Scam of the century: why do Germans, Dutch and Turks to save their gold from the US?
Material posted: Publication date: 24-04-2018
nesmotrya on all the assurances the Russian media and bloggers, it is still not in the fact that Americans stole all the gold. It actually is caused by the "repatriation" of the precious metal, to understand life.

The other day, sounded rather unusual news: Turkey was taken from the U.S. about 220 tons of gold. A little earlier even more yellow metal there to evacuate Germany, and the Netherlands with Belgium strive to regain what once deposited with the States. What's the matter? You are right, those who argue that the U.S. imperialist hawk loses his grip and for some reason allows his vassals to take that long and completely away from them?

How did the US forced the West to take their gold in Fort Knox and why I didn't want to give it back?

Everyone knows exactly where on the planet are living the best experts on American financial Affairs. Of course, in Russia. These gurus of the financial world since 2000predicting a close collapse of the dollar, the collapse of the pyramid of U.S. debt, and similar events, "inevitable as the collapse of capitalism".

Of course, the people who make such "accurate" predictions, for a long time everything is clear about why a number of countries in the world wants to bring back their gold stored in the United States. To quote one of the famous Russian media, owned by no less famous Russian top blogger:

"After the Second world war... [German] gold was sent to Germany to the victorious allies in the London, new York and Paris.... The Germans did not dare to demand the return of gold... Only in 2013, under the strong pressure of a bewildered public, the Bundesbank decided to promise that he will return to Germany by 2020, all its gold bars".

However, tell us next, "London and new York have been slow to part with the adopted half a century ago for the storage of precious cargo. What's worse, there is no evidence that German gold is still there... All the German gold, the Americans have long been squandered". Similar stories conspiracy theorists talked about Dutch, and, until recently, about Turkish gold. According to their logic, the pyramid of the American economy is constantly falling, and the dollar collapses. And so, to prolong the agony, the us quietly sell someone else's gold — especially live.

Maybe "Independent newspaper", "Infront" and bloggers just do not take seriously? So to speak, not to read, either before or after dinner Soviet Newspapers, so as not to spoil your digestion?

Alas, not the ones they tell about the horrors of American "Zolotorudnaya". The word docent, faculty of Finance and banking, Ranepa Basil Yakimkin: "the US has long German bars there. Therefore, Germany was convinced at the highest level to reverse this decision [on the return of gold]. That is, many people who believe that they own gold, actually own unsecured paper contracts". People with a scientific degree — it is not "Soviet press" and bloggers.

Within such views, attempts to return gold to Turkey is clear: if the Americans, even the Germans hundreds of tons of gold to steal not hesitate, Turkey and all it is urgent to carry out everything that the States have not yet squandered.

A skeptical reader will say: the opinion of Professor Ranhigs — is not an argument. Anyone who has visited these places knows that there are many officials who are busy people. Of course, the title can be obtained in different ways, and why, according Discerned, there has one of the largest "deisseroth factories" of the country. The best arguments here are the facts. Does the USA really don't give the gold to the Germans, the Dutch and other Turks?

To understand this, first you have to wonder why they even need to think about storing gold overseas.

Gold without military force is nothing

The reason is simple. As soon as one or the other country weakens its gold instantly becomes the prey of stronger neighbors or even former allies. In 1917, the Russian army due to the revolution disintegrated alive — and then hundreds of tons of our gold reserves moved to Germany, who took it by force of the bayonet. In the 1930s the problems were with Spain and 510 tons of gold reserves moved to the USSR in payment for military-technical assistance to Moscow the Spanish Republicans.

The Spanish precedent-impressed with European countries that after the Second world war, all they wanted to store their gold as far away from the borders of the USSR. NATO defence planning it was assumed that a Soviet attack take over Germany for weeks and France for months. It was believed that guaranteed to stop the Soviet tank Armada, only the English channel and the Atlantic ocean. Then Europe began to hoard the yellow bars in new York and London — there the Union is unlikely to reach.

Contrary to popular myth, the Germans never sent overseas or to London its gold reserves — the benefit after the Second world war they have just gone, all eaten military events. However, after the start of the German economic miracle in the 1950s it became clear that Germany imports in the U.S. much more than exports, which allowed to link the remaining dollars by buying their gold, and give thereby Marche too much more expensive — not more expensive in dollar terms and German goods abroad.

Did the same after the war, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. Many non-European countries — the same Venezuela — did the same. They did not threaten the Soviet paratroopers, but in these countries there are serious domestic instability and the propensity for military coups, after which the gold exactly the same could sail into the hands of the nearest strong neighbor of those that ponaglee.

In the 1990s, it might seem that keeping money abroad no longer need. However, to take them to their historical homeland wanted a few — because then it will be necessary to conduct a costly operation for transportation to build special storage. And maintain their storage regularly vacuumed to collect the gold dustthat inevitably separated from the bullion over time, especially when moving. In addition, you need to have a lot of protection, pay for numerous examination before sending them gold in each bullion is certainly verified by several different methods.

Moreover, after transport, or after long-term storage of ingots is melted, because any movement or a long storage in a place where a lot of movement, can make the mass of the ingot below that which he is required to conform. But when accepting the weigh-in is up to thousandths of a gram. The most radical and reliable means of checking the quality of gold that is going to carry a buyer, it is melting. Almost any "falsifying" the impurity has a different melting point and specific gravity, so will inevitably settle to the bottom or float in the melting process. Verification of complementary operations cost a lot of money — people are melting gold, do not work cheaply.

Over time, however, the situation began to change. In some countries suddenly realized that almost all of their solotorevsky are in the USA. But gold is a type of financial reserves, reserves, which in the case of the financial crisis can be quickly exchanged for any common currency. As we explained above, the carriage of gold because of the expertise and need in melting part of the ingots is a long operation. "If tomorrow the crisis, and we have nothing?" — as withseemed about the situation of the Dutch financial authorities.

Something almost happened: in 2011, Venezuela began another round of problems with the stability of the currency and she wanted to take 160 tons that were stored in the United States. Yes, the fiery commander Hugo Chavez 10 years of keeping gold at his potential enemy — such was the degree of confidence in the system storage of this metal in the United States. It turned out that in order to take 160 tons, you need as much as six months. Germany — not Venezuela, of gold she's got a much more, you can not manage to drive on time, to the peak of the crisis.

Of course, the gold can be sold in the United States not to mess with shipping, but not all. In Germany there were more than a thousand tons. If in one market to sell as much gold, the price of it it will collapse is simply obscene. The reserves will have to sell at such a low price that it would very pointless sale. Easier to spread out eggs on different baskets, so the inevitable huge discount the sale of gold reserves in the crisis was even slightly below.

As conspiracy theorists have decided that the United States has plundered all the gold

That is why the German Bundesbank in 2013, saidthat in the next seven years will remove 300 tons of gold reserves "from the sea". Note: not all the gold reserves, and exactly three hundred tons — are very expensive it would be to move all at once. Not once, but seven years, because the storage must have time to prepare, and gold to spend hundreds bukvoezhka procedures. And not "return", as wrote Russian media. To return from the sea, the Germans could not, because there never his cossolotto not imported. The idea was to finally move the piece of gold they bought in the States a half-century. From the seller country — to yourself.

In the first year managed to take out five tons of treatments, procedures... Then the Russian witnesses of the collapse of the dollar and the collapse of the pyramid of U.S. debt and decided that here it is, the explanation of why the promised Khazin since 2000, all disaster occurs. Gold Europeans will prolong the agony of the American! Was born and more crazy version: USA make fake bars of tungsten, plating it with gold.

Alas, no gold would be unable to prolong the agony of the United States, if it is, of course, happened in reality. A thousand tons of gold is less than $ 50 billion. The same is the Tesla automobile company which was not a week. Even if the US sell all their gold reserves (8100 tons) and all the stocks of state-owned banks in other countries that are kept in them, you will get a measly 500 billion And the GDP of the States with 19.4 trillion (1 to 39). If you earn half a million rubles a year, will save you from the acute crisis 13 thousand?

In fact, the sale of gold in appreciable quantities immediately dropped the price, and even 1/39 of its GDP from this step Washington. Gold reserves to help only those who have in the economy and so all is well. Gold all humanity just physically too small to be able to save enough to sustain such a large economy as the us.

Cold facts

The Bundesbank after the initial procedural delays very quickly got out of new York everything I wanted. In 2013, five tons, in 2014 — 85,0 tonnes, in 2015 — of 99.5 tons, in 2016 — more than a hundred tons. This is the official data of the Bundesbank, he also published the numbers of their bars. Delivery of the planned volume of overseas gold the Germans had completed three years ahead of schedule.

The Netherlands in 2012 was taken from the United States of 122.5 tonnes of gold in one year, the benefit of their stocks are significantly less than German. About 160 tons of Venezuela we have already written.

What does all this tell us?

Undoubtedly, against this background, the news of the export by Turkey of its gold from the US is not the most significant. It is obvious that if the States returned nearly 600 tons in 2012-2016, with the Turks they will do it. It is equally clear that the gold there is enough. After all, the US is not Russia, the Central Bank of which the word "issue" is green the face. USA is a country that can print trillions of dollars over the year and have already successfully done this.

And note, without much devaluation against foreign currencies. Yes, in 2008-2009 the ocean these trillions and poured the crisis. But in Russia from printing money, of course, abstained. But the exchange rate to the dollar not only increased, but also decreased significantly.

The ability to trillions of dollars per year, without devaluation against other currencies means that Washington may buy a thousand tons of gold per year — the market is not even much notice. After all this a thousand tons — matter percentage of the money that the States can afford to print at the same time. Money supply, in contrast to the physical volume of gold can rise very quickly and, in General, always it makes.

Will end if the export of the yellow metal from the US with the myth about "wasted someone else's gold"?

Despite all these facts, neither the "Independent newspaper", or "Infront" nor all Russian conspiracy community will never change their minds. States squandered the gold of the Germans/Turks/Martians, and those are silent to a simple Turks and the Martians began to resent. Domestic conspiracy theorists are strong in their faith. They talk about the imminent fall of the dollar and other American pyramids, and today, 18 years after the first hazinskaya forecast of this kind. A natural question arises: why are the facts so little effect on their position?

As reported by us anthropologists from the University, the division of labor in modern society leads to the fact that people have gespecialiseerde to the physical reduction of volume of the brain. Back in the Paleolithic, he was forced to learn garment sewing, and a stone axe to do, and mammoth to kill, but today you need to understand one thing — the rest will give the society. The volume of our brain for 20,000 years decreased by five percent. This is not the limit — apparently, in the next thousand years, everything will become even worse.

If a species loses mental capacity, then over time it will be more difficult to understand things outside their specialization. None of the authors of "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" and "Infront" never heard of that bullion from the vaults you can't just get lucky. Or storage of vacuum, and the bars melted in them periodically.

They do not know about the fact that the melting of any metal additive will swim or sink. To about to hear, one must either be a specialist in the subject, or read the opinions of professionals. And it is long, tedious and tiring. And indeed, civilization has taught its children to what is not necessary once again to go into the area where you are not a specialist.

Well, if you don't, then we must conclude based on the data that you already have. Generation of journalists mentioned the media, Yes all of us, to be honest — grew up at a time MMM, MMM-2, privatization, mortgage auctions, t-bills and the like pretty shameless amusement. It logically moved close to them experience on transatlantic history. Note: in the US steal and cut a lot more (because the economy is also larger), than in Russia. Only much, much thinner than ours, the benefit of more experience.

But drilling the bars, pick up one of the gold and pour instead of tungsten, as suggested by domestic conspiracy, then no one will. It's as stupid as the actions of Balaganov and Panikovsky, trying to gut the "Golden" weight. So can think only small time crooks. And live overseas by large, sophisticated, real elite of the world financial fraud. They, like the Soviet Koreiko of the past, will not cut the metal bars, saying: "Saw, Shura, saw, they gold".


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