The first all-Russian meeting of marine painters was held in Moscow
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 26-04-2018
April 25 in Moscow hosted the first all-Russian meeting of marine painters, which brought together participants from more than 65 regions of our country.

A congratulatory letter to the meeting sent to the Director, the Chairman of the Union of cinematographers of Russia Nikita Mikhalkov. The letter says in part that "the culture of Russia – such as its wealth, and natural wealth. In the modern world it is becoming a significant resource for socio-economic development that ensure the leading position of our country in the world. Our homeland – the great sea, river and ocean power!"

"The diversity mission of the all-Russian meeting of marine painters and is creative in promoting the development of the Russian fleet and the establishment of a marine positive impact on the underlying layers of our society, state institutions, and strengthening public influence on decent training for service work in the Navy, shipbuilding and ship repair industry, marine science - said Mikhail Nenashev, Chairman of the all-Russian fleet support movement (MEDEF), captain 1st rank of reserve, candidate of political Sciences.

"I would like to emphasize the great support and creative approach in the preparation of the meeting of the Federal Agency of Maritime and river transport. Without the support of Rosmorrechflot many organizational issues could not be solved", – said Mikhail Nenashev.

Particular emphasis is Chairman of DPF made that "the fleet in our country is long and very much in need of a new colourful, informative, interesting marine works in literature, journalism, music, film, television, theatre, the visual arts, in other areas of culture."

"The development of the marine industry is not only supporting talent, although this is the first problem in a row. For us marinistic is also broadening the horizons of our people. It is a source of fresh interesting ideas. And it literacy. Marinistic is very applied in nature, it favors the formation of these personnel for the Navy and for the country. Finally, Maritime work is of direct relevance to the international positioning of Russia in the world. Recent events suggests that often don't even need to use missiles, enough to launch an information war", – summed up Mikhail Nenashev.

Participants at the forum were the heads of the Maritime state structures, representatives of authorities, representatives of creative unions of our country.

As noted by Deputy Minister of transport – head of Rosmorrechflot Viktor Olersky today there is a large pent-up demand for works devoted to the sea theme.

"Quality lighting the subject can only truly talented people. Works of art about the sea and sailing, today's society and industry. And so I ask you, writers, artists and other creative people gathered here, not to stay in his work", – said the Deputy Minister.

A number of proposals advanced by Vladimir Shigin, the writer-marine painter, Secretary of the Union of writers of Russia, the captain of 1 rank. He noted that it is necessary to establish a literary Association of marine painters, and to run the printing authority of this organization. "To create a great site, where would include all marine painters, we are on the shoulder," he said.

"There are more wishes, – continued Vladimir Shigin. – Possibly need to hold meetings such as the current ones, chat to the writer's work is occasionally necessary. Next, you can try to publish a collection of works by marine painters. Also previously in the Navy was practicing travel writers-seascape. The writers sat on a landing ship in St. Petersburg and went to the Baltic with stops in all the bases. You can try to revive this practice. And finally enter the sea literary prize for accomplished writers, and young to help to stand on the wing for beginners".

As he said in his speech, Yuri Gilchenok, General Director of far Eastern center of shipbuilding and ship repair (Bolshoi Kamen, Primorsky Krai), it is very important to carry information about the sea and Navy for all citizens of our country. "We are in a Big Stone in the coming years we need to recruit 6 thousand families, almost 10 thousand people. It has already begun, and an important task of the creative intelligentsia is to show the beauty of the sea and marine occupations," he said.

"I invite the creative intelligentsia in our enterprises in the far East, in order that they plunged into the atmosphere of the formation of large enterprises, the construction of the warship, from laying down to launch and the flag raising. It is necessary for all of us that young people understand how everything is actually happening," added Yu. Gilchenok.

As noted in his speech, the President of the United shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov, over the last 50 years of Russian art appeared almost no new film about the shipbuilding industry.

"This should be corrected, – said Mr. Rakhmanov. – The creation of ships has always been creativity. And to this day, shipbuilding and shipbuilding remain a work in which imagination, innovation has been and will be the Foundation and strength of our Navy".

The first all-Russian Meeting of marine painters was held in the conference hall of the Moscow state Academy of water transport – branch of the State University of sea and river fleet them. Admiral S. O. Makarov.

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