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Material posted: Publication date: 10-04-2018
Russia four centuries went East and the next four centuries to the West. Neither there nor there not rooted. Both roads are completed. Will now popular ideology of the third way, the third type of civilization, the third world, the third Rome...

There are different kinds of work. For the other can be taken only in a state somewhat different from normal. So, the proletarians of the information industry, private news provider that, as a rule, the man with disheveled brain, dwelling as if in fever. No wonder, because the news business requires haste: to learn faster than anyone, most of all to inform, to interpret.

Excitation is transmitted informing apprised. Brought their own excitement often seems to be the thought process and replaces it. Hence the displacement from use of consumer durables like "beliefs" and "principles" one-off "views." Hence the continuous failure predictions one, however, is not embarrassing. This is the fee for the speed and freshness of news.

Few people heard the silenced background media noise mocking the silence of fate. A little interested that there is a slow, massive news coming not from the surface of life, and out of her depth. From where to move and face the geopolitical structures and historical epochs. Belatedly reaches us of their meanings. But it's never too late to learn.

The 14th year of our century memorable important and very important accomplishments about which everyone knows and says it all. But the most important of those events is only now being revealed to us, and the slow, in-depth news about it now only reaches our ears. This event – the end of an epic journey of Russia to the West, ending repeated and fruitless attempts to become a part of Western civilization, to marry into a "good family" of European Nations.

From the 14th year and then extends indefinitely the new time, the era of 14+ in which we have a hundred ( two hundred? three hundred?) years of geopolitical loneliness.

Westernization, lightly started by the False Dmitry and vigorously continued by Peter the great, for four years tried every. What did Russia to become the Netherlands, then France, then America, then Portugal. As side tried to squeeze in the West. All from received ideas and happening there shaking our elite perceived with great enthusiasm, in part, may be unnecessary.

Autocrats hard married German women, the Imperial nobility and the bureaucracy is actively replenished "bragagnini foreigners". But the Europeans in Russia quickly and EN masse beds, and the Russians didn't turned.

The Russian army is victorious and sacrificially fought in all major wars in Europe, which according to the accumulated experience can be considered most prone to mass violence and the most bloodthirsty of all the continents. Great victory and great sacrifice brought the country a lot of the Western territories, but not friends.

For the sake of European values ( at that time the religious and monarchical ) Saint Petersburg acted as the initiator and guarantor of the Holy Alliance of the three monarchies. And faithfully fulfilled its allied duty, when it was necessary to save the Habsburgs from the Hungarian uprising. When Russia itself was in a precarious position, rescued Austria, not only did not help, but turned against her.

Then evrotsennosti to be reversed, in Paris and Berlin in Vogue marks. Some residents of Simbirsk and Janovky wanted to be, like in Paris. They were so afraid to lag behind the West, prevented at that time on socialism. So afraid that the world revolution, supposedly led by European and American workers, will bypass them "the boondocks". They tried. When subsided the storm of class struggle, created an incredibly labors of the USSR found that the world revolution had not happened, the Western world was not labor and peasant, but exactly the opposite, capitalist. And that will have to carefully hide the growing symptoms of autistic socialism behind the iron curtain.

At the end of the last century the country tend to be "single", she again asked West. In this case, apparently, someone thought that size matters: in Europe we don't fit because too large, intimidating flourish. Hence, it is necessary to reduce the territory, population, economy, the army, the ambition up to some middle Eastern countries, and even then we are all for her. Reduced. Hayek believed in as ferociously as in Marx. Halve demographic, industrial and military potentials. Broke up with the Union republics, began to part with... But such diminished and Pinegina Russia does not fit into the turn to the West.

Finally, it was decided depreciation and belittling to stop and, moreover, to assert the rights. What happened in the 14th year, has become inevitable.

When the external similarity of Russian and European cultural models, they have different software and different connectors. To be generic the system it is not given. Today, when this old suspicion became an obvious fact, suggestions are being made, and not to sharanutsa us in the other direction, to Asia, to the East.

Not necessary. And here's why: because Russia was already there.

Moscow proteinuria was created in a complex political and military co-working with the Asian Horde, which some tend to call the yoke, the other Union. Yoke Lee, Union whether voluntarily or involuntarily, but the Eastern vector of development were selected and tested.

Even after standing on the Ugra Russian Empire continued in fact to be part of Asia. Willing to join the Eastern lands. Claimed the heritage of the Byzantine Empire, this Asian Rome. Was under a great influence of the noble families of Tartar origin.

Top Moscow asiatica was the appointment of a Tsar of all Russia Kasimov Khan Simeon Bekbulatovich. Historians used to think of Ivan the terrible sort of oberiut in the cap of Monomakh, is credited with this "trick" only his natural playfulness. The reality was more serious. After the terrible had built a solid court party, pushing Simeon Bekbulatovich already quite a real Kingdom. Boris Godunov had to demand to swearing him, the nobles promised to "Tsar Simeon Bekbulatovich and his children to the Kingdom don't want." That is, the state was on the point of transition under the rule of the dynasty of Genghisides baptized and consolidation of the "Eastern" paradigms of development.

However, neither the Bekbulatovich, nor the descendants of the Horde nobleman Godunov was no tomorrow. The Polish-Cossack invasion, which brought Moscow and the new kings of the West. With all of the transience of the reign of the false Dmitry, long before Peter the disappointed boyars European manners and the Polish of Ladislas, they are very symbolic. Turmoil in their light, it seemed not so much dynastic, how much civilizational crisis
Russia has broken away from Asia and started moving to Europe.

So, Russia four centuries went East and the next four centuries to the West. Neither there nor there not rooted. Both roads are completed. Will now popular ideology of the third way, the third type of civilization, the third world, the third Rome...

Still, it is unlikely we are the third civilization. Rather, the dual and ambivalent. Combining both East and West. Both European and Asian simultaneously, and therefore is not Asian and not European it is.

Our cultural and geopolitical identity reminiscent of the wandering identity of a person born in a mixed marriage. He always relative and never native. Among strangers, a stranger among his own. All understand, nobody understood. The half-breed, Metis, that was weird.

Russia is West of the Eastern country-blood. With its double-headed state, the hybrid mentality, Intercontinental territory, bipolar history she, as expected the half-breed, charismatic, talented, beautiful and lonely.

Wonderful words, never said by Alexander III, "Russia has only two allies, the army and Navy" – perhaps the most understandable metaphor for geo-political isolation, which is high time to accept as fate. The list of allies you can, of course, to expand the workers and teachers, oil and gas, creative class and Patriotic bots, General frost and Archangel Michael... the Meaning will not change: we are our own allies.

What will be the upcoming us alone? The stagnation of the solitary man in the suburbs? Or happy solitude of the leader, who had gone into the lead alpha of the nation, to which the "postarayutsya and give her the way other peoples and Nations"? It depends on us.

Loneliness does not mean complete isolation. Boundless openness as possible. Both would repeat the mistakes of the past. And the future of his mistakes, his mistakes of the past to anything.

Russia, no doubt, to trade, to attract investment, to share knowledge, to fight (the war is also a way of communication), participate in collaborations, consist of organizations that compete and cooperate to cause fear and hatred, curiosity, sympathy, admiration. Only without decoys and denial.

It will be hard, not just to remember the classics of Russian poetry: "Around the thorns, thorns, thorns... f***ing, when the stars?!"

It will be interesting. And the stars will be.

Vladislav Surkov


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