaders, but actively acquires technology from the US, Russia and European countries.

Another powerful army will be China. The Chinese ground army lacks real combat experience and funds more generously Beijing provides the air force and Navy. However, the capabilities of the Chinese army in terms of manpower is almost limitless, concludes the expert.


In the Western military district in flamethrower units of the regiment of radiation, chemical and biological (NBC) protection, stationed in the Leningrad region, received the latest batch of modernized heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A "Sun".

System "Sun" built on the chassis of T-72 tanks destined for the scrapping of the lightly armored and motor vehicles, the burning and destruction of structures and buildings, destruction of manpower of the opponent.

The changes affected both the appearance and internal equipment of the combat vehicles. In the upgraded TOS-1A has a modern powerplant and dynamic protection. Heavy flamethrower got a new launcher and transport-loading machine, equipped with the modern manipulator.

Reference: "Sun" acting in combat formations of troops supported with open and closed positions. Targets destroyed in a massive use of unguided rockets in demosaicing and thermobaric warheads.

In connection Tagil (Sverdlovsk oblast) to support mobile ground missile complex "YARS" in the combat patrol routes used the latest machine remote mine (MDR) "Foliage". According to legend teachings on the route of the column saboteurs laid about 20 remote-controlled explosive devices. These mines are planned to operate, however, they came in sight of the emitters of machine demining. The explosions occurred before the beginning of the movement of the column, all the bookmarks were destroyed.

Aggregates mobile missile system "YARS", which meant the data "surprises", at this time were at a great distance from the explosion site and could not suffer. MDR defused without exception explosive devices: not only on the side of adorage, but at a distance of 50 meters from the route.

MDR "Foliage" is designed to detect mine-explosive devices (IDD) with metallic elements and destruction of engineering ammunition and improvised explosive devices, consisting of electronic components.

The discovery of the IDP is carried out using induction wide search module.

The clearance of mines and explosive device with electronic components, is provided by electromagnetic radiation created by electromagnetic complex consisting of microwave and UWB installations, while disabling, are locked electronic components fuses or they are undermining.

Earlier this technology was used to eliminate explosive devices at a distance.

Mines and bombs electronics "Foliage" is able to detect at distances up to 100 meters.

The car was created specifically for the strategic missile forces and has proven its effectiveness during command and staff exercises with Tagil and Novosibirsk missile formations, equipped with pgrk "YARS".

Reference: by 2020, in engineering units of the strategic missile forces will put more than 300 units of engineering machinery: engineering machinery obstacle clearing, heavy mechanized bridges, excavators, mobile cranes and other means of engineering armament. More than 50% of the supply of engineering equipment is wheeled road machine designed specifically for SRF this year.

The servicemen of military unit enterprises of aviation and air defense of the Eastern military district were armed with new anti-aircraft missile system (AAMS) s-400.

Now the gunners learn a new technique at the site Ashuluk (Astrakhan oblast), where in April a planned tactical exercises with combat missile launch.

Calculations s-400 today carried out the first training (electronic) triggers.

Thus, in the Eastern military district in several anti-aircraft missile military units will be on combat duty in air defense missile systems s-400.

S-400 is anti-aircraft missile system large and medium-range new generation. It is designed to defeat all modern and promising means of aerospace attack, in particular, aircraft of various types of aircraft, tactical, operatively-tactical ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets, jammers.

Reference: s-400 compared to predecessors, shows a more than twofold increase in efficiency. It is the only system that can selectively work with more than 4 types of missiles having different starting weight and range and start to create a layered defense.

The Russian military this year will receive the first modernised tanks T-90M "break-3". About it reports "Interfax" citing a source familiar with the situation.

Part of the party will be remade car T-90, also the military will get brand new tanks.

In February, Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov said that the Ministry will receive 200 new tanks of various modifications annually.

About the imminent deliveries of the upgraded T-90M of the Russian army reported in research and production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" (UVZ) at the end of January. The model is equipped with the new combat turret module, and a powerful weapon system and automated fire control system. 125-mm tank gun is able to apply all types of ammunition.

Reference: T-90M created in the framework of development work "break-3" is the development of models of the T-90AM ("Advance 2") and its export version the T-90MS, first demonstrated in 2011.


At shipbuilding plant Vympel (Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region), a solemn laying of the second sea transport of arms (MTV). According to the order of the commander of the Naval Fleet, the new ship will be named after outstanding designer multipurpose nuclear submarines Vladimir Palava.

The contract for the construction of two of MTV, Ministry of defence and the shipbuilding plant "Vympel" has signed a March 25, 2016. Delivery of the second transport is scheduled for 2020. According to the contract, to serve the transport ship "Vladimir Pyalov" will be in the Baltic fleet.

Reference: First MTV, which was given the name "Gennady Dmitriev," is already under construction on the territory of shipbuilding plant "Vympel", a platform for the second selected "Shipyard of brothers Nobel".

The Russian Navy before the end of the year will adopt the latest safety equipment submariner "SSP-M", which are designed to provide an independent exit of divers from the underwater compartments emergency. It has passed tests in the laboratory and marine conditions (carried out more than 500 descents). Modern rescue equipment submariner MOP-M allowing to provide rescue from depths up to 220 meters by the method of free ascent.

Earlier in the course of the test program 2017 and 2018, in particular, held a special research exercises in the waters of the Novorossiysk naval base, during which the specialists of the Scientific research Institute of rescue and undersea technologies, the Russian Navy had worked out the item is output via the torpedo tube conditionally emergency submarine experimental group of the Institute consisting of 6 people using the latest rescue equipment submariner "SSP-M". The role of conditionally emergency submarine spanial diesel-electric submarine of 636.3 project "Stariy Oskol".

The equipment of "SSP-M" before that have passed the necessary tests at the Institute of rescue and undersea technologies in Lomonosov. It is planned that the improved safety equipment of the diver (SSPM), which is designed for self-rescue of personnel from emergency submarine with the method of free ascent, exit buerau as well as by means of the search and rescue operations of the Navy from the depths up to 220 meters will be equipped with the crews of nuclear and diesel-electric submarines of the 4th generation.

Advantage of the new rescue equipment "SSP-M" on the existing equipment of "SSP" is the ability to use the equipment without breathing apparatus at the exit from emergency submarine with a complete set of "SSP-M" hermetically sealed "hood".

The new equipment of "SSP-M" no parachute system, which was previously provided by the deceleration of a free ascent of the submariner, and has impressive dimensions. Safety rescue diver is provided by the increase in the rate of compression (increased pressure) and the speed of free ascent, which minimizes the time spent saving under increased pressure.

Reference: "SSP-M" is a completely domestic development. It was developed by Moscow enterprise "CAMPO" and has superiority over the foreign analogues. The equipment allows to leave the emergency submarine not only through the escape hatch, but also through other gateway device, torpedo tubes and a sound control room of the submarine. In the "SSP-M" submariners can be rescued from the compartments of the submarine, which is under high pressure.

Around 50 ships will enter the combat strength of the Navy of Russia till 2020. This was announced by Russian Navy commander Vladimir Korolev.

"Shipbuilding program 2018-2020 will be fully implemented - it is not even subject to any doubts. <...> We will definitely get and enter the following in bisostad in this period and the nuclear submarine missile cruiser ballistic missile intercepting a submarine, and without any doubt, the new frigates, diesel submarines, small missile ships, supply vessels," said Korolev.

"We say so, or about 50 ships in this period," said the commander, adding that "the main task which now confronts the main command of the Navy".

VII Moscow conference on international security MCIS-2018

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation organizes a regular conference on international security held in Moscow on 4 and 5 April 2018

This year the Central theme of the conference will be the defeat of terrorists in Syria. The Russian side will share their experience in the fight against ISIS and assessments of further development of the situation in the middle East, including issues of post-conflict reconstruction.

The forum agenda included issues of security in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The special session will be devoted to a discussion of the phenomenon of "soft power" as an instrument of solving military-political tasks.

For the participants of the forum will be organized a study tour in the Military and Patriotic Park of recreation and culture of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation "Patriot" (Kubinka, Moscow region).

The armed Forces of the Russian Federation for a week



At the state test cosmodrome "Plesetsk" held another throwing test a new liquid Intercontinental ballistic missiles heavy class.

Pre-launch operations were carried out strictly according to the scheduled program. This test allowed us to confirm the performance of the complex during prelaunch preparation and in the initial stage of a missile. In addition, the SRF assessed the correctness of the scheme design and technical decisions underlying the creation of the missile complex, equipped with the ICBM.

Reference: ICBM heavy class, the Sarmat will replace the missiles "Governor".

State tests new anti-aircraft missile complex "bagulnik" development of the holding "Precision complexes" successfully completed, according to rostec (includes "high-Precision complexes").

"In 2017 successfully completed state tests of the newest anti-aircraft missile complex "bagulnik". The next step will be the adoption of complex weapons," — said in a release.

Features of SAM are not specified.

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