The ratio of neutral countries to attack Syria
Material posted: Publication date: 20-04-2018

With the outbreak of civil war in Syria reports of chemical attacks appeared dozens of times. The situation for the third time threatened to lead to confrontation between the US and Russia in Syria. Trump openly promises that Putin will "pay the price" for supporting Assad. The President suggested that Russia prepare to repel the American missiles, which will soon fly to Syria.

On 11 April the US announced plans to send to the middle East strike group, Navy. Reports that the US plans became reality, appeared in the night from 13 to 14 April. The Pentagon confirmed that the order was sent to about 120 missiles. It is twice more than at the impact of American destroyers at the air base shirt in April 2017, when it was destroyed 20 percent of Syrian aviation. To the United States joined Britain, using planes, and France, used a fleet, fighter, and tanker aircraft and "flying radars".

The missiles were aimed at facilities in the development and production of chemical weapons of the Assad regime. The Syrian government said the attack did not achieve all the goals because the rocket was allegedly shot down or intercepted by the defense. According to the authorities, managed to shoot down the third missile. And according to the defence Ministry of the Russian Federation, of the 103 cruise missiles to the Syrian air defenses managed to shoot down 71.

A missile attack was reflected by the Syrian air defense systems s-125, s-200, Buk and "Square", produced in the USSR. This suggests that the US, Britain and France tried very hard to damage using easily intercept the missiles of the old model.

Was there any sense in this attack? Many countries have not found it. The situation in Syria after missile attacks, the US and its allies are viewed "extremely disturbing moments," said the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz. In this regard, he called on all stakeholders to urgently engage in political negotiations with the assistance of the UN and respect for international law to reduce suffering in Syria, people who already have suffered. The Chancellor also demanded an independent investigation of the alleged incident from the experts of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW).

Switzerland is also not left behind and also condemned the Western aggression against Syria. The head of the Federal Department of defence Swiss guy Parmelin put in place the US, UK and France, calling a missile strike in Syria is a crime. According to him, the Western coalition had to wait until the conclusion of the Commission of the OPCW on chemical provocations in the Duma, before lobbing rockets. Switzerland added that the United States is not the first time questionable data used as a pretext for an attack.

Like Switzerland, Sweden is also not endorsed missile strikes on Syria. She suggested to send to Syria mission on disarmament. This mission has once and for all deal with questions on the use of chemical weapons in the city Duma.

Ireland responded to the actions of the United States, Britain and France neutral, not supporting either party. She would prefer to see action in Syria with the consent of the UN, however, understands the airstrikes undertaken by the UK and France.

However, neutral Finland supported rocket attacks on Syria by the Western coalition. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Finland no doubt that before the fire in Syria was used chemical weapons. While not reported, what information is based the representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the EU countries, making unambiguous statements. Earlier, the Russian side stated that it was unable to find a single witness of the use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces. Also not been discovered injured civilians and remnants of chemical munitions. Moreover, as reported by the Colossal, the Russian military was able to find participants of the video footage presented as evidence of the alleged himataki.

Why Finland supported the shelling of the Syrian coalition, the US, Britain and France? Maybe it means the entry of Finland into NATO. Since 1994 Finland cooperates with NATO within the "Partnership for peace". In 2014, Finland and Sweden signed the Alliance agreement on military aid, implying the deepening of practical cooperation. In 2018, the number of international military exercises and maneuvers, which will involve the defence forces of Finland, will reach 81. Among them, a number of activities within NATO, the key of which in the Finnish defense Ministry called autumn teachings. Also, we cannot ignore the tense situation in the area of security prevailing in Europe after the 2014 NATO membership remains the possibility that Finland can take advantage of. Moreover, if Sweden decides to join NATO, it will be a challenge for the Finnish identity: the Finns have always perceived themselves as residents of the North country, not Baltic, and all the other Scandinavian countries, thus, will be in NATO.

Tatiana Ivanova

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