China has not listened to Gorbachev and ahead of Russia forever
Material posted: Publication date: 07-05-2018
The world still recognizes the discoveries of Chinese scientists and engineers, when they finally realize that is NOT the whole world science and technology is concentrated in the countries of the West...

A Chinese proverb says: "BU Yao Shuo Hao ting Hua". The meaning is: "No need to waste nice words — work quickly and diligently, but silently..."

And China works!

No noise, no boasting, no hype...

"Heavenly eyes"

"Heavenly eye" hidden in the mountains of Guizhou province, the most southern and most remote region of the country. Giant radio telescope FAST 500 meters in diameter. FAST — most sensitive radio telescope in the world. Work on the project price in the $ 180 million, began in 2011. And in July 2016 was completed installation of the main structure of the telescope — 4450 panels the size of a 30 (!) football fields. Job FAST include the study of neutral hydrogen in space. Does this mean that the Chinese have already began the real search for planets suitable for human life and all other inhabitants of the Earth?

Photo: the telescope FAST 500 (Photo: TASS)

Beijing, according to tradition, these questions are answered either evasively, or not responding at all...

And what about our once famous and world's largest radio-telescope "RATAN-600", built in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic in the 70-ies of the last century? Because its diameter is nearly one hundred meters more than the Chinese. The fact that the telescope mirror needs to have a perfect parabolic shape, but time is mercilessly. Long-term struggle for the resuscitation of the unique object over release in 2015, the year a hundred million rubles.

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Deputy Director of the Special astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which runs the telescope, Valery Vlasyuk says:

— People sometimes ask me: "Why do you have to telescope the inscription "USSR"? And I said, here let Russia build something like this — write "Russia" ... several generations of students have not studied the subject "astronomy". Who's going to work?..

After the flight, Gagarin into space, John F. Kennedy acknowledged: "Russia won the space race to school on the lessons of astronomy, mathematics, physics..."

Today's Chinese public school says: "We learn while we live — we live while we learn." Students in China work hard in the classroom for ten hours a day for 12 years. Summer holidays — a maximum of two weeks. Algebra, Informatics, natural Sciences and primarily the structure of the Universe — the unconditional priority. Important — only calligraphy (handwriting) and Putonghua (Beijing dialect). Not forgotten, and ideology — a thorough study of China's greatness, its unique, special path of development.

"Sunny way"

The Chinese supercomputer "Sunway-TaihuLight", located in Jiangsu province in 2017 won the title of the fastest computer in the world. A massive supercomputer broke the record of its predecessor "Tianhe-2" is also Chinese based on Intel chips. Unlike Tianhe-2 ("milky way-2"), "Sunny road" use only hardware designed and manufactured in China. It is almost three times more successful than the old record. The performance of the supercomputer is 93 quadrillion calculations per second. One quadrillion is a thousand trillion or a million billion. Chinese miracle made American "Titan" system, "Cray Xk7" — the most powerful supercomputer of the United States — to feel not very comfortable. Titan slips into the third or even fourth place in the ranking, which includes 500 supercomputers around the world. In China they already 167 in the United States — has 165.

On the photo: the Chinese supercomputer "Sunway-TaihuLight" (Photo: ZUMA/TASS)

As for the Russian supercomputer, while in the rating "TOP-500" they were only seven. The most powerful of them — "Lomonosov-2" from MSU took the 41st position in the world.

From birth, every Chinese is taught: "for the eyes Who scolds you, he's afraid of you. Who in the eyes praises you, he despises you..."

That is why back in 1989, the year of the father of the New China, Deng Xiaoping did not heed the persistent advice of Gorbachev, whose actions were praised while in the West and set another example. Dan decisively crushed by tanks its independence — an open-ended meeting of students and intellectuals in Tiananmen square. The Chinese leader survived a furious flurry of accusations on the part of those who arrogated to themselves the title of the "world community." He knew that one day after the flattery comes contempt, and abuse — fear, respect, honor.

Today died in 1997, the year Deng Xiaoping honor and thank all of China. In Russia live about Mikhail Gorbachev did not say... China has kept its multiethnic unity, he increased his power and wealth, and Soviet Union was a treacherous, ignominiously destroyed...

Miracle expressways of China

The total length of the new high-speed rail routes in China has already exceeded the corresponding figure from Japan, the European Union and the United States combined. No one really was surprised did not have time!

The largest infrastructure project started in 2000 year. By the middle of 2010 it has reached capacity (costs up to $ 150 billion per year). There was a complete replacement of rolling stock — Japanese, German and French high-speed locomotives gave way to technology exclusively in China. There's a serial rail train "CRH 380А", can reach speeds of 480 kilometers per hour. However, after the collapse in 2011, the Chinese still had to impose a restriction of up to 300 kilometers per hour. But annoying mistakes do not affect the project as a whole. To the 2020th year of high-speed rail network will link together all cities of China and will reach the planned target of 30 thousand kilometers.

Photo: train a new generation of Fuxing C2001 (Photo: ZUMA/TASS)

Strategy of development of Russian Railways until 2030 promises a 50 high-speed routes and the total length of 12 thousand kilometers, including areas where you can develop up to 300 kilometers per hour.

From China, we're lagging behind quite significantly. For such futuristic projects as the highway of the 21st century, the country imposing the vital cushion of financial security. According to the IMF, China has accumulated in its state reserve (including Hong Kong) is almost four (!) a trillion US dollars. Russia now has only 464 billion.

Projections philosopher and economist have been tested by centuries and has not lost relevance

China does not have in the foreseeable future real competitors for the amount of public stash. The nearest rivals — calculating the Japanese managed to save themselves for the future one trillion 400 billion in U.S. currency. And here is another (perhaps the main) a surprise from the Chinese boxes...

What has led to four decades of Chinese reforms? China is today a powerful nuclear, space, industrial and financial power. Some experts already give her the palm in the total volume of economy of all countries of the world. For the PRC picked up neck and a very honorable term "world workshop". The way it is. Whatever goods you want to purchase, you constantly run look the same inscription "MADE IN CHINA".

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