Polar Jihad: how terrorism took root in Novy Urengoy
Material posted: Publication date: 30-04-2018
The FSB announced the arrest of terrorists arrived in Moscow to commit terrorist acts on may holidays and keeping in contact with customers in Syria. And terrorists from the Middle East or even the North Caucasus, and from the Arctic.

— The investigation established that this group came from the city of Novy Urengoy in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district — said the press service of the FSB. — The activities identified posobnitsey base of the terrorists and their connection with the radical inhabitants of Novy Urengoy...

In Novy Urengoy the FSB together with the police conducted a special operation, during which 20 persons were detained and held by 17 baskovich activities, discovered and seized a large number of religious-extremist literature and videos promoting the activities of the international terrorist organization "Islamic state"*.

It would seem that where the New Urengoy and where is Syria? But, alas, this rich polar city has long been turned into a place where coming to work people from different regions of Russia skillfully taught on "the path of Jihad" and turned into terrorists.

Фото © Facebook / Мечеть "Нур Ислама"
Photo © Facebook / Mosque "Nur-Islam"

Most notable were the activities of a gang "Bashkir partisans", deployed in the mountain woodlands in the East of Bashkiria real subversive war. 7 Jun 2010 they tried to undermine the power line near the village of Vyazovka, Birsk district, the Republic, and in the night from 3 to 4 July 2010 laid a powerful bomb (20 kg mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, Packed in a plastic canister) under the pipe of the main gas pipeline Chelyabinsk — Petrovsk in the same perscom area.

They attacked the police, including in neighbouring regions, shot in June 2010 the post of DPS "IREN" in the Suksun district of Perm region. The target of the attacks, like the North Caucasus militants have been seizing weapons from the slain traffic police Andrey Korobkina bandits took a Makarov pistol and a Kalashnikov.

In August 2010, the gang was eliminated during a joint operation of the FSB and MVD in the camp, equipped in the forest near the village of Corgas Arkhangelsk district of Bashkortostan. Seized two rifles, a hunting rifle (which they originally came "Jihad"), 10 grenades and improvised explosive devices with shrapnel.

Moreover, the polar trends have extended to the North Caucasus (and not Vice versa). 5 Sep 2010 the inhabitant of Stavropol territory Zamir of Terekbayev rammed full of explosive "the Zhiguli" the gate of the landfill "far" of the 136th motorised brigade near Buynaksk (Dagestan). To break into the tent town of the suicide bomber failed, because the way his car was blocked by an army truck, and then Terekbayev made a bombing, which killed three and injured 33 soldiers.

Фото © РИА "Новости" / Курбан Лабазанов

Photo © RIA "news" / Kurban Labazanov

Common to these attacks was that Terekbayev, and leader of the "Bashkir partisan" Nafis Shaimukhametov were working in Novy Urengoy and attended the same mosque "Nur-Islam" (in Arabic — "Light of Islam").

The Chairman of the local religious organization (legal entity of the mosque) "Nur Islam" Dmitry (Hamza), Chernomorchenko (an ethnic Ukrainian from Krasnodar territory, who converted to Islam and moved to the Arctic) stated that in the community, which he heads, bad ideas of Terekbayev and Shaimukhamedov gain could not, and denied that the Imam of the mosque, Isomiddin Akbarov could cause a bad influence:

— Distributed in the Internet rumors about the involvement of Isomiddin-Hazrat to the recruitment and ideological training Shaimukhametova and Cherikbaeva is a provocation... and Cherikbaeva neither I nor Isamuddin-Hazrat was not even familiar with. When the detectives showed me a photo of him, I said I saw this man we have in the mosque, and nothing more. For Shaimukhamedov want to say this: whatever is said or written our detractors, Nafis was not a close friend of someone from the leadership of the mosque, he did not share our views on religion and not follow our fatwas, his radical views he could not get to the mosque.

However, in 2010 the Prosecutor's office of Novy Urengoy double-checked the mosque "Nur-Islam" and found some very interesting things. In particular, in the spring (even before the terrorist attacks in Bashkortostan and Dagestan attending the mosque people) there was "seized is distributed among the parishioners of the mosque CD and DVDs with sermons said Buryat (Alexander Tikhomirov, one of the leaders of armed groups in the North Caucasus, involved in the preparation and Commission of terrorist acts), bearing the extremist and calling for Jihad".

Confiscated literature, CDs and DVDs were used for the study of religion and religious education of followers, were stored on the shelves of the library in the mosque in open access for parishioners." Re-inspection in June 2010, again found in the mosque of extremist printed materials and videos. In this regard, the Prosecutor Novy Urengoy has filed 13 APR 2011 in court view (quotes from him above) on the disposition of the community "Nur Islam" as extremist.

Another interesting point, mentioned in the same view: "According to the police, the Imam of the mosque "Nur-Islam" Akbar Isomiddin Salakhitdinovich were involved in the cell MTO (international terrorist organization. — Approx. Life), "Islamic party of Turkestan", which the Supreme court recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia.

Imam Akbarov, I. S. and his Deputy Nurmatov, O. T. wanted by law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan for committing extremist crimes and declared in the international search. Former Deputy Akbarova I. S. Odil Nurmatov Tagievich on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan convicted of extremist crimes and human trafficking, and sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment. According to the testimony of citizens of Uzbekistan who lived in the mosque of Novy Urengoy, the Imam of the mosque by Akbarov... lectures Wahhabi".

Имам мечети Акбаров И.С. Фото © Facebook / Мечеть "Нур Ислама"
Imam Akbarov S. I. Photo © Facebook / Mosque "Nur-Islam"

One may wonder: why condemned in the homeland for membership in a terrorist organization and attempting to overthrow the government Akbarov was able to obtain Russian citizenship and to preach in broad daylight extremist ideas parishioners largest mosque, one of the Northern Russian cities?

Local security forces, as we see, worked in his direction, but every time they someone not allowed to bring the case to the end, some lobbyists Islamists, possibly from other regions. 10 Oct 2010 Akbarov was shot with a Kalashnikov near Tyumen, where he owned a cottage and did business (it is imported to the North of the calves, whose fresh meat, there was literally worth its weight in gold). Even after it became clear that it was about the criminal disassembly in which the order of Imam has fulfilled one of the killers of a former infamous "Kurgan" group.

The head of the community "Nur Islam" Dmitry (Hamza), Chernomorchenko in 2012, moved to Turkey, where he edited the Russian-language website of "Voice of Islam". 12 Feb 2016 website was blocked in Russia at the request of the General Prosecutor's office.

Meanwhile, inheriting the post of Imam of the mosque, the son of Isomiddin Akbarova Muhammad in November 2016 also moved to Turkey, adding in an interview with "Voice of Islam" that law enforcement officers made it clear to him that "over the past six years has left eight people from the Muslims (community of the mosque. — Approx. Life) to Syria and that two of them, I could not know". That's something they, in his opinion, took, picked up somewhere in the far North of extremist ideas and went "for Jihad" in Syria. Someone from Novy Urengoy, and someone back home.

— How did you find the reporters FN24, retired from the city of Kumertau Damir Tulaganov (now fighting in the ranks of the "Islamic state" in Syria*. — Approx. Life) imbued with the ideas of Wahhabism, when he worked on the watch in Novy Urengoy. It was there that he began to visit the mosque "Nur-Islam", the Imam of which was Isomiddin Akbarov, — reported in July 2015 Bashkir journalists. — According to sources in law enforcement bodies, Isomiddin Akbarov was the ideological mentor of the leader of the Bashkir terrorists Nafisa Shaimukhametova and suicide Zamira Cherikbaeva.

Фото © Facebook / Мечеть "Нур Ислама"

The history of the mosque "Nur-Islam" came to an end in April 2015, when the verdict of the court it was removed (as it turned out, even built this mosque was in violation of law). But it planted by extremists in Novy Urengoy seeds keep giving poisonous fruit.


* Organizations banned in Russia by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation.

Vladislav Maltsev

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